Thursday, December 17, 2015

Collection of The Year: Medina by Mayline

The Mayline Medina collection took the office furniture world by storm in 2015. This full service line of professional office desks, reception stations, conference tables, and storage solutions offers everything you need to transform your interiors into works of art. With trend setting new finish option, pre-configured executive furniture layouts, and an unmatched attention to detail, the Medina collection was no doubt the hottest furniture collection of the year.

Mayline Medina DesksMedina desks from Mayline are in a league of their own. Even at first glance you'll notice the perfect blend of modern and traditional design characteristics showcased by these amazing workplace solutions. Medina desks are available in both 63" and 72" wide variations that can be enhanced with returns and desk extensions for additional work surface space. Lots of great Medina executive desk packages are available to simplify your office remodeling project.

Medina Reception Desk
The receptionist stations for sale in the Medina collection will no doubt wow your valued office guests. These contemporary welcome desks are available in rectangular and L shaped variations. Medina reception desks feature a blend of laminate work surfaces, glass transaction counters, and silver metal trim. All models are available with or without storage to meet your specific organizing needs.

Medina Conference TableThis year, it was all about powering up the conference room! Unfortunately, most of the powered conference tables available in 2015 came with hefty price tags that the average consumer couldn't realistically justify. Thankfully, Mayline gave us affordable, functional, and incredibly stylish powered conference tables from the Medina collection. These modern tables features straight sides, curved ends, and silver modesty panels. Popular sizes from 8' to 16' are available to meet your meeting area needs. All of the modern conference table models from the Medina collection can be enhanced with addition of basic power modules that include AC and data inputs for just over two hundred bucks each. When compared to other models in the industry, Medina tables offer unmatched value.

Medina MVLC Low Wall Cabinet
To be at your best, you'e got to be well organized! The Mayline Medina Furniture Line offers the desk pedestals, low wall cabinets, and filing solutions you'll need to get the job done right. Many of Medina's desk packages and reception station layouts include wall cabinets and pedestals to simplify your organizing needs. All of Medina's bookcases and storage products are also available individually.

Gray Steel Finish Option
What sets the Medina collection apart are it's amazing finish options. As consumers were searching for new and innovative ways to step outside the realm of traditional finish options like cherry and maple, Mayline gave us Medina at just the right time! Trend setting tones like Gray Steel, Textured Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, and Mocha made it easy to create amazing spaces. Medina showcases a commitment to quality craftsmanship and excellence that we've come to expect from Mayline. Look for this collection to continue it's dominance in 2016 and beyond.

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