Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Impress Visitors with Contemporary Reception Seating

The use of contemporary furniture has grown throughout the home and workplace significantly throughout the past 5 years. This spark in growth is Perhaps noticeable in reception and lounge areas above all. In today's post we will share some of the top contemporary reception seating solutions available throughout the industry and provide insight as to why we feel this style of modern seating will impress your guest.

Lounge chairs are a common part of most all reception and waiting room spaces. In older workplaces these chairs typically go unnoticed. However, with some of the latest trends to hit the lounge seating industry, your lounge chairs can transform your space while making a professional statement. Utilizing contemporary lounge chairs from manufacturers like Flash Furniture, Mayline, and Global Total Office is always an excellent value and these industry leaders should definitely be considered by any business in need of a decor facelift. Take the white leather lounge chair pictured above. This unique seating solution is such a value at $249.99 that it's rapidly become one of the hottest design styles on the market.

In addition to contemporary lounge seating, sofas are a close second in terms of the most popular item to appear in lounge and waiting room areas. Commonly, lounge areas with sofas are designed to look homey and quaint. If this is the look you currently have and are striving to step into the modern age than your in the right place. Using value priced modern style reception sofas like the $908.99 Global Total Office Lux sofa above will allow you to blend the best of both worlds. Retro modern sofas like this one provide an excellent balance between contemporary and traditional styles. They pair well with most any wall art and room decor. Most importantly, they provide a professional appearance and leave a positive impression on guests.

Recliners are a luxury item that most guests crave but seldom get to experience when visiting a waiting room. Finding a quality recliner with modern style can also be a daunting task. However with manufacturers like Flash Furniture, quality and style are never an issue. Their line of high end contemporary recliners are top notch. From Italian influenced designs to affordable leather and metal variations, Flash has you covered. Kick back and watch the smiles on your visitors faces when they see your modern reception, lounge or waiting room area outfitted with a stylish reclining chair.

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