Monday, September 10, 2012

Modular Office Table Configurations 101

For most businesses, space is at a premium. That being said there is an ever increasing need to utilize rooms for more than one purpose. Conference and training room spaces are typically the most common of these areas. Commonly, multi purpose areas are accompanied by professional boardroom tables. However, a new and exciting space saving solution has recently been made available. Modular office table configurations have taken the business world by storm and in today's post we will educate you on the features and benefits of this revolutionary business furniture solution.

Modular office furniture has been around for years. The most common type of modular furniture is cubicle configurations that we are all too familiar with! Several top manufacturers offer a variety of executive desk and panel furniture solutions to meet these needs. Due to the popularity and versatility of these products, it made sense to produce other modular office products. Modular beam seating configurations started to hit the market along with office table configurations. They were an instant hit.

The value of a modular office table configuration can be summed up in one word. Versatility. Popular solutions like the Global Total Office Bungee table line combine the simplicity and ease of modern ergonomics with the quality and durability businesses require to be efficient. Utilizing modular capabilities, tables like these allow users to reconfigure a space in minutes.

In most cases tables are typically connected via ganging brackets underneath work surfaces to form modular conference tables. By simply disconnecting the brackets, both mobile and fixed leg tables can be setup to form a variety of effective learning environments and meeting room designs. Most top tables offer the ability to be nested and stored for added versatility. Rooms can be easily cleaned and additional tables can be added on to make larger configurations when necessary. Essentially, modular office tables are the convertible of the office furniture world!

Modular office tables are commonly purchased in sets for added value. Several sizes, shapes, and finishes are available to meet the needs of your office decor. The wow factor gained from these popular products is invaluable. Guests commonly remark about how inventive and incredible modular table configurations can be.

When used properly, modular office table configurations offer seemingly limitless capabilities. These revolutionary products offer the ability to transform any space, and for that reason are an extremely valuable asset to any business. Hopefully, we have shared with you the essentials and key features needed to make an educated decision on whether or not a modular office table configuration is the right choice for your business. Top lines like Bungee tables and Global ConnecTABLES are staff favorites an excellent place to start your search. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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