Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Office Tech: Powered Furniture in The Workplace

Powered office furniture improves productivity, efficiency, and performance! In today's post we'll highlight the awesome new powered workplace solutions of 2015. These tables, desks, workstations, and chairs showcase office technology at it's best.

1.) Powered Conference Tables

Powered Conference Tables

Powered conference tables have taken the office furniture world by storm. These days, if you don't utilize a powered conference table in your meeting area you're missing out. Powered conference table models feature surface mounted modules with HDMI, Audio, USB, and AC input options. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline are paving the way with high tech powered conference tables from collections like Zira and TransAction that will help any business streamline their meetings.

2.) Powered Lounge Furniture

Powered Lounge Chair

Creating a modern lounge or lobby interior for your business? Add powered lounge furniture to your design plans and improve the visiting experience for your valued guests! Brands like OFM, Inc. have released cutting edge lounge chairs like the Serenity that feature USB and AC inputs right in the arm! Simply plug in your chair and and start enjoying the benefits. No need to customize options or call in the IT team for wiring. These modern lounge seating solutions are ready to roll!

3.) Powered Desks

Powered Open Desking Configuration

Powered office desks and workstations help users prevent those pesky trips underneath the desk to plug in devices and route wires. These days, the top office furniture manufacturers have found super cool ways to integrate work surface and wall integrated power modules that make life in the office far easier! If you're looking to upgrade to powered desks and workstations in 2015, we recommend checking out the Mayline e5 collection. It's super stylish, affordable, and cutting edge!

4.) Powered Tables

Powered Training Room Furniture

As businesses are regularly looking to improve they way information is delivered to employees during training and strategy sessions, furniture manufacturers have started to introduce high tech training tables equipped with power! The top training area tables can be configured with daisy chained power solutions that provide your entire room with easily accessed power options. While powered training room tables are just starting to catch on, this is one trend that will soon become an industry standard!

5.) Portable Power Solutions

Isle Power Module by Symmetry Office

Why power up a single office space when you can purchase a portable power module that can be moved from room to room as needed? With cool new products like the Isle, Juice, and Drifter power modules from Symmetry Office, you can take the power from the lobby to the boardroom with ease! The Isle is as high tech as it gets. These power towers feature USB and AC inputs on three sides. Simple plug in the cord and you're ready to roll. The Isle can be used in lobby, waiting room, and reception areas to improve the visiting experience of guests. Giving a big presentation? Bring the Isle tower into the boardroom and avoid running extension cords around your space to host your presentation professionally! Portable power modules are affordable, easy to use, and a must have for any modern business.

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