Monday, May 4, 2015

The 5 Best Ergonomic Task Chairs for Active Receptionists

Are you a receptionist in need of a good office chair? You're in luck! In today's post we'll be highlighting 5 best selling ergonomic seating solutions that will provide you with the adjustable features and support needed to reach peak performance levels. From the iDesk Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries to the Spree mesh chair from Global Total Office, these top notch chairs are a must see!

1.) Oroblanco

Good Receptionist Chair

The iDesk Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries is a new release for 2015. These cutting edge ergonomic task chairs combine modern features with a user friendly mechanism that doesn't take a rocket science to master. As many of today's chairs are complicated and hard to figure out, the Oroblanco has simplified the learning curve. Most of it's awesome features can be activated with a single lever! If you're a receptionist looking to sit in style and comfort, the Oroblanco is ready to help your cause in a major way. Priced at just $321.50, the Oroblanco is also an excellent value.

2.) Layover

Ergo Contract Furniture Layover Chair

At first glance you'll notice the modern design characteristics of the Ergo Contract Furniture Layover chair. While visual appeal is certainly important, the Layover also packs a major ergonomic punch! If you're a receptionist that finds yourself sitting for long periods of time, the Layover is a great solution. With a 2 to 1 syncro tilt mechanism, extra thick molded foam seat, and adjustable arms, finding the optimal working position is never more than a few clicks away. The Layover chair is available in 2015 for just $267.99. Choose from a variety of cool mesh back colors to compliment your space.

3.) Ravi

Woodstock Marketing Ravi Chair

If you're a receptionist that's limited by space behind the desk, the Ravi is an excellent chair to consider. This sleek mesh back task chair features a slim profile and excellent ergo attributes. At just $229.00, receptionists on a budget will find the Ravi too good to pass up. Available in a variety of cool seat color options, the Ravi can be used to provide a blast of individual style.

4.) FX2

Eurotech FX2 Open Back Chair

Active receptionists will love the FX2 open back chair from Eurotech Seating! With a trendy look and the ergonomic features to match, the FX2 is the premier option for modern guest welcoming areas. It's hard not to love the segmented cushion design showcased by the FX2. This is one chairs that's sure to earn your personal workspace a ton of positive compliments! The FX2 is available in black and gray fabric upholstery options for just $280.00 in 2015.

5.) Spree

Global Total Office Spree Mesh Chair

Versatile, comfortable, and really cool! The Global Total Office Spree chair has become an instant favorite with industry professionals and shoppers alike. These fully functional task chairs were designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace without restricting upper body movement. The Spree comes standard with adjustable arms and a heavy duty nylon base. Ergonomic features like a curved lumbar area, suspended seat structure, and finger tip controls make this chair an excellent choice for any active receptionist. The Spree can be yours for just $386.99. Seven mesh back color options are available.

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