Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Resolutions to Improve Your Office Life

If 2013 left you unsatisfied with your life at the office, it's time to change things up! New Year's day is the time for new beginnings. Even if most people have already thought up most of their New Year's resolutions, it's not too late to add a few new ones. Here's a few great ideas that, if done diligently, will certainly improve life in the workplace, and with a bit of time, the rest of your life too!

Get Healthy

Healthy Work Lunch

Yeah, we know. Health seems to be the "it" thing on all the New Year's blogs, but in this case, there are tons of bonafide benefits to staying healthy that drastically improve your work life. Eating healthy lunches may be a pain at first, but they definitely make you feel better later. Going for a walk between break times boosts your energy. Other physical activities such as "deskercizing" may be done at office desks (there are even educational videos about this on  Short term physical activities rely on the science of microbursts - little bursts of activity that can boost your energy levels for longer periods of time.  Even if you just stay healthy to improve your work life, the benefits can also spill over into other aspects of your life. Working to improve health is scientifically shown to improve mood and overall outlook on life. It's the new year! Don't be afraid to make marathons your goal, and if you'd rather not, a walk in the park with the dog is just as good. It's never too late to make up on old resolutions by stopping to smell the roses!

Sleep Right

Sleep Right

People don't realize that sleep is a hugely important part of life. If you find yourself tired, stressed, or anxious, it's likely because you aren't getting enough sleep. Sleep exists for recharging. It plays critical roles in memory formulation, digestion, coordination, cardio health, disease prevention, and of course, mood. Even if your life is chaotic, sleep is definitely not the thing to cut. If you find yourself falling asleep in comfortable chairs for office lounge use, learning to form a sleeping pattern is probably the most important new year's resolution you can make this year. The body adores routine. If it knows what's coming up and when to take certain actions, it will reward you by feeling better. Starting this year, force yourself to go to sleep and wake up at set times (yes, even on weekends). Make sure you get the required amount of sleep for you to function well during these times as well. Here's the clincher, don't hit the snooze button! If your snooze time is too long, you may actually be falling into a deeper sleep cycle, so that when you wake up, your body is even more exhausted than before. ASAP Science on has a great video about this called "Should You Use the Snooze Button?" We know it's hard, but doing these things will undoubtedly improve your mood and your overall health at work and in life.

Make the Most of Weekends

Weekend Kayaker

Contrary to popular belief, weekends exist for resting. Nobody is designed to work all day every day no matter what your boss is trying to convince you and your coworkers. Instead of "playing through the pain" so to speak, take a breather and enjoy the weekends you're given. These days are there for you, so make them count. Go out with the kids, shop, see a movie, head to a concert, read a book - do whatever you love. If you allow yourself some self-fulfillment on the weekends, chances are you won't feel so unaccomplished when monday rolls around. Heading back to the executive desks with contemporary design won't feel so dull if you're still on a high from your beach trip last saturday. At work, your mood will improve and you'll probably even get more done. Instead of doing laundry, make plans every weekend so you never regret them. It's a simple new year's resolution that's easy to keep and totally worth the effort!

Go Ergonomic

6670-2 Global Arti Ergonomic Office Chair

If you're looking for a way to improve the comfort and efficiency of your workplace exponentially, there's no better way to do it than with ergonomics! We know what you're thinking, and don't worry, ergonomic chairs are not going to break your budget. In fact, most modern ergonomic office chairs for sale are perfectly affordable, and the benefits are unmatched! Ergonomic chairs like the 6670-2 Arti Chair by Global are all designed to relieve back pain, but they are also highly versatile and adjustable. Depending on their designs, chairs and other ergonomic products can improve circulation, joint pain, and stiff muscles with things like waterfall seats, retractable keyboard trays, and massage features. If you're looking to save on some green, why not go green by purchasing eco friendly ergonomic office chairs for your workplace? Ergonomic furniture can fit just about anywhere, and its great for the body, mind, and the workplace.  If you haven't made the leap to ergonomics yet, it's high time for a change up. The new year will see tons of great ergonomic products that you don't want to miss out on.

Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New


First and foremost, New Year's is the time for new beginnings, but it can also be the time for new endings. Change is a good thing. Having the courage to cut crummy friends loose or get rid of old bad habits can make room for new and wonderful things in your life. If you're unhappy with your job and you've known it for a long time, don't be afraid to make the change. Life is a thing that shouldn't be squandered. Don't live it out in a place you take no joy in. There will always be valleys for every hill, but a life where you see more hills than valleys is a life well lived. Looking for a new job is tough, and it definitely takes bravery, but it's doesn't always have to be one huge step. If you have a talent you think you could make money on, keep your job and start a small side business with that talent. You may find yourself with a billion dollar idea that makes you way more money than your old job did, and you'll likely be much happier. Even if you love your job, don't be afraid to make use of vacation days and knock a few things off your bucket list. Spending the day in cubicles with modular design may be your home away from home, but the walls definitely look much better when lined with pictures of the people and places you love. All it takes is the courage to click the camera!

 Happy New Year! 

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