Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Purchase New Office Furniture

Is your office beginning to look decrepit? With beat-up old office chairs, torn up guest seating, and worn out desks, the place may be starting to resemble a zombie movie, but it definitely shouldn't stay that way. Bad furniture can have a huge impact on businesses, reducing clientele, diminishing productivity, efficiency, employee self-esteem, and worst of all, revenue. Terrible office furniture can take a huge toll on the business and everyone involved, so why let it stay that way? Your boss may try to argue, saying "how much could chairs and desks have changed in the past ten years?" Well, we're here to tell you that the office furniture world has been bursting with great new innovations like ergonomics scientifically proven to improve all aspects of the workplace. If you think your office could use a furniture makeover, here's a few of the best reasons that may help you convince your boss!

RFM Preferred Seating Verte Ergonomic ChairErgonomics

Since its recent rise in popularity, ergonomics has become the pride of the office furniture industry. Just about every office furniture manufacturer has cashed in on this brilliant scientifically proven innovation that maximizes comfort, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic furniture is all about comfort, with highly adjustable features designed to improve and make efficient whatever task the object performs. Things like ergonomic desks and ergonomic office chairs are nearly always equipped with features that allow their users to change comfort settings so that they feel as though the furniture was made precisely for them. Even better, ergonomic furniture is specially designed to improve the actual efficiency of the workplace through technological improvements adapted to whatever environment the furniture can be used in. For example, things like computers can become more efficient by adding wall or desk mounted ergonomic monitor arms. Inventions like these save desk space and can adjust the reach and tilt of the computer screen so that users don't have to lean over desks to get work done. The best part? Just about anything with the potential for structural improvement can be made ergonomic. Already, hundreds of office desks, chairs, and accessories have been improved using ergonomics. Why not improve your office by making it ergonomic too?

Long Term Value

One of the greatest things about new furniture, especially furniture of the ergonomic variety, is its long term value. The new office furniture of today is typically designed to last a long time, so that it not only provides indispensable benefits to the workplace, but does so for as long as possible. Today's furniture is typically made out of quality hardwood, tempered safety glass, chrome, metal, or high intensity plastic for things like office desks and chairs, so that their structural supports are built to last.  The furniture not only provides indispensable benefits to the workplace, it is also a great investment in the future. Much of the today's office furniture is designed with the future in mind, often incorporating technological features for inventions that are expected to enter the workplace sometime in the future. This way, business owners who invest in high quality ergonomic furniture know they are getting their money's worth.


Organized Ergonomic OfficeAnother cool feature of modern office furniture is its organization. It may not seem like it at first glance, but office furniture today is far more advanced than it was ten years ago. In the past, most furniture lacked the ability to comfortably adapt to changing work environments and conditions. Nevermore! Actually, much of office furniture nowadays incorporates modular designs. This means that modular office desks can often support more than one user. While bigger than most conventional office desks, many multi user workstations are smaller, yet more efficient than an office that is cluttered with multiple islands of ordinary office desks strewn about the room. Cubicles are designed in a similar fashion. With them, business owners are still capable of adding or removing cubicle units to meet the needs of a changing work demographic, while also receiving the benefits of modern design. All of these things come together to make a workplace much more efficiently organized so a business can spend less time getting itself together and more time making itself known!


OFM Marque Plexi Reception StationObviously, a professional design is very important in the work environment. When office furniture functions efficiently, work gets done faster, employees and guests are comfortable, and the business blossoms in kind! So many of all these great benefits come as a direct result from incorporating modern office furniture into the workplace. As we've said before, office desks with modular capabilities can drastically improve the efficiency of a workplace by getting employees to work comfortably in close quarters so that the rest of the office space looks larger and cleaner. However,while functional design is important, so too are looks. Believe it of not, the way an office looks has a strong psychological effect on both guests and employees. If a place doesn't have any stimulating colors, artwork, or natural sunlight, it can be very easy for employee self esteem and work ethic to drop. Guests may become bored and uncooperative in an unsightly environment, so that the whole business suffers as a result, just from lacking visual stimulation. Don't let that happen to your office! Choose office furniture, desks, and office cubicles for collaborating so that your workplace looks as good as it functions. You may be surprised with the increase in business you get!

Customer Impression

Cool Waiting Room
For many businesses, everything revolves around the customer. Since the country's recent move from a production to a service orientation, businesses everywhere have been working like mad trying to get their companies noticed. For these places, the customer's impression of the business is the most important. What you may not realize is that furniture influences this too in a big way. When visitors enter a workplace as guests, they like to be treated with respect and to feel cared for. One of the best ways a business can show appreciation for its visitors is by comfortable chairs for office guest use. When guests can sit comfortably for long periods of time on affordable furniture for the office reception area without complaining about a wait time, its a good sign that the business has done the right thing in picking out quality guest furniture. Additionally, many businesses have taken customer satisfaction a step further by adding televisions, reading materials, and refreshment stations to their waiting rooms. This bit of extra effort pays for itself in the long run by allowing the business to work slightly more at its own speed, since guests are willing to wait longer without getting bored or irritated. It also improves the overall look and perception of the workplace in the customer's eye, and there's never anything to lose from that!

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