Wednesday, June 29, 2016

5 Cool Office Chairs For Fighting Back Pain In Style

Don't go into combat with back pain in a lack luster office chair. Fight back in style! Today on the blog we're highlighting 5 cool chairs specifically designed to boost ergonomic functionality while simultaneously enhancing corporate decor.

1.) 2738MB Graphic Chair from Global Total Office

Global Total Office Graphic Chair at

First up, the Global Total Office 2738MB Graphic chair. This simple, comfortable, and stylish mesh back seating solution is great for both home and business use. Graphic chairs come standard with multi functional mechanisms and adjustable arms designed to help you compute correctly. At just $316.99, the 2738MB Graphic chair provides exceptional value and unmatched appeal.

2.) ME8ERGLO Ergohuman Chair from Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Ergohuman Chair from

Talk about luxurious! This top of the line mesh back chair from Eurotech offers a reliable sit any user will appreciate. During those long days at the office, chairs like the ME8ERGLO are worth their weight in gold. This adjustable chair makes finding the correct operational position a breeze. Being one of the most stylish chairs on the market is just an added bonus!

3.) CET 1 Circuit Chair from Ergo Contract Furniture

Ergo Contract Furniture Circuit Chair at

Plug yourself into the Circuit chair from Ergo Contract Furniture and you'll never settle for anything less. This designer mesh chair comes standard with adjustable arms, multiple tilt functions, and so much more, all in a package priced just over four hundred bucks. As white and gray are the hottest color options of the year, you can't go wrong with this modern chair.

4.) Creedence Chair from Woodstock Marketing

Woodstock Marketing Creedence Chair from

What could be cooler than a comfortable office chair inspired by one of the greatest bands of all time? The Creedence chair from Woodstock Marketing is the full package. With it's contoured back and weight activated mechanism, Creedence chairs are ready to adapt at a moments notice to keep you rocking through your work day. Lot's of cool color options are available to help you personalize your interior.

5.) UL650H Chair from Mayline

UL650H Chair from Mayline

We didn't forget about the executives! Our fifth and final chair is an absolute winner in the workplace. The Mayline UL650H chair boasts elegant black, thick padded seating surfaces that perfectly compliment the silver frame details. The UL650H makes a statement in any upscale workplace. At $585.99, this luxury chair is a bit much for the average shopper. That being said, those who can swing the investment will be highly rewarded with an exceptional sit.

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