Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ergo Excitement: 5 Office Chairs Paving The Way For Improved Comfort

Brands like Global Total Office and Eurotech Seating are always ahead of the curve. These respected manufacturers take pride in crafting innovative chairs specifically designed to improve operational comfort in the workplace. Today in our new series 'Ergo Excitement' we'll showcase 5 chairs that are truly changing the way we sit and function on a daily basis. While ahead of their time, these cutting edge seating solutions will soon be considered the standard, and that's exciting!

1.) Loover

Global Total Office Loover Series Office Chair

Global Total Office makes it easy to stay comfortable throughout those long days at the office. Their customizable chairs from the Loover collection boast the user friendly adjustment features needed to help operator's adapt in a hurry. Models like the 2660-3 come standard with multi functional mechanisms and arms that work in harmony to promote good posture and healthy performance. The Loover chair's innovative mesh back design and ergonomic qualities are in a league of their own. These easy to operate swivel chairs set the standard for today, and tomorrow!

2.) Nuvem

Nuvem Executive Recliner by Eurotech

Prepare to be impressed! Who says you have to settle for an average office chair? Why not think outside the box with the Nuvem executive recliner from Eurotech Seating? This innovative chair provides an out of this world sitting experience. With it's ottoman and padded headrest, you'll be able to kick back and relax while handling your daily tasks. What truly puts the Nuvem over the top is the adjustable laptop arm. This recliner is available in two trendy color combinations and works well in both home and professional office settings. The Nuvem is paving the way for the modern office chairs of the future!

3.) ORO200

OFM ORO200 Big and Tall Chair

Today's big and tall executive chair shoppers are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to selection. Finding a high quality chair with heavy duty components built to withstand the rigors of the modern work days is easier said than done to say the least! Thankfully, brands like OFM, Inc. have larger chair operators covered. Their ORO200 model sets the standard for big and tall chairs in 2016 and beyond. This exceptional leather chair supports users up to 400 pounds with ease. Once seated, users will enjoy an innovative tablet arm that will help give them the edge when handling daily activities.

4.) Oroblanco

Oroblanco Task Chair

Comfort and functionality shouldn't have to cost shoppers thousands of dollars! The Oroblanco 402B chair from Cherryman Industries is paving the way for improved workplace support without breaking the bank. At the consumer friendly price of $338.99, the Oroblanco is best chair buy of the year. With built in guides for personal adjusting, a multi functional mechanism, breathable mesh back, and adjustable arms, the Oroblanco chair is equally innovative and efficient. If you're looking to invest in comfort, give this best selling tasker serious consideration!

5.) Living Chair

High Tech Office Chair

It's time to start expecting more out of your office chair. If you're tired of pulling multiple levers and twisting knobs to find the correct sitting position, check out the all new Living Chair from Mayline. This "smart chair" takes the guess work out of workplace ergonomics. The Living chair automatically responds to user movements to provide the perfect sit with minimal effort. The Living chair represents where the industry is heading in 2017. Soon, all of the most reputable seating manufacturers on the planet will be introducing smart chairs that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. This is one emerging office chair trend that will soon be considered the standard for comfort. The Living chair is paving the way with it's modern features and high tech attributes. Sit in it once and you'll never settle for anything less.

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