Monday, December 14, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: Ergo Elite by Eurotech Seating

Known for their innovative ergonomic office chairs, Eurotech Seating never fails to impress. Eurotech takes pride in crafting high end chairs designed for improved comfort and productivity in the workplace. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at their popular Ergo Elite chair collection and it's unique benefits. Leave no doubt, these upscale office chairs rock!


Ergo Elite Chair

Even at first glance you'll notice the modern design characteristics of the Ergo Elite chair. Eurotech patterned the Ergo Elite office chair to look similar to their popular Ergohuman models, which have been on our best sellers list for years. The distinctive curves and polished base put the Ergo Elite in a league of it's own. You'll notice a uniquely segmented rear section that separates the lumbar area from the upper back, along with an exposed rear frame that shows off Eurotech's modern engineering. If you're shopping for an office chair with wow factor, look no further! The Ergo Elite is sure to earn any workspace an abundance of positive compliments.


Ergo Elite Chair Review

It's called the Ergo Elite for a reason! These top of the line mesh back chairs come standard with the user friendly features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. These chairs will allow nearly any user to operate with perfect posture. With adjustable T shaped arms, finding the correct computing angle is a breeze. Tilt tension controls with syncro tilt and tilt locking features allow users to personalize their chair angle and lean resistance. The waterfall seat edge takes pressure off the knees when working and improves blood flow while the back height and seat depth adjustments provide even greater control over the sitting experience.


Ergo Elite Mid Back Chair

The Ergo Elite is a bit more expensive than the average office chair. That being said, these chairs are far from average. At $663.00, the features gained from the ME22ERGLT high back Ergo Elite chair are unmatched by industry standards. A mid back model is also available at a slight price reduction. The ME5ERGLTLOW does not include the headrest found on it's big brother and is priced at $650.00 even.  For just over ten bucks more, we definitely recommend going with the Ergo Elite high back chair as the headrest enhances appeal and neck support.


Eurotech Seating Chair Review

These chairs from Eurotech Seating can do it all! The Ergo Elite is perfect for intensive task and computing applications. The upscale modern look makes these chair ideal for executive work environments. Looking to kick things up a notch in the conference room? Give the Ergo Elite collection a serious look! These chairs are sure to keep your meeting guests impressed and operating in comfort during your important presentations.


Ergo Elite Chair Rating

We give the Ergo Elite seating collection from Eurotech 4 out of 5 stars. We'd like to see a few more color options available other than black, but that's really our only criticism. The Ergo Elite is really the full package. The chair provides a supportive and reliable sitting experience that's sure to be appreciated by any user. The Ergo Elite is well built, ships quick, and provides long term comfort during those tough days at the office. Rating well deserved!

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