Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chair Compare: iOO vs. Wau

Wau Chair by EurotechiOO Chair by EurotechThis year, Eurotech Seating discontinued their popular Wau chair collection. They gave us the iOO seating line as a replacement and we couldn't be more excited. Sure the Wau had wow factor, but the iOO is the full package! In today's post we'll review these two collections to highlight why you shouldn't fret over the loss of the Wau. Rest assured, the iOO is here to stay and these chairs mean business!


At first glance, you may find that these seating solutions look eerily similar as both the iOO and Wau chair collections are distinctively modern. The Wau reigned supreme for many years with it's futuristic curves, contemporary frame colors, and full mesh seating surfaces. In our opinion the iOO tops the look of the Wau as it's exposed rear spine, metal 5 star base, and same great mesh seating surfaces work together to put it in a league of it's own. There's nothing like it on the market! Both of these chairs no doubt earned interiors positive compliments on a daily basis, but the iOO has that extra touch of luxuriousness that gives it the edge!


When it comes to comfortable office chairs, Eurotech knows best! This industry leader takes pride in crafting cutting edge office seating equipped with the adjustable ergonomic features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace. The Wau chair boasted adjustable arms and a variety of user friendly tilting features that made finding desired operational positions a breeze. The high back Wau chair boasted a fixed mesh headrest that was a nice addition for taller users. On the other hand, the iOO represents the pinnacle of chair evolutions according to Eurotech. We couldn't agree more! The iOO offers wider seating surfaces, multi functional arms, the same great tilting features, and a naturally pronounced lumbar area. Check out the full list of ergonomic attributes below!

iOO Chair Features:

  • Tilt Tension Control
  • Tilt Lock
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • Synro-Tilt
  • Seat Height Adjustment
  • Waterfall Seat
  • 2.8" Ratchet Back Height Adjustment
  • Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Width Adjustable Arms
  • Arm Height Adjustment
  • Swivel Arms
  • Arm Depth Adjustment


The iOO and Wau office seating collections from Eurotech are extremely versatile. Both of these chairs are ideal for computing and tasking applications. The Wau chair's slimmer frame made it a better option for the conference room. The iOO's expansive dimensions and luxurious design characteristics make it a better option for professional executive environments. That being said, there's not too much you can't do with these chairs. The application round is a tie!


Our main critique of the Wau collection was that the seat and back were a bit restricting. Larger chair operators had a hard time fitting comfortably into the Wau. This made extended sits a bit challenging. Eurotech also wanted the Wau chair to be light weight. This caused them to use a lot of plastic components. While we've never heard about durability issues with the Wau, we'd certainly prefer metal to plastic. The iOO is currently available in only 2 color combinations. We'd like to see Eurotech offer fully upholstered fabric and leather iOO models like they did with the Wau collection. As the iOO line has only been out for a year, we expect those options might still be in the works. Last but not least, both of these chairs are rather expensive. They are definitely high end and at a price point where leather chair models are available. When you start talking about chairs over five hundred bucks, mesh may not be the surface your expecting to receive. That being said, both the iOO and Wau are incredibly durable and comfortable. They provide top notch supper that's sure to be appreciated by any user.

Final Thoughts:

The Wau mesh chair was a best seller in it's day. It will surely be missed. Thankfully, Eurotech has provided us with a superior seating solution. The iOO provides a more comfortable and supportive sitting experience. These chairs represent years of dedication and technology in the workplace. Euroteh has truly outdone themselves with this new line. After generations of development, the iOO delivers as a sleek, powerful product that's well refined and clearly demonstrates Eurotech's obsession with perfection. Take a sit in the iOO and you'll never settle for anything less.

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