Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Key Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

A healthy work day is a productive one. That being said, staying healthy at work is absolutely essential. Luckily for us all there are several easy ways to do just that. From eating a quality lunch to taking short breaks, the 5 simple practices highlighted in this article are sure to help you build a habit structure that promotes excellence and efficiency in the workplace.

Healthy Foods for Work

All too often we settle for fast food or other unhealthy solutions at lunch time. In truth, forming a good lunch structure is not the easiest thing to do. Quite frankly, we all love the foods that are unhealthy for us and getting into a good habit structure takes time and patience. Packing a good lunch based around the correct food groups is one key way to ensure you get the proper nutrients and energy you need throughout your day. Those who can't break the habit of eating out should make an effort to review a restaurants menu before visiting. A thought out and healthy meal selection is always better than a rushed order that leaves you with fried chicken or some other overly filling item that leaves you feeling exhausted. In the long run, we all want to eat the foods we enjoy. While at work, focus on the healthy foods you like and plan your meals for the week accordingly. You'll then find yourself with more energy and time to focus on the important tasks at hand.

The value of stretching cannot be under estimated. Take a few minutes to go online and review some common stretches to add to your daily routine. Back stretches are especially important as we all spend the majority of our day sitting down at our desks in the office for extended periods of time. Other stretches like the calf stretch, hamstring stretch, and shoulder stretch are all quite easy to perform in limited space. As a side note, make sure to take proper safety precautions. Start off gently and don't over do it. A simple 5 to 10 minute routine in the morning is enough to get you started.

Taking vitamins is another great way to stay healthy at work. While this simple practice is a good one, meeting with a physician first to determine what vitamins will provide you the biggest benefits is always recommended. Men's and women's one a day vitamins are a quite common and provide the majority of nutrients you need to stay healthy. All to often colds and various illnesses get passed around the workplace. Taking vitamins is a great way to boost your bodies immune system and help you to prevent catching those nasty bugs that can take you out of the loop. Vitamins like B12 are great for energy and should also be considered by those dealing with fatigue on a regular basis throughout their work weeks.

Staying healthy at work also means putting in good habits at home. That being said, a good nights rest is an essential factor in determining just how productive you are during the day. Staying up all night watching movies and eating ice cream is a definite no no. Save those practices for the weekend! An efficient work week is all about good habit structure and routine. Set yourself up for success with a bed time window and provide yourself the 8 hours you need to perform at your best. If you find yourself waking up groggy and heading straight for the coffee pot on a regular basis, you may actually be getting too much sleep! Meeting with a physician to discuss your sleep habits and routine will provide valuable insight that will no doubt improve your lifestyle while improving your health.

Stretching at Work

Last but certainly not least, taking breaks at work is our last key tip for staying healthy. If you're a workplace grinder who pounds out 40 hours per week staring at a computer screen without ever giving your eyes a rest, you're doing more harm then good! As a side tip, those who just can't pull themselves away should definitely take advantage of all the top rated ergonomic office accessories available in 2013 that guarantee workplace improvement and comfort. Taking a ten minute break every hour to get up, walk around, and stretch provides excellent benefits that prevent us all from getting bogged down. Short breaks also help to prevent anxiety and help to get the blood flowing. In several cases most of us use poor posture when sitting down in chairs for the office that reduce circulation. This causes fatigue that can be avoided by simply standing up and going outside for some fresh air. Most well run businesses actually enforce breaks as they know the benefits provided are more than worth the time.


  1. Thanks for the advice, I work at a desk all day, so easy to overeat

  2. Working mostly on computer for hours is a tiring job. You must stand up and twist your body every hour during 2-3 minutes break.

    Arnold Brame



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