Friday, May 8, 2015

A Look At The New iDesk Tikal Seating Collection by Cherryman

Cherryman Industries Tikal Seating
Just two short weeks ago, Cherryman Industries introduced the all new iDesk Tikal seating collection. This line of reception area guest chairs and bar stools offers unmatched versatility and modern appeal. In today's post we'll showcase the new Tikal line and it's workplace benefits. Enjoy!


Tikal seating offers distinctive design characteristics that are sure to make an impression on your office visitors. The curvaceous seat is available in polypropylene and fully upholstered variations to compliment polished metal bases. If you're looking to create a unique waiting area that sets your business interior apart from the competition, Tikal guest chairs are definitely worth a look!


The Tikal guest chair is available in a choice of 3 base styles. The sled base Tikal chair offers the ability to be ganged together for group seating applications, making it the ideal option for waiting areas. The spider base Tikal guest chair offers a unique look that makes it a great choice for school and classroom applications. The four leg Tikal chair offers stacking capabilities that are sure to save your business valuable floor space. Last but not least, the Tikal series bar stool is perfect for break room, cafeteria, bistro, and cafe applications.


Fully upholstered Tikal chairs are available in cranberry red, dark pewter, and moss color options. If you're looking to keep things simple, the dark pewter offers a neutral look that's easy to match accent furnishings to. The cranberry red and moss color options are a bit more trendy and great for showcasing a bit of individual style! The polypropylene Tikal chairs are available in 5 color options that include traffic red, lime green, traffic white, London gray, and traffic black.


Fully upholstered Tikal seating is great for lounge, lobby, reception, and waiting room use. Polypropylene Tikal chairs are easy to clean. This makes them a premier option for healthcare environments, libraries, and educational facilities where spills and germs are common. Tikal bar stools look great in restaurants as well as cafeterias. The unique modern appeal of this new collection from Cherryman is sure to earn any area the compliments it deserves!


Tikal chairs are available in packs of four for added value. Sled base and 4 leg Tikal chairs are available for $470.00 for the polypropylene version and $686.00 for fully upholstered version. The Spider base Tikal chair is a bit more pricey at $496.00 for the polypropylene and $712.00 for the upholstered. Tiakl bar stools are sold in packs of two. The polypropylene stools are $425.00 and the fully upholstered stools are $473.00.

Final Thoughts:

We feel the Tikal seating collection is poised for success. With cool color combinations and options these chairs are completely customizable. Wether you're looking to create simple and effective waiting areas or out of this world seating configurations, Tikal is ready to answer the call. We give this collection 4 out of 5 stars.

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