Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mesh Office Chairs vs. Leather Office Chairs

Luxury Leather Office ChairsMesh office chairs and leather office chairs are by far the most popular and top selling seating solutions on the market today. These two industry leading chair styles offer a variety of features and benefits for users in any office environment. This article compares these chair styles thoroughly to assist you in your search for the perfect office chair. Enjoy!

Round 1: Comfort

Mesh Office ChairsFar and away the most important factor of any chair is comfort. Both leather and mesh chair styles offer a variety of attributes that greatly contribute to this vital aspect. First, lets cover the comfort friendly features of mesh chairs.

Mesh chairs were originally designed as a modern remedy to office seating needs. This style of chair is composed of a breathable mesh back that keeps users cool while working. Chairs with mesh backs offer excellent back support as they boast firm construction and allow for a variety of interesting chair shapes. With hundreds of versatile styles available, a mesh chair is undoubtedly on the market to meet your individual needs. High end mesh seating solutions are often able to support up to 500 lbs. and offer spine mimicking features sure to provide optimal comfort.

It's no secret that quality leather is always a great way to showcase comfort and class. When it comes to leather chairs the same is true. Chairs featuring leather upholstery often offer excellent amounts of padding, and in some cases memory foam. A quality leather will keep you snug and cozy while working. The feel of a high end leather is definitely noteworthy. This is a major reason why high end executives choose this form of seating for their office needs. One downside of leather is that it changes with the temperature of a room. During the summer months a leather chair can actually make you hot while working. In winter, the days first sit can often be chilly. Depending on the leather grade used for your chair, these may be factors worth looking into.

Ergonomics is defined as the study of efficiency in working environments. For that reason, it's important to notate that both of these chair styles offer excellent user friendly features sure to improve your comfort and day to day productivity. When it comes to the mechanical aspects underneath your chair the bout is a tie. All chairs come standard with factory features chosen for the particular model by designers and industry professionals. Many mesh and leather chairs feature the exact same mechanisms and in that way they are about equal. The real difference comes when discussing the back. As previously mentioned, some high end leather solutions are standard with memory foam. This makes a huge difference for those spending long hours at the desk. However, the slight edge has to go to mesh in this regard. The variety of shapes, styles, and benefits out way those of leather. In the long run, the winner of this round is mesh chairs by minimal margin.

Round 2: Price

Leather Executive ChairsOne important buying factor of any product is price. It's important to stick to a budget when purchasing chairs of any kind for yourself or your business. Depending on the chair you choose and price range dictated for your purchase, this round can go either way. Discount office chairs with mesh backs can start as low as $50 while luxury office chairs can run in the thousands. The same is true when it comes to leather seating. Price is fully determined by the grade of material used, brand, and features included. Overall, this round is a tie as it's purely dictated by budget and the features necessary for your business to work effectively.

Round 3: Longevity

Ergonomic Mesh ChairsChair life is an important factor that deserves serious attention when shopping. For comparison sake, let's say we are comparing two chairs of equal price. In terms of ergonomics, we've discussed that many chairs can be outfitted with the same mechanical features and for this reason their isn't much of a dispute. However, any consumer should spend the necessary time to review materials being used on chairs of interest. Believe it or not, several competitive seating manufacturers use leathers and mesh materials from the same textile and upholstery brands. While mesh is extremely durable, leather is definitely given the edge in round 3. In terms of longevity a mesh material will more than likely ware and stretch before a leather gives way. Exceptions can be made for both materials, but in most cases and comparisons, leather takes the round.

After three hard fought rounds the overall decision is a tie. Unfortunately too many factors contribute to the overall comfort, value, and longevity to determine an overall winner. When investing in modern executive chairs or home seating of any kind it's important to take into consideration the needs of yourself and staff first. Both mesh office chairs and leather office chairs are an important investment for any business. Meeting with professionals can be a huge help in the shopping process. Setting a budget and taking the time to understand valuable ergonomic features will help you to make an educated shopping decision that works well for years to come. Notable mesh and leather chair brands include Mayline Office Chairs, Herman Miller, HON, Eurotech, and several others. No matter your preference, doing your homework on each manufacturer will yield excellent savings and benefits for your business.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Modern Reception Furniture Trends to Watch in 2013

Modern style is always a hot topic amongst interior designers and consumers alike, and staying up to date is essential! That being said, the arrival of 2013 has brought to light several hot new reception furniture trends that businesses should be aware of. This article highlights these top trends to keep you informed before starting your next office makeover project!

Trend 1: Build Up Not Out

Aberdeen Reception Furniture

With space being at a premium, interior designers and office furniture professionals are regularly suggesting solutions for maximizing square footage. One of these tips is to build up instead of out. All to often wall space goes wasted that could be used for storage and accent furniture. This modern idea includes the use of overhead storage cabinets and hutches as opposed to low wall cabinetry which reduces the overall usable footprint of a waiting area. The good news is that this trend is just catching on. This means that most of the wall mounting products like presentation boards all feature a contemporary style that will keep your area at the forefront of the modern office furniture movement.

Trend 2: Beam Seating
Modern Beam Seating Configuration
Perhaps no form of modern office seating is more popular than this trending style. Utilizing reception beam seating is an excellent way to save space and money while showcasing industry leading style. Top solutions include those from the OFM, Inc. NET series as well as the Sonic Beam Chair by Global Total Office. No matter your choice, Beam seating configurations are always an excellent way to earn your space a host of compliments. Some top models even offer the ability to add small office tables for added versatility.

Trend 3: Curved Reception Desks

Large Curved Reception Desk

It seems that businesses just can't get enough of curved reception desks for their waiting rooms and lounge areas. This modern form of reception station is selling like hot cakes. Top styles like the Marque Reception Station by OFM are an excellent example of this hot new trend. Desks like this offer an all encompassing and welcoming feel to any visitor area. The curved design showcases modern style and well rounded appeal. A curved reception desk increases the amount of usable worksurface while at the same time maximizes office square footage. Units are available for individual or multi user applications.

Trend 4: Glass Reception Tables

Glass Coffee Table

It seems that the use of glass furniture in the workplace will be a huge hit this year. And when it comes to the reception area, several new products are available. New modern glass reception tables from collections like the Profile Series by OFM are always an excellent choice. Additionally, the Dawson Series Coffee Table by Global Total Office is an excellent way to pull in the use of wood while still maintaining a contemporary feel. Glass offers a neutral tone that will match any seating upholstery or wood finish. The versatility of glass coffee tables and end tables is a main reason for this always popular trend.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Top Modern Conference Tables by Global Total Office

When it comes to modern conference tables, perhaps no brand offers a wider range of quality solutions than Global Total Office. This industry leading office furniture provider offers dozens of boardroom solutions in a seemingly limitless variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes. This article boasts 5 top selling tables that consumers, business owners, and interior designers will absolutely love!

Elliptical Conference Table

First up, the GEL10WSTM. This modern elliptical conference table features a unique surface shape and stylish metal legs. It's easy to appreciate the industrial flair this boardroom table has to offer. Available in 10 laminate colors and a choice of 2 leg finishes, the GEL10WSTM can be customized to meet the decor needs of any office.

Contemporary Racetrack Conference Table

Second on the list is this GRT8WLTM model. As another solution featuring an undeniable modern style, this contemporary racetrack conference table features a durable laminate construction and is sure to garner your office with a host of positive compliments. Available in 9 additional sizes, no matter your room dimensions this table is a viable option for your needs. Priced starting at $525.99, you just can't beat the value.

Small Rectangular Conference Table

Continuing the list of popular conference room tables by Global Total Office we arrive at the GR6LTM. This small rectangular conference table is ideal for meeting areas with square footage limitations. However, the GR6LTM can also be manufactured up to 24'. Now that's versatility! The simplistic metal legs enhance the contemporary look without taking up valuable leg room. As with all modern office tables by Global, the GR6LTM is available in a huge selection of surface and leg finishes and also includes free shipping.

Dufferin Conference Table

The fourth table on our list is a real winner. For businesses looking to impress a large number of visitors with luxury office furniture, this is the table for you. The wood veneer Dufferin Conference Table is available in 13 gorgeous finishes. At 8' long, this stunning table is the perfect size for most any conference area. The rectangular surface shape, two tone base, and wide frame make this table a real conversation piece. In addition, matching Dufferin series modern executive furniture is also available to further enhance your office and provide a cohesive look that shouts elegance.

Flip Top Bungee Table Set

Last but certainly not least is the BXK132S. This Bungee Table Set features a flip top design and is fully mobile. As far as boardroom tables go, no trend is hotter than modular conference tables as they save space and provide priceless versatility. Sets like the BXK132S are designed for multi use meeting areas and learning environments. This table set transforms to a variety of configurations designed for the needs of any particular meeting. Essentially, this set is composed of multiple mobile training room tables that connect together for support. Available in 3 overall sizes, this Bungee collection starts at $1569.99. Definitely give this entire collection a thorough look before purchasing any new conference room furniture for your business!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Discount Waiting Room Furniture Sets for Your Business

The welcoming area of any business is where visitors form their first impressions. For this reason, your reception, lounge, or waiting room should be designed to impress. This important office environment should provide a professional appearance while offering comfort and welcoming appeal to guests. Today's post covers several top waiting room furniture collections that will have your space looking fantastic in no time. Enjoy!


Braden Lounge Furniture Set by Global Total Office

The Modern look is always a popular choice for waiting room environments. Typically, modern furniture is associated with the word expensive. The good news is that it doesn't have to be! With the Braden Lounge furniture set by Global Total Office, your waiting room will be transformed into a contemporary area to be proud of. This gorgeous set includes 3 armless modular lounge chairs, a lounge chair with arms, and a versatile center table with laminate surface. Priced at $1036.99, this set is truly an excellent value. The Braden furniture collection is available in a huge selection of upholstery and laminate options to meet the decor needs of any space.


Diplomat Lounge Furniture Set

The Diplomat collection by Flash Furniture features a more traditional style works well in a variety of office and even home applications. This line of leather lounge furniture sets features a choice of black or brown upholstery options and includes free shipping. Priced at $1138.99, this 3 piece set is an excellent bargain. Matching glass reception tables are also available to further accent your waiting room space.


Citi Lounge Furniture Set

When it comes to modern waiting room furniture, Global Total Office is always a brand to trust. Their extensive selection of quality products is the exact reason we chose to highlight a second set by this industry leading manufacturer. The Citi lounge furniture collection boasts the perfect combination of traditional quality and modern style. This black leather seating set is perfect for spaces with contemporary style. A raised leg design and double stitched seams add to the all around good looks. The Citi set includes one modern lounge chair and one sofa. Looking for a larger configuration? This versatile set allows shoppers to increase the sofa size or add additional products quickly and withing budget!

Santa Cruz

Leather Lounge Furniture Set

One of the hottest new Mayline business furniture collections is definitely the Santa Cruz! This beautiful Almond leather lounge furniture set includes a chair, settee, and sofa for your guests. Priced at $2168.99, this package is worth every penny. The thick padded cushions provide support and comfort. Looking to add on to the set? The Santa Cruz lounge chair is a great place to start and is quite affordable. Needless to say, if you opt for the Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture Set your guests will want to stay forever! As a full service dealer, Mayline also manufacturers a wide variety of complimentary modern reception desks and accent furniture to help further enhance your corporate image.

Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Contemporary Mesh Back Office Chairs Under $150

Far and away the most popular form of office chair are those with mesh backs. Without thousands of mesh chair styles available on the market today, it's hard to know which chairs are the best value. This article highlights 5 top mesh back office chairs priced under $150. These great values will work perfect for the home and business without breaking your budget.

Chair 1: B6286 by Boss
Price: $149.99
Contemporary Mesh Back Office Chair

Boss is a reputable seating manufacturer that prices themselves on quality products at an affordable price. Their wide selection of mesh chairs is just what the doctor ordered for this article! New Boss office chairs like the B6286 model are an excellent example of craftsmanship and modern ergonomics at work. Priced at $149.99, this modern mesh back computer chair features a light mesh that keeps you working comfortably without overheating. The pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable tilt tension control, and 25" high crown base are just a few of the standard attributes of this cool chair.

Chair 2: 11750B by Offices To Go
Price: $130.99

Offices To Go Mesh Back Chair

The deals just keep getting better! This comfortable mesh back office chair by Offices To Go is a real winner. As with all Offices To Go seating, the 11750B is an excellent value. Offices To Go chairs like this one feature a breathable back, upholstered armrests, and scuff resistant arched molded base with twin wheel carpet casters. Considering the everyday low price of $130.99, it's easy to appreciate the value this popular chair has to offer. As an added bonus, this model is typically in stock and available for quick shipment.

Chair 3: MT3000 Maze Chair by Eurotech Seating
Price: $111.99

Discount Mesh Back Office Chair

When it comes to modern ergonomic office chairs, perhaps no brand does it better than Eurotech Seating. This industry leader provides a host of popular office chairs for every budget and workplace environment. From luxury executive chairs to value priced student seating, Eurotech does it all. The MT3000 chair has offers the three main features essential to any top selling chair. This discount modern office chair is of course affordable, comfortable, and ships quick! Priced at $111.99, you will be hard pressed to find a better all around chair for the money.

Chair 4: 11647B Chair by Offices To Go
Price: $147.99

Mesh Back Task Chair

Another fantastic seating solution by Offices To Go, the 11647B ergonomic mesh chair was too good to leave off our list. The 11647B offers height adjustable arms, height adjustment capabilities, and much more for the everyday low price of $147.99. A Scuff resistant arched molded base with twin wheel carpet casters is standard on 11647B model mesh back computer chairs. Typically in stock, this chair is a great buy for those in need of seating in a hurry. Don't forget to inquire about bulk discount opportunities for added savings!

Chair 5: BT-905-GG Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture
Price: $113.99

Modern Mesh Back Executive Chair

Style is never at a shortage when it comes to Flash Furniture office chairs for the home or business. This trendy high back mesh executive chair features modern characteristics that make it a real winner in any office. With a budget friendly price of $113.99, the BT-905-GG model chair is too hard to pass up. Standard features like a chrome base, polyurethane capped metal arms, tension control knob and leather accents add to the value of these value priced office chairs. This in stock model is also available with fast free shipping.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Industry Leading Office Chairs by Eurotech Seating

Eurotech Seating by Raynor Group

When it comes to modern office seating, perhaps no brand offers a more extensive selection of quality solutions than Eurotech Seating. At the forefront of most chair trends, this respected brand prides themselves on quality and value. This article highlights several of Eurotech's latest creations as well as some old favorites that should be considered by anyone in the market for new office chairs.


Ergohuman Chair

As one of the top 10 best selling office chairs on the market, the Ergohuman chair deserves the top spot in today's post. This high end mesh office chair offers a slew of quality ergonomic attributes sure to enhance your workplace efficiency. With 6 popular styles to choose from, this chair has been a huge hit since it's inception. In addition to the mesh variations, leather Ergohuman chair options are also available for executive seating applications. As one of the most comfortable and user friendly chairs available, the Ergohuman is in high demand. As a shopping tip, calling your dealer of choice directly can save you a bundle! Overall, this chair is a huge success and an excellent investment for office.

Wau Chair

The name says it all! The Eurotech Wau chair features jaw dropping modern style at an incredibly affordable price. Available in two color options, this chair was designed for the needs of the ergo loving contemporary crowd. The high back wau chair boasts a matching mesh headrest for added comfort and modern appeal. The Mid back Wau chair offers a slightly lower price and works excellent in both home and business environments. At no additional charge a fully upholstered Wau chair model is available for those looking to step away from the mesh look. As for ergonomics, this chair offers features like knee tilt, tilt lock, back angle adjustment, seat height adjustment, and adjustable arms. Needless to say, this chair is wow worthy!


Europa Chair

European influenced style and and affordable price combine to form the super trendy Europa Chair by Eurotech Seating. This black or brown vinyl executive chair is driving the seating market. Starting at only $184.99, the mid back Europa chair is an absolute steal. Bulk discounts are also available for added savings. The high back Europa chair is perfect for executive office and conference room seating applications where style and comfort are of the highest importance. The chrome frame and user friendly features of this stylish new office chair are hard to top. Why pay for leather when you can have this easy to clean vinyl chair at a 3rd of the price!


Manchester Office Chair

New for 2013 is the Manchester Leather Office Chair. This well rounded chair offers a luxury look for the incredibly low price of $235.99. Needless to say, Eurotech Seating has really outdone themselves with this gem! The LE150 Manchester chair boasts a high back design with over sized molded foam cushions, leather padded armrests and much more. Ergonomic features include a waterfall seat with pneumatic height adjustment, knee tilt mechanism, tilt tension control and a steel substructure for enhanced functionality and strength. Eurotech said it best when describing this chair. It's definitely the epitome of style, comfort, and durability.

Nuvo Chair by Eurotech Seating

No article about Eurotech Office Chairs would be complete without highlighting the Nuvo Mesh chair. Available in 5 stock mesh colors, the Nuvo office chair can styled to meet the decor needs of any space. The NUV1 offers trend setting modern style that's easy to appreciate. This luxury mesh office chair is available for only $436.99 and includes free shipping from most reputable vendors. Nuvo series mesh back task chairs are at no shortage of ergonomic attributes. Standard features like synchro-tilt, back height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and seat height adjustment capabilities added to the functionality of this already near perfect office chair.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Top Rectangular Reception Desk Solutions for Businesses

Often, space limitations require businesses to think outside the box in order to gain the most out of their visitors area. With a rectangular reception station, interior designers and business owners alike are able to maximize work areas while still offering a stylish environment for guests. The rectangular reception stations highlighted in this article provide industry leading solutions for smaller spaces that won't break your budget and will surely keep your space looking fantastic.

Emerald Reception Desk

Cherryman Industries provides a large selection of modular casegoods furniture for the home and business. In addition to high end executive desking, this reputable brand manufacturers several of the top new reception furniture solutions on the market. Lines like Verde, Ruby, and Emerald series furniture are all worth considering. However, for the sake of today's article we will focus on the Emerald collection of reception desks as the traditional style and craftsmanship is simply unmatched. The NC-122 Emerald Reception Desk is available in two in stock finishes. This wood veneer station measures 72"W and boasts ample desking surface. Additionally, the NC-122 is from an extensive collection of matching desks, tables, and furniture to accent your space. This units appeal and affordable price make it a real winner for traditionally style spaces.

Small Reception Desk

When it comes to affordable furnishings, Offices To Go is a name worth remembering! This well known discount office seating brand has ventured into the world of professional office desks and reception products sure to impress without stressing your budget. Units like the VF7230RDS provide a simple and easy to spec approach to the needs of any visitors area. This small rectangular reception desk provides consumers with the ability to choose their own storage options and finish. Priced at $750.99, this station is truly an excellent value. Another excellent feature of this station is the modularity. The VF7230RDS accommodates the needs of any growing business by allowing for the addition of matching left or right return, thus turning this already versatile station into a larger L-Shaped reception station for added functionality.

Luminary Series Reception Desk by Mayline

A favorite amongst industry professionals and interior designers alike, Mayline reception desks are affordable, stylish, and ready for the needs of your business. With 10 top casegoods furniture collections to choose from, it was impossible to add only one product from Mayline. That being said, the first rectangular Mayline reception station up is the RS7278D. This stylish piece of Luminary series office furniture is available in 2 standard finishes that are typically in stock. This is always a great feature for those in need of furniture in a hurry! The RS7278D offers a welcoming feel that makes for an at home work environment. The simple style and contemporary touches form the perfect combination of good looks and value.

Stella Double Pedestal Reception Station

The second Mayline station of note is the SKRSBB. This double pedestal reception desk offers ample storage and a modular design. The SKRSBB features a gorgeous toffee finish that's sure to earn your space a multitude of positive compliments. The mobile storage pedestals move easily to meet your needs or lock into place with durable casters. At 72" wide this line of discount wood reception desks provides ample worksurface and modern style that's hard to top. Needless to say, Stella furniture is a winner!

Marque Reception Station by OFM

Perhaps no line of modern reception furniture has been a bigger hit than the Marque series by OFM, Inc. This line of curved rectangular solutions offers the much desired modern look at industry low prices. Units like the 55310 Marque reception station offer slight curve without deviating too far from the space saving rectangular style. The 55310 is stocked in 3 popular finishes and boasts tool free assembly. The thermofused melamine finished self edge, silver frame, and wire management cutouts are just a few of the attributes these stations have to offer. Marque single reception desk solutions can also extend to up to 5 units for the needs of any growing business! As expected with all OFM reception desks, the Marque collection offers superb affordability and style for any sized space.

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Small Conference Tables for Sale at Discount Prices

Space is at a premium. This is especially true when it comes to office space! That being said, when attempting to meet the furniture needs of your meeting area, square footage is always a factor. The good news, is that several small conference room tables are available to meet your individual decor needs and space limitations of any boardroom, conference room, or gathering place.

Small Square Meeting Table

Global Total Office is a brand you can rely on. Their selection of quality office furniture includes a variety of small office tables sure to earn you and your space a multitude of positive compliments. Tables like the GC36SF are a perfect example of modern style and craftsmanship at an affordable price point. This small square meeting table boasts attractive metal legs and a choice of 10 surface finishes. Priced at $287.99, this little conference table is a real winner!

Small Rectangular Conference Table

Sticking with the Global brand, another top solution for the those with smaller conference rooms is the GCT5RX table. This small rectangular conference table is also available in 14 surface finish options and features a simplistic modern appeal that's worth a thousand words. The GCT5RX measures 5' in length, perfect for two users per side, plus one on each end. Too small you say? This versatile collection offers tables well over 12' for the needs of any growing business. Now that's versatility!

Small Rectangular Conference Table

Modern conference room products are never at a shortage with OFM, Inc. With products like this modern mesh base conference table your boardroom will always be the talk of the office. The T3672MB table is 6' in length and keeps with today's small table theme to a T. Speaking of T, this tables T shaped legs are a hot feature that captures the attention of most any visitor. Available in 3 colors, this metal based table offers durability and style that's sure to last a lifetime. The T3672MB comfortably fits 6 individuals and the rectangular design allows for added elbow room. Price at $560.99, this modern piece of OFM business furniture is a real winner.

Small Round Conference Table

Mayline products have long set the industry standard for most any space. Their wide range of professional office furniture solutions is a favorite amongst industry professionals, consumers, and interior design teams throughout the country. Will a plethora of top casegoods furniture collections to choose from, shoppers are never at a loss of selection and quality. Units like the Brighton Series BTCTR48 are the perfect of combination of style and affordability. This small 48" round conference table is offered in two stocked colors. An excellent trait for those in need of furniture quickly. Priced with free shipping at $170.99 it's easy to see the value in these small office tables for your office.

Small Conference Table On Wheels

Last but certainly not least the S1748Q4 table by Lesro. The importance of furniture functionality in the workplace cannot be understated. This small mobile conference table provides just that. The S1748Q4 is from a popular new line of Lesro Industries furniture called the Mystic Series. This modern meeting table is offered in 6 surface colors and two leg finishes to meet the decor needs of any space. The contemporary look of Mystic series furniture is a value by itself, but the mobility of these awesome tables is priceless. Imagine a line of discount conference tables that can be reconfigured in seconds. Tables of this nature make for easy to clean spaces and overall cool office furniture that won't break your budget.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Best Modern Furniture Lines for Home Office Use

For those who work from home or just want a stylish home office, a variety of new products are available to meet your needs. More and more popular business furniture collections make the transition into home environments to provide a modern look and industrial style. With the top home furniture collections in this article,  you will be able to create a stylish and effective workspace to be proud of.

Jade Office Furniture by Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Industries produces a wide variety of traditionally styled casegoods as well as modern office desking configurations to meet the needs of any home office. This stocking manufacturer is able to offer products quickly for those in need of furniture in a hurry. Lines like the Jade office furniture collection boast the perfect combination of traditional luxury and modern style. This combo makes for a perfect home office collection. Jade office desk solutions are available in both cherry and mahogany finishes.

Amber Office Furniture by Cherryman Industries

Sticking with the Cherryman Industries brand, another fantastic home office collection sure to make waves in 2013 is the Amber line. This collection of discount modular workstations is available in 4 fantastic finishes including the new black cherry option which is incredibly popular. Amber series casegoods furniture features frosted glass accented hutch doors for an enhanced modern look. The simple yet elegant lines form together to provide a well rounded contemporary look that's great for upscale home environments. This affordable furniture series boasts a wide range of solutions for offices of any size.

Zira Office Furniture by Global Total Office

The third collection of modern office furniture perfect for home use in 2013 is the Zira collection. Since it's inception this line of Global Total Office Furniture has been a huge hit. Typically used in modular business settings, the Zira desking collection will also work well in home environments. The huge selection of components make this line a perfect fit in any size space. The commercial look is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. That being said Zira is definitely worth a look for those in search of an industrially styled home office. We often see the same styles incorporated with modern kitchens. Home owners are looking for more professional and commercial grade products. This totally customizable approach to home office furniture offers excellent versatility, style, and value.

Aberdeen Furniture by Mayline

The fourth collection was an easy choice. This industry favorite furniture line has been a long time hit and always impresses. The Mayline Aberdeen furniture line offers a seemingly limitless array of modular executive desks and typicals sure to earn you a plethora of positive compliments. Units like the AT35 Aberdeen Typical offer extensive storage, modern style, and a choice of 3 laminate finishes. This stocked furniture line is typically available for immediate shipment and is also available with a wide range of matching products to enhance your space. Thinking of moving your office out of the home? Going with a line like Aberdeen allows you to easily add products like boat shaped conference tables and even furniture for larger spaces like discount reception desks. In the long run, this already affordable furnishing line pays for itself with good looks, quality, and overall value.

Mayline e5 Series Office Furniture
Last but not least, the industries hottest new office furniture collection. The Mayline e5 office furniture line offers an easy to spec solution with an abundance of modern style. It's easy to picture e5 office desk solutions in contemporary loft environments in the big city. This commercial friendly line should not be overlooked by high end interior designers as well. The e5 desk collection is incredibly affordable and consumer friendly. A wide range of pre-configured and ready to ship typicals are stocked by Mayline and available in 6 popular finishes. Units like the EZP01 e5 Typical offer ample storage, metal modesty accents, and glass hutch doors. What more can you ask for from a modern home office furniture collection? This line is a winner!

Monday, February 4, 2013

February's Top Office Chairs On Sale

Welcome to February! To kick this month off right, how about a few of the top office seating solutions for your home and business needs? These industry leading modern office chairs are from several of the absolute best and most respected manufacturers available. Enjoy!

White Mesh Back Office chair

First up, this white mesh back office chair by Boss. When it comes to affordable modern chairs, Boss really knows their stuff. With a host of discount office chairs available, it was hard to pick just one for this article. That being said, the B6406 made the cut as it's contemporary style and $143.99 price tag were just too hard to leave out. The silver loop arms, adjustable tension control, and hooded double wheel casters are just a few of the top features the B6406 chair has to offer. If you like Boss office chairs, you'll love this popular model in February!

Modern Mesh Back ChairChair two is yet another popular model from Offices To Go. This leading seating manufacturer continuosly offers top seating styles that won't break your budget. Keeping with the mesh back office chairs theme, the 11691B chair had to be included. Priced at $330.99 this model is on the higher end of the Offices To Go price spectrum. However, it's at no shortage of ergonomic attributes. The height adjustable arms, durable titanium finish, twin wheel carpet casters, and adjustable lumbar support make this stylish chair  a real winner in both home and business applications.

Mayline Ultimo Chair
Third on the list of February's top office chairs is this burgundy leather executive chair from the Mayline Ultimo collection. As with all Mayline office chairs, the UL350H is extremely comfortable. This stylish model is typically in stock, a great feature for those looking for modern office chairs in a flash! The UL350H is also available in black leather and features a unique contemporary style that's sure to garner a host of compliments in any office it accompanies. Ergonomic features include a thickly padded seat and back, padded leather loop armrests, deluxe knee tilt control, and built in lumbar support.

graham office chair
Sometimes keeping it simple when it comes to office chairs is the right choice. For a seating manufacturer who prides themselves on cutting edge solutions, it's nice to see them remember the basics. The Global Total Office 3144 Graham computer chair is a perfect example of quality craftsmanship and professional style. This simple to operate office chair offers a pleasing look and host of ergonomic features all in one package. This affordable seating solution is available in a huge selection of upholstery options and works well in home, school, and office environments where comfort is the top priority.

Orange Executive Chair
Last but not least, the OFM, Inc. 654 model Vision executive chair. As with most OFM office chairs, the 654 features a desirable modern style that's perfect for high tech work environments. At first glance, this orange office chair really pops! The 654 chair is also available in a wide variety of additional colors from black to yellow. The full range of adjustment abilities offered by the 654 include a gas lift seat, seat slider, and ratchet back. These modern executive chairs really stand out and the $285.99 price is just an awesome bonus!


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