Monday, November 16, 2015

Power Your Interiors With Symmetry Office!

These days it's all about powering up your office interiors! As businesses constantly strive to increase productivity and performance, brands like Symmetry Office are answering the call. Their versatile power solutions make it easy to improve functionality without purchasing all new furniture. In today's post we'll look at the cutting edge power modules available from Symmetry and their unique workplace benefits. If you want to kick your interiors into high gear, this article is definitely worth the read!

Office Power Module
Let's kick things off with the all new Voltz clamp on power module. This versatile and incredibly user friendly device will help you prevent those unnecessary trips underneath your work surface to route wires and charge devices. The standard Voltz unit comes boast 2 AC inputs and 2 USB inputs. Larger modules are available if you need them. Inside the attractive casing resides a most impressive power pack. Each USB port utilizes a circuit controller to independent ally deliver the required amperage to your devices. The Voltz clamp on module comes with a 6ft long power cord and is FCC Part 15B approved.

Isle Power Module
Take the power where you need it with the unbelievably cool Isle power tower from Symmetry Office! This portable device boasts 9 three prong outlets and 6 active USB ports. The 108" cord is more than sufficient while the attractive pyramid style design will no doubt have your valued office guests asking where you got such a unique product. The Isle is currently available for $719.99. This cutting edge power tower works great in lobby, waiting room, lounge, reception, and conference area environments.

Oasis Power ModuleSo you'd like to power up your current conference room table? No problem! While most end up purchasing a whole new table, smart shoppers turn to brands like Symmetry Office. This innovative brand takes pride in creating solutions for every workplace need. The Symmetry Oasis collection makes it easy to modify your current table. Oasis modules are completely customizable. A wide range of phone, data, AC, HDMI, and USB input options are available to make your space the best it can be. While you'll likely want to have a professional cut your boardroom table surface to ensure a quality fit, once installed the Oasis will help you streamline the meeting process!

Top Notch Power Module From Symmetry Office
Sometimes it's best to just keep it simple! The Top Notch module from Symmetry Office provides an incognito approach to powering your interiors. These little modules can be used on conference tables,  office desk configurations, and even library tables. The Top Notch will require a basis cutout. Once installation is complete, you'll be able to kick back and enjoy outlets at your finger tips. The Top Notch product family is offered in configurations including power only, as well as power and data combinations. The Top Notch 2 series boasts flip up ports which can be closed to become discretely part of the work surface. Standard module finishes include black and silver pearl.

Symmetry Office Drifter
Last but not least, we present the Symmetry Office Drifter! The Drifter is a unique power and charging hub which offers users the additional opportunity to stay connected to their devices continuously throughout the day. The Drifter's portable design lows it to be easily repositioned from one area to the next, making it ideal for an array of spaces. The Drifter is ready to rock your personal office, educational facility, hospitality environments, and along waiting room seating configuration.

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