Thursday, May 14, 2015

Furniture 101: Understanding Desk Shapes

In the office furniture world, you'll hear terminology that you'll wan't to understand when shopping! When it comes to desks, terms like bow front, straight front, L shaped, and many more are thrown out that might catch you off guard. In today's post we'll highlight the various desk terms you'll need to know before starting your makeover and design project. Enjoy!

1.) Bow Front

Bow Front Desk

Bow front office desks feature a curved front design to provide upscale appeal. Commonly, bow front desks are used in executive work environments. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries all offer popular office desk collections that include bow front models.

2.) Straight Front

Straight Front Desk

Straight front desks offer a rectangular shape. While a bow front desk features a curved front, a classic straight front desk with offer no curve. Straight front desks work great along walls and in corner applications.

3.) L Shaped

L Shaped Desk

L shaped desks feature a two piece design. The main desk will be a bow front or straight front work surface is most cases. This main desk section is complimented by a left hand or right hand return piece to provide additional work surface space. L shaped desks are popular for executive office, home, and corner office applications.

4.) Executive

Executive Desk

Used in upscale office applications, executive office desks provide high end appeal. In most cases executive office desks will feature a main workstation with a rear credenza and accenting storage furniture. Executive desks are typically sold in typicals (preconfigured sets) designed by the manufacturer.

5.) Corner

corner desk

You've probably already figured this one out! Corner office desks are used to maximize space in smaller office environments. Corner desks can feature a V shaped or L shaped design. If you're limited on square footage, consider a corner desk for your work space.

6.) Computer

Computer Desk

Computer desks are typically smaller, personal style desks that can be purchased for around $250 on average. Glass computer desks, wood computer desks, and metal computer desks are all quite popular. In most cases you won't see computer desks used in professional business applications because they lack the storage space needed to be effective in intensive use work environments. That being said, computer desks are ideal for dorm room, student, and home office needs.

7.) Writing

Writing Desk

Writing desks look like 4 legged tables. This style of desk is seeing a reemergence of popularity in 2015. As more and more individuals are turning to laptops for their daily computing, writing style desks offer a less bulky look that can be easily integrated into both home and professional work environments. Writing desks are also commonly referred to as table desks. Brands like Cherryman Industries and Mayline offer the top models on the market.

8.) U Shaped

U Shaped Desk

Used commonly in home and executive office environments, U shaped desks typically feature a straight front or bow front design that's complimented by a credenza and connecting bridge. Many of the top U shaped desks will include an overhead storage hutch unit for enhanced appeal and additional storage space.

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