Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 Desks That Made A Difference In 2015

It's safe to say, not all office desks are created equal. Thankfully, reputable brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and OFM are willing to raise the bar year after year. These innovative furniture crafters never fail to bring us desks that truly make a difference. In today's post we'll review 5 our favorites from 2015. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Desk Configuration
When the average desk just won't cut it, turn to Global Total Office. This industry leader takes pride in crafting made to order workstations that will rock your office interiors. Global's Zira desk collection offers the extensive lineup of components needed to create one of a kick executive configurations that will allow you to personalize your space. Custom Zira desks like the one highlighted here are available in more than 20 unique finish options. Designers will love the ability to select from a wide range of handle pull options, edge details, and frosted glass upgrades.

MNT39 Medina U Desk by Mayline
Leave no doubt, the new configurations from the Mayline Medina desk collection made a big difference in 2015! Layouts like the MNT39 provide plenty of storage and work surface space. What sets the Medina collection apart, are it's trend setting finish options. As many of us searched for ways to step outside the realm of traditional maple and cherry finish options that have saturated the market in years passed, Mayline answered the call with Medina. Finishes like Gray Steel, Sea Salt, Mocha, and Brown Sugar made it easy to make a difference with your space in 2015.

AM-406N Amber Executive WorkstationEvery year, Cherryman raises the bar with their popular office furniture collections. In 2015, they enhanced the Amber lineup with new layouts and finish options that made it easy and affordable to craft professional grade interiors. Those not looking to sacrifice quality due to a strict budget will love this collection. Amber desks like the AM-406N offer top notch executive appeal and the storage space needed for users to stay well organized.

OFM Versa Desk
It was all about productivity and versatility in 2015! Brands like OFM provided us with the standing height desks and sit to stand tables needed to work at peace performance levels. OFM's new Versa collection helps to promote continuous movement in the workplace. These user friendly stations improve blood flow while simultaneously reducing fatigue. As sitting for long periods of time comes with major health risks, a Sit To Stand Desk like the HAT-3072 model from the Versa collection are a great investment that's sure to pay long term dividends.

Last but not least, the team at Offices To Go was on a mission to make a difference with their Superior Laminate Casegoods furniture line in 2015. These affordable, modular, and stylish desk components from this collection can be used in harmony to create unique layouts designed to fit the space requirements of any interior. Superior Laminate desks can be purchased both individually, or as a part of full executive packages. These professional quality stations are available in 5 attractive finish options and typically ship within 2 days of purchase, a nice feature for any business up against a tight makeover deadline!

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