Thursday, September 10, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: RFM Preferred Seating 98950 Multi-Shift

RFM Preferred Seating 98950 Multi-Shift Chair ReviewRFM Preferred Seating provides some of the absolute best office chairs on the market. This industry leading brand demonstrates a genuine commitment to ergonomics and dedication to comfort. In today's post we'll review RFM's popular 98950 Multi-Shift chair and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!


Even at first glance you'll be impressed by the RFM Preferred Seating Multi-Shift chair. The 98950 offers distinctive curves that provide plenty of wow factor in the workplace. The countered back narrows near the top to avoid restricting upper body movement while the tractor style seat makes for a comfortable sit any user can rely on. The T shaped arms and nylon base provide durability and functionality. Rest assured, the 98950 is the full package.


Contoured foam back cushions that cradle the back and lumbar support make the Multi-Shift chair the right choice for long-term comfort and performance in the workplace. Easy to use ergonomic adjustments and tractor seat upgrade options allow for a personalized sitting experience any user is sure to appreciate. Top quality materials and structural integrity provide both stability and comfort, even for 24 consecutive hours of use. The 98950 Multi-Shift high back task chair is a smart choice for any work environment. Rated for users up to 350 pounds, the Multi-Shift is even ready to accommodate the needs of most big and tall chair operators.


There's not much you can't do with the 98950 Multi-Shift office chair from RFM Preferred Seating. These seating solutions mean business! The 98950 offers an elegant high back design and the high end ergonomic attributes needed to work well in both executive office and tasking applications. If you're looking for a reliable chair to use in your home office, the 98950 is ready to help. The only area you may have trouble using 98950 Multi-Shift is the conference room. It's a bit to big and will limit the number of seats that will fit around the table. All in all, these cutting edge chairs are great for computing, 24 hour applications, and any shopper in search of a customizable sitting experience they can depend on.


The base model 98950 Multi-Shift chair features an armless design and is priced at $888.99. Three tractor seat size options are available at no additional charge. A set of 08A 3 position pivot, vertical, and horizontal adjustable arms are available for a $70.00 up charge. Model 03A adjustable loop arms are just ten bucks more. Last but not least, users who want the absolute best can choose to go with the  01A fold away arm with vertical and horizontal adjustment features for $88.00. Lots of fabric and leather upholstery grades are available from RFM that may raise or lower the price of your personalized Multi-Shift chair.

Final Rating:

We give the 98950 Multi-Shift task and computer chair 4 out of 5 stars. With a heavy duty cylinder and large casters, these chairs are built to last and ready to accommodate larger users. The wide range of seat sizes and arm options is also a major plus. The only real point deduction is for the hefty price tag. While the 98950 is well worth the investment, it's a bit much for the average consumer. Overall, the 98950 is certainly a luxurious office chair that any worker would love to have. These chairs are dependable, stylish, and incredibly user friendly.

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