Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mesh Office Chairs vs. Leather Office Chairs

Luxury Leather Office ChairsMesh office chairs and leather office chairs are by far the most popular and top selling seating solutions on the market today. These two industry leading chair styles offer a variety of features and benefits for users in any office environment. This article compares these chair styles thoroughly to assist you in your search for the perfect office chair. Enjoy!

Round 1: Comfort

Mesh Office ChairsFar and away the most important factor of any chair is comfort. Both leather and mesh chair styles offer a variety of attributes that greatly contribute to this vital aspect. First, lets cover the comfort friendly features of mesh chairs.

Mesh chairs were originally designed as a modern remedy to office seating needs. This style of chair is composed of a breathable mesh back that keeps users cool while working. Chairs with mesh backs offer excellent back support as they boast firm construction and allow for a variety of interesting chair shapes. With hundreds of versatile styles available, a mesh chair is undoubtedly on the market to meet your individual needs. High end mesh seating solutions are often able to support up to 500 lbs. and offer spine mimicking features sure to provide optimal comfort.

It's no secret that quality leather is always a great way to showcase comfort and class. When it comes to leather chairs the same is true. Chairs featuring leather upholstery often offer excellent amounts of padding, and in some cases memory foam. A quality leather will keep you snug and cozy while working. The feel of a high end leather is definitely noteworthy. This is a major reason why high end executives choose this form of seating for their office needs. One downside of leather is that it changes with the temperature of a room. During the summer months a leather chair can actually make you hot while working. In winter, the days first sit can often be chilly. Depending on the leather grade used for your chair, these may be factors worth looking into.

Ergonomics is defined as the study of efficiency in working environments. For that reason, it's important to notate that both of these chair styles offer excellent user friendly features sure to improve your comfort and day to day productivity. When it comes to the mechanical aspects underneath your chair the bout is a tie. All chairs come standard with factory features chosen for the particular model by designers and industry professionals. Many mesh and leather chairs feature the exact same mechanisms and in that way they are about equal. The real difference comes when discussing the back. As previously mentioned, some high end leather solutions are standard with memory foam. This makes a huge difference for those spending long hours at the desk. However, the slight edge has to go to mesh in this regard. The variety of shapes, styles, and benefits out way those of leather. In the long run, the winner of this round is mesh chairs by minimal margin.

Round 2: Price

Leather Executive ChairsOne important buying factor of any product is price. It's important to stick to a budget when purchasing chairs of any kind for yourself or your business. Depending on the chair you choose and price range dictated for your purchase, this round can go either way. Discount office chairs with mesh backs can start as low as $50 while luxury office chairs can run in the thousands. The same is true when it comes to leather seating. Price is fully determined by the grade of material used, brand, and features included. Overall, this round is a tie as it's purely dictated by budget and the features necessary for your business to work effectively.

Round 3: Longevity

Ergonomic Mesh ChairsChair life is an important factor that deserves serious attention when shopping. For comparison sake, let's say we are comparing two chairs of equal price. In terms of ergonomics, we've discussed that many chairs can be outfitted with the same mechanical features and for this reason their isn't much of a dispute. However, any consumer should spend the necessary time to review materials being used on chairs of interest. Believe it or not, several competitive seating manufacturers use leathers and mesh materials from the same textile and upholstery brands. While mesh is extremely durable, leather is definitely given the edge in round 3. In terms of longevity a mesh material will more than likely ware and stretch before a leather gives way. Exceptions can be made for both materials, but in most cases and comparisons, leather takes the round.

After three hard fought rounds the overall decision is a tie. Unfortunately too many factors contribute to the overall comfort, value, and longevity to determine an overall winner. When investing in modern executive chairs or home seating of any kind it's important to take into consideration the needs of yourself and staff first. Both mesh office chairs and leather office chairs are an important investment for any business. Meeting with professionals can be a huge help in the shopping process. Setting a budget and taking the time to understand valuable ergonomic features will help you to make an educated shopping decision that works well for years to come. Notable mesh and leather chair brands include Mayline Office Chairs, Herman Miller, HON, Eurotech, and several others. No matter your preference, doing your homework on each manufacturer will yield excellent savings and benefits for your business.

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