Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Modern Reception Furniture Trends to Watch in 2013

Modern style is always a hot topic amongst interior designers and consumers alike, and staying up to date is essential! That being said, the arrival of 2013 has brought to light several hot new reception furniture trends that businesses should be aware of. This article highlights these top trends to keep you informed before starting your next office makeover project!

Trend 1: Build Up Not Out

Aberdeen Reception Furniture

With space being at a premium, interior designers and office furniture professionals are regularly suggesting solutions for maximizing square footage. One of these tips is to build up instead of out. All to often wall space goes wasted that could be used for storage and accent furniture. This modern idea includes the use of overhead storage cabinets and hutches as opposed to low wall cabinetry which reduces the overall usable footprint of a waiting area. The good news is that this trend is just catching on. This means that most of the wall mounting products like presentation boards all feature a contemporary style that will keep your area at the forefront of the modern office furniture movement.

Trend 2: Beam Seating
Modern Beam Seating Configuration
Perhaps no form of modern office seating is more popular than this trending style. Utilizing reception beam seating is an excellent way to save space and money while showcasing industry leading style. Top solutions include those from the OFM, Inc. NET series as well as the Sonic Beam Chair by Global Total Office. No matter your choice, Beam seating configurations are always an excellent way to earn your space a host of compliments. Some top models even offer the ability to add small office tables for added versatility.

Trend 3: Curved Reception Desks

Large Curved Reception Desk

It seems that businesses just can't get enough of curved reception desks for their waiting rooms and lounge areas. This modern form of reception station is selling like hot cakes. Top styles like the Marque Reception Station by OFM are an excellent example of this hot new trend. Desks like this offer an all encompassing and welcoming feel to any visitor area. The curved design showcases modern style and well rounded appeal. A curved reception desk increases the amount of usable worksurface while at the same time maximizes office square footage. Units are available for individual or multi user applications.

Trend 4: Glass Reception Tables

Glass Coffee Table

It seems that the use of glass furniture in the workplace will be a huge hit this year. And when it comes to the reception area, several new products are available. New modern glass reception tables from collections like the Profile Series by OFM are always an excellent choice. Additionally, the Dawson Series Coffee Table by Global Total Office is an excellent way to pull in the use of wood while still maintaining a contemporary feel. Glass offers a neutral tone that will match any seating upholstery or wood finish. The versatility of glass coffee tables and end tables is a main reason for this always popular trend.

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