Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product Review: Via Seating Swopper Chairs

Recently we had the privilege to review and test the Via Seating Special Edition Swopper Chair. To say the least we were extremely impressed. In fact, if we had to describe this incredible seating solution in one word it would be revolutionary!

 Even at first glance it's hard to miss the contemporary style details of the Swopper. The uniquely shaped seat shape and modern base are making this versatile work stool a style icon in the seating industry. From the moment we saw this product we were in love!

Several Swopper chair models are available including a mobile version that is fantastic for all day use. A dynamic polyurethane back support is available and adds even more benefits to both the style and comfort columns. However, our favorite version from Via Seating is the Special Edition. This unique Swopper chair is available in 5 cool color combinations that really stand out.

Here's some great info on the Special Edition Model:

The chair features multidimensional movement with German engineering and was developed by an osteopath for people with low-back pain. The 1-SWUS models are commonly utilized as both a task chair and ergonomic office stools. To say the least, it’s fun and comfortable!

Weight Capacity: 290 lbs.
Overall Unit Weight: 23 lbs.

Health Benefits:

Improves posture and stabilization of the spine
Provides relief for back pain
Strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and abdomen
Improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc
Improves circulation to the lower extremities
Assists lymphatic flow
Provides a fun, energized experience while seated


NeoCon - Most Innovative Product
NeoCon - Gold Award / Workstation Task Seating
ADEX - Platinum Winner

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