Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Enhance Your Interiors With Medina Furniture!

Are you ready to take your office interiors to a whole new level? The Mayline Medina furniture is the way to go in 2015! This cutting edge line from Mayline offers the desks, reception stations, conference room tables, and office storage solutions needed to turn your work environments into works of art. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Mayline Medina furniture line and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!

Mayline Medina Desk
This year, no office desk collection has been hotter than Medina! Mayline has truly outdone themselves with this innovative line. Medina desks combine a blend of laminate surfaces with silver metal accents and attractive handle pulls. This full service desk line boasts U shaped layouts that are perfect for upper management, as well as smaller stand alone desks and corner configurations designed to maximize a variety of floor plans. If you love the modern look, choose a new executive desk from the Medina collection. You'll be glad you did!

Mayline Medina Reception FurnitureMake a lasting impression on your valued office visitors the minute they walk in the door with a medina series reception desk! A Medina reception desk from Mayline will no doubt make your interiors stand out from the competition. Medina welcome stations feature upscale glass transaction counters and just the right amount of silver metal accent trim. These versatile reception desks are available in 5 attractive finish options. Dealing with limited space? No need to worry! Medina offers both L shaped and rectangular models for shoppers to choose from. You can grow your Medina desk in the future with the addition of a non handed return to provide your receptionist with more operating space. Needless to say, there's not much you can't do with one of these trending workstations.

Medina Conference FurnitureIt's time to power up your conference room without breaking the budget! As businesses look for creative ways to streamline the meeting process, Mayline has answered the call with their Medina conference table line. The high tech modern tables from this best selling collection can be outfitted with power modules that cost just over two hundred bucks. By industry standards, this is the best buy on the market! Medina conference tables are available in multiple sizes starting at $503.99. The largest 14' variation is only $991.99 and can be equipped with multiple modules for high tech applications. Smaller meeting tables like the MNCR48 are also available to meet the needs of smaller work environments.

Mayline Storage Cabinet
Productivity and organization go hand in hand. That being said, if you want to operate at peak performance levels, you'll need the right combination of storage products in your space. Yet again, the Mayline Medina office furniture collection has your completely covered. The lateral file cabinets, wall storage cabinets, desk pedestals, and overhead hutch units available from this line are ready to work together to make your interiors nice and neat. Medina storage products are available both individually, and as part of typical packages. This means you can create a functional workspace now, and improve it easily in the future. What could be better?

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