Tuesday, April 14, 2015

7 Home Office Hacks You'll Love

Whether you're headed to a party, seeking to win a game, or even just getting dressed in the morning, the internet is filled with tons of helpful tricks to get you there faster and smarter. In the office, there's plenty of places where hacks can come in handy - and in the home office without a boss looking over your shoulder, you have complete creative freedom! So get ready, and enjoy these awesome hacks and make the most of your home office!

Plants and Animals

This first one may not seem like much of a hack, but in the home office, plants and animals can make some of the most productive coworkers around. Poor air quality is something that unconsciously plagues many office workers, both in and out of the home, and especially around cities. Toxins in the air can negatively affect workers' breathing, general health, focus, and energy throughout the day. Adding a VOC-reducing plant to the mix cleans the air, keeping you in top notch health. Some of the best low-maintenance house plants include air plants, peppermint, english ivy, and lemon balm.

In addition, pets like dogs, cats, and even fish have been known to reduce stress. Letting your pet sleep under your desk while you work not only keeps your feet warm, but reaching down to scratch a furry head can be a saving grace when tensions are high. Taking Fido for bathroom breaks and short walks on your lunch hour keeps you fitter and energized. Best of all, these necessary lapses in the tedium of office duties are major brain boosters! Don't believe us? Scientists say pets like dogs have been known to lower resting heart rate levels, reduce blood pressure, and even lower the risk for depression and heart disease! Just ask a doctor.


Taking the time to declutter your workspace offers a host of benefits for the devoted office worker. Not only are things easier to find in a clean office, but the look and feel alone can do wonders for psychology and health. Adding a few simple products for office organization can keep the office clear of clutter, increasing efficiency, reducing stress, and offering a much needed sense of accomplishment. But don't stop there! Taking an extra minute to defragment, scan, and sort the items in your computer can also increase work speed and improve computer health!

Bonus Tip: Got a dirty keyboard tray? Nothing a little strand of tape between the keys can't fix!

Lighting and Color

One thing many office hack websites take for granted is the importance of physical surroundings. If you're unhappy with your home office, perhaps it's time for an upgrade! Color plays a major role in the productivity and psychological health of office workers according to color theory. The color blue is even backed by scientific evidence as the best color for office environments as it reduces stress and slows the metabolism, reducing hunger to produce a calming effect - it also makes the room appear bigger!

Feng-Shui Furniture 

Rearranging furniture is another way to improve the psychological effect of your home office. Set your desk facing the window; a view into the outside world offers greater health benefits. Choosing furniture that combines functionality with user health is ideal in a home office. Even things as simple as ergonomic executive chairs, height adjustable office desks, or dual purpose lighting fixtures can help make a home office more like a personal haven. After all, you're at home. Why not take full advantage of it?


If storage is a problem in your home office, one of the best solutions is thinking outside the box - or, off the floors! Few amateur designers know how to make full use of a room's walls as a place for storage and organization. Adding useful presentation boards helps users keep track of papers and daily tasks without making a mess of the desk. At the same time, cabinets and stylish wood bookcases offer shelving for easy, clutter-free storage. You may even decide to DIY a few crates or boxes for clever, attractive office storage!


Hacking workplace discomfort is perhaps the most important thing you can do as an office user. Too many Americans suffer from unhealthy working habits, which can result in terrible bodily pain. Some of the most common office-related conditions include pain in the neck, back, or legs, stiff joints, aggravated arthritis, and even carpal tunnel syndrome. Thankfully, ergonomic furniture and tools can save the day. Outfitting your workplace with monitor arms, retractable keyboard platforms, and high tech desk chairs to enforce proper posture do wonders for health. The benefits include maximized efficiency, improved workplace productivity, and a better outlook on life!

Clip Ons

One organizational hack that's been sweeping offices all over the nation are the clip ons! Ever since someone figured out that a few binder clips hooked to the edge of a desk makes perfect cord organizers, the trend has exploded to do all sorts of amazing things! Clip on wire organizers, cup holder, baskets, and even high tech tools like the Symmetry JUICE-POW-JUC-CC clamp on power module are all available for sale. Of course, DIYing your own is an option too. Just super glue some binder clips to a stylish desk organizer and voila! Not only have you maximized usable desk space, but you've also cleaned and organized.

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