Monday, December 30, 2013

Brand Showcase: Popular Lounge Furniture Collections by Lesro

If you're searching for great lounge furniture for a reception area, lobby, or waiting room, have we got the brand for you. Lesro is one of the leading brands in quality reception furniture for office guest use, and they have certainly made a name for themselves in terms of affordability. This brand offers many incredible guest furniture collections, all in different styles, shapes, and colors to best meet any customer's needs. 2013 was a great year for Lesro as reception area makeover projects are at an all-time high. Here are just a few of their most popular guest furniture collections to inspire you!

Mystic Series

Lesro Mystic Collection Furniture

Mystic indeed. This series is one of the hottest new lounge furniture collections on the market today. The furniture in the popular Mystic Series by Lesro features amazing style highlighted by solid modern colors and fabulous contemporary wood and metal accents. Of course, the color choices can be left up to the consumer to choose, and boy do they have choices! Lesro makes sure their furniture can match all sorts of interiors by offering tons of color combinations in nearly all of their collections, and the Mystic is no exception. Fabrics can range from electric blue to orchid, chamois, cabana, and even sunburst red, but the real reason for the Mystic's popularity is the amazing design. All furniture in the Mystic collection boasts a perfect blend geometric flatness and subtle curves. Furniture like the S2811G7 Guest Chair and Table by Lesro is perfect for use in visitor areas because it features a table and two chairs in one cool design. If you're looking for the ultimate in modern style, the Mystic collection will certainly leave your guests in wonder!

Siena Series

Siena Series Lounge Furniture by Lesro

For cushy comfort, look no further than the Siena Series by Lesro. One glance at the furniture in this collection, and you'll understand easily why this collection has continuously been so popular. Chairs and loveseats like the Q1501G3 Siena Loveseat by Lesro feature graceful curves that perfectly compliment any reception area, living room, or lobby for an affordable price. As always, this collection offers Lesro's fantastic array of convenient color options. Chairs are often available with or without arms as desired by the consumer, and tables are the perfect concoction of beautiful glass and brushed steel for modernity. Together, these tables and chairs bring just the right blend of comfort and style to any lounge area. If you want your guests to know your business cares about their thoughts and experience with your company, there's no better way to show them than with the stunning Siena Series furniture by Lesro.

Ravenna Series

Lesro Ravenna Series Guest Furniture

The Ravenna Series by Lesro is the perfect fusion comfort and futuristic expression. Lesro created the Ravenna Series to meet the needs of any modern office lounge area. Ravenna features some of the best lounge chairs with modern design on the market today. Many of the chairs in this collection like the Q1631C8 Ravenna Guest Chair by Lesro feature wheels for easy mobility and tablet tables for laptops, beverages, or refreshments. Because much of the furniture in this collection features built in tables, the Ravenna Series does not offer coffee or end tables. However, depending on the colors chosen by the customer, tables from other Lesro collections, such as the Mystic, Siena, or Belmont Series, could compliment Ravenna furniture nicely. Of course, being from Lesro, all Ravenna furniture is fabulous in reception areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms alike. Available in numerous color options and wood finishes, guests are sure to appreciate both the comfort and the style of these gorgeous lounge furniture solutions.

Somerset Series

Somerset Collection Furniture by Lesro

The Somerset collection by Lesro is ideal for waiting rooms. This furniture goes wonderfully in hospitals, libraries, and other office lounge areas as well. The Somerset Series features loveseats, sofas, and chairs with matching tables also available. All the seating solutions feature drop arm designs for a sophisticated appeal that perfectly compliments any establishment that cares about its guests. Somerset tables are available as corner tables, end tables, and coffee tables for increased versatility and stylistic design. Guests love them for their convenience, and buyers love them for the opportunity to offer pamphlets and other information about their business. The best part about this collection is that all the furniture is incredibly affordable in comparison to other stylish lounge furniture sets for sale from other brands. Anyone looking for comfort at an affordable price would be hard pressed to find anything better than the Somerset series by Lesro.

Brewster Series

Lesro Brewster Guest Furniture

Finally, we leave you with the collection that's sure to turn a few heads. The Brewster collection features all the eye-popping color choices Lesro is known for and combines them with the stylish design of Brewster furniture. This series offers loveseats, bariatric chairs, and single chairs as well. All the seats boast sophisticated drop arm designs that are sure to impress. In addition, this collection, like the Somerset collection, also features some of the coolest modern tables for reception use around. Matching Brewster corner tables, end tables, and coffee tables go superbly with the chairs in this collection and are super convenient for anyone that doesn't want to waste time trying to make sure all their furniture matches. All in all, this series, like all other great modern furniture collections by Lesro, makes a great addition to any office lounge area or waiting room, particularly for hospitals, hotels, and other high end office environments.

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