Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Get Creative with OFM Triumph Seating!

OFM Triumph SeriesSure a sofa and two lounge chairs will get the job done. But if you really want to maximize your guest waiting area, you've got to think outside the box! That being said, OFM has you covered. Their all new Triumph seating collection makes it easier than ever to create one of a kind layouts designed to promote comfort while wowing your valued visitors. Let's take a look at this hot new collection!

OFM Triumph SeatingSimple and contemporary! These two words best describe the OFM Triumph collection. Even at first glance you'll be impressed by the distinctive look of this reception seating line. Triumph chairs boast easy to clean and incredibly durable vinyl surfaces that work great heavily used environments.

The raised metal legs make cleaning a breeze. Worried about the assembly process? Don't be! OFM ships Triumph chairs fully assembled. Simply attach the legs and you're ready to go. This user friendly collection was well thought out, planned, and envisioned. OFM covered all their bases with the Triumph seating line.

OFM Lobby SeatingVersatility sets Triumph lobby seating apart from other top selling collections on the market. The wide range of modular components makes it easy to create unique layouts in areas both small and large.

Modular Waiting Room Furniture LayoutTablet arm chairs from this OFM seating collection can be used individually or as part of larger configurations. Triumph chairs can be easily connected with ganging brackets to create curved designs that wrap around perimeter walls.

In addition to connectable guest seating the Triumph collection offers matching accent tables. The magazine style tables from the Triumph collection feature designer laminate surfaces. The added touch of a woodgrain top will make your vinyl seating configuration pop!

We give the Triumph collection 4 out of 5 stars. We'd like to see OFM expand the line with addition color options and stand alone sofas. Other than these two minor critiques, this line is an absolute winner. Triumph is innovative, comfortable, affordable, and down right cool. If you're in need of new waiting room seating in 2016, elevate your interior with Triumph!

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