Monday, October 24, 2016

Industry Favorites: Tables from Global Total Office

Global Total Office TablesWhen it comes to office tables, nobody does it better than Global. This industry leading manufacturer has earned unrivaled respect from design teams and dealers alike. Their innovative tables for conference, reception, and training applications are truly in a league of their own. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at 5 best selling tables from Global that you can use to effectively transform your office interiors while earning your business the compliments it deserves.

Zira Boardroom FurniturePowered conference tables have become the industry standard. In 2016, businesses looking to create fast paced strategizing environments are turning towards the high tech boardroom tables from the Global Zira collection. To streamline your meetings and step into the 21st century, you'll need surface level conference table inputs like USB, HDMI, and Ethernet that prevent the need to run extension chords across the room while simultaneously wheeling in squeaking "multi-media" carts. Global Total Office Zira tables are changing the way we work and host presentations during important corporate gatherings. These conference room solutions are the best in the business. There's literally no better option for your remodeling project!

Global Wind Linear TableIf your guest welcoming area needs a facelift, turn to the tables from the Global Total Office Wind Linear collection. With an infusion of mid-century-modern appeal, these stylish reception area accent tables will help to make a positive impression on your valued visitors. Popular Wind Linear tables like the 3880 model feature integrated magazine shelves that will help keep your magazines and reading materials nice and neat. This modern coffee table pairs well with a variety of side and end tables from this extensive furniture collection.

Global Total Office 2Gether TablesIt's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional fixed leg tables that do little more than act as oversized paperweights. Stationary tables are heavy and difficult to reconfigure as the needs of your business change. You'll no doubt want to update your space with flip top modular training room tables from Global Total Office. Their all new 2gether collection has become an instant favorite of design teams and industry pros. 2gether flip top training table models like the IT1848R are available in extensive finish options to help your business personalize your interiors while outperforming the competition.

Alba Round Meeting Table
The versatile tables from the Global Total Office Alba collection are perfect for break room, meeting, and bistro applications. With a variety of round and square top sizes available, Alba tables can be effectively used for projects of any size. The best part, these attractive meeting tables with metal legs are incredibly affordable when compared to similar models available in 2016. You'll be hard pressed to find a better value for your interiors!

Connectable Conference Table ConfigurationWe've saved our favorite Global table collection for last. If you're looking to give your interiors the edge, you'll find no better solution than Bungee! This line of connectable flip top tables provides businesses with the ability to quickly combine conference and training interiors. Global Bungee series connectable conference table sets promote collaboration and team interaction. With extensive size and finish options available, you'll definitely want to investigate the benefits these modular tables have to offer before purchasing furniture of your interior. Bungee tables must be seen and tested in person to be full appreciated. Invest in these industry fav's and you'll be ahead of the curve and only limited by your own imagination. There's nothing you can't do with Bungee!

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