Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Hot? Mayline Height Adjustable Tables!

Height adjustable tables are the latest ergonomic craze! These innovative office solutions promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. This year, Mayline has made their mark on the height adjustable table market. With innovative new collections like ML, RGE, and XR, Mayline's is raising the bar. Let's take a look at their hottest height adjusting tables!

Mayline ML Series TablesMayline ML series sit to stand workstations are perfect for single and multi user applications. With a wide range of rectangular, corner, and L shaped variations available, ML tables can be used effectively in nearly any space. ML tables are powered by a 110V, 60Hz AC input 120V DC motor and draw a maximum of 3 amps. These simple to use tables operate effortless with the push of a button. With a total travel range of 25.5", switching from sitting to standing operational positions is easier than ever. The 3 stage models from the ML collection raise at 1.5 per second. Talk about cutting edge!

RGE Height Adjustable TablePower up your interiors with RGE series electric standing desks and tables from Mayline. This high tech tables from the RGE collection are available in 10 different sizes. RGE tables work perfectly in open work floor, private office, classroom, and training environments. Tables raise and lower at an impressive 1.6" per second, a hair faster than their new ML line. All models from the RGE line boast a 25.7" range of vertical adjustment.

Mayline XR TablesMayline specializes in the provision of best selling products that improve the way we work. Try out one of their new XR series height adjustable work tables and you'll see why they've become the go to source for ergonomic office furniture in 2016. The tables from the XR line operate on a 24V chain drive system with DC motor. XR tables can lift an impressive 375 pounds! These powerful tables allow you to explore the entire 26.5" range of vertical adjustment in just 16 seconds. XR tables are amongst the most heavy duty ergonomic solutions on the market. Use the products from the XR collection to create an awesome private office that's built for the demands of the modern work day.

Mayline LT TablesLast but certainly not least, no article on height adjustable tables from Mayline would be complete without highlighting the line that started in all! Mayline's LT collection has been serving businesses and boosting functionality for years. This versatile line of tables offers the affordable solutions needed to kick productivity into high gear without breaking the bank. LT tables come in handy when square footage is limited. These tables work great in corner applications and smaller office environments. The affordability, durability, and efficiency of the LT collection have made it a fixture on best seller lists. LT tables are a favorite of industry professionals, design teams, and users alike!

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