Monday, May 2, 2016

What's New? Mayline ML Tables!

Mayline ML Series Table Configuration
The height adjustable furniture craze is in full swing. Mayline is capitalizing on this growing movement with their ultra versatile ML collection. The innovative tables from the ML line provide top notch ergonomic benefits for improved office functionality. Today on the blog, we'll take an in-depth look at this new line. Enjoy!

Mayline ML TablesML series height adjustable office tables are distinctively modern. Even at first glance these designer tables will wow you. If you're looking to leave a lasting impression on your valued office visitors, this table collection from Mayline will certainly help. With a tech savvy look and simple to use features, ML is truly the full package.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic WorkstationsThe standing office desk and table solutions from the ML collection come standard with heavy duty metal bases and high pressure laminate tops. ML tables are built for the demands of the modern workplace and intensive use environments. All ML models operate using a 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor. They draw a maximum of 3 amps.

ML series 2 stage tables are available starting at $689.99. The 2 stage models from the ML collection adjust at .75" per second. With a total vertical adjustment range of 19.6", these versatile ergonomic tables can quickly go from 28" to 47.6" to meet your specific tasking needs.

ML Series L Shaped DesksThe 3 stage tables from the ML collection are a bit more advanced. They adjust up and down at an impressive 1.5" per second with a total travel range of 25.5". ML 3 stage tables can be lowered to 24.5" and raised to 50". Shoppers will love the wide range of size and surface shape options for both ML table styles.

While most of today's height adjustable workstations are complicated, the ML collection diminishes the learning curve. With a simple push button design, you'll be ready to work right out of the box with basic assembly.

Mayline has a real winner on their hands with the ML collection. These unique tables can be used to effectively outfit classroom and training environments. Looking to create multi user ergonomic desk configurations? No problem! ML can truly do it all. The tables from this hot new line promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. We give ML a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating. If you're in need of new tables for your interiors, give the ML collection a look. You'll be glad you did.

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