Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Coming Soon: New Medina Furniture Finishes from Mayline!

The Mayline Medina series office furniture collection has become one of the hottest lines of 2015. Medina includes high end executive desk configurations, conference room tables, and even reception desks. To further improve this already impressive collection, Mayline is introducing two cool new finishes to compliment the mocha, gray steel, and mahogany options currently available. In today's post we'll highlight the new seat salt and brown sugar finish options. Enjoy!

Medina Reception Desk with Sea Salt FinishIf you're looking to create a stunning office welcoming area to impress your guests, look no further than Medina's reception desks. These L shaped and rectangular units feature a blend of laminate surfaces, silver accents, and glass transaction counters. While all of Medina's current finish options are awesome, we feel the new textured sea salt finish is the most impressive! Rest assured, adding a Medina reception desk to your office waiting room is sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves.

Medina Desk Configuration in Brown Sugar FinishIn addition to reception desks, the Medina collection offers high end executive desk configurations that work well in both home and professional work environments. Both pre configured typicals and custom layouts can be created to meet your space requirements and budget. That being said, if you're looking to create an office space that's a cut above the competition, we recommend checking out a Medina desk configuration in the new brown sugar finish option! This swanky new tone is sure to spark trends for years to come.

Medina Table in Brown Sugar LaminateMedina Round Meeting TableMayline introduced the Medina furniture collection just a few short months ago. In this time, the conference and meeting tables from this trendy line have become the go to option for industry professionals and design teams looking to impress their clients. The small round top meeting tables from Medina offer high end modern appeal at a price point any budget will appreciate. The larger conference room tables from the Medina collection can be configured with user friendly power modules to help streamline the meeting process and improve functionality. Both the conference room tables and smaller meeting table options will be available in the new seat salt and brown sugar finish options in the coming weeks.

Medina Straight Front Desk with Hutch and Wall CabinetNot all furniture shoppers are blessed with plenty of floor space! Thankfully, top brands like Mayline offer collections like Medina that include versatile straight front desks and space saving storage solutions that maximize square footage. If you're in search of wall cabinets, overhead hutch units, or even desk side pedestals for organizing, the Medina collection has you covered. In just a few short weeks, all of these awesome products will be available in must see brown sugar and seat salt finish options. If you're looking to create an office interior that's poised for design success, check out these cool new woodgrain tones!

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