Thursday, February 1, 2018

7 Ways To Give Your Office A Fresh New Look In 2018

Is your office interior in need of a little love? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 7 great ideas that can be used to freshen up your workspace in 2018. From investing in a modern chair to purchasing stylish metal wall art, these design suggestions are definitely worth your consideration.

Modern Office Chair1.) Modern Chair

There's plenty of modern chairs on the market. You'll be at no shortage of options. That said, just because a chair looks cool, it doesn't mean it's comfortable. When selecting a modern office chair for everyday use, be sure to check for demo videos and online reviews before making your final decision. This year you can't go wrong with modern chairs from brands like Cherryman, iDesk, and Global. They're stylish without being impractical. Here's a few of our favs that won't let you down...

  1. Cherryman Eon Chair
  2. iDesk Oroblanco Chair
  3. Global Novello Chair
  4. Eurotech Ergohuman Chair
  5. Modway Pillow Chair
  6. Offices To Go 11325B Chair

Gray Desk2.) Gray Desk

Rest assured, gray is hottest finish option in the office furniture world. Gray woodgrain desks make for an upscale coastal vibe that's sure to earn your space an abundance of compliments. We recommend checking out the Medina and Sterling collections from Mayline. They both offer gray executive desks that you'll absolutely love!

Stylish Area Rug3.) Stylish Area Rug

You can't go wrong with a stylish area rug. Most office chairs are available with casters that are meant for carpet. This means you can add a unique area rug instead of a lackluster chair mat to freshen up your space. Cool area rugs can be purchased for less than $100.00 at any home store. A 5' x 7' is about the smallest you'll be able to get away with. Going bigger is definitely better if you can swing it!

Ergonomic Sit To Stand Desk Attachment4.) Ergonomic Accessories

The right combination of ergonomic products will keep you comfortable and productive while simultaneously improving office appeal. Attractive accessories like a monitor arm will give your interior a cutting edge look while encouraging healthy computing habits. Additionally, you might consider adding a sit to stand desktop convertor that reduces energy dips and improves posture. The Volante from Systematix is our favorite. It's available in white!

mid century desk lamp5.) Mid Century Lighting Fixture

A mid century modern lighting fixture will help refine your interior. If you're looking to keep your space up to date with the latest trends, a colorful mid century lamp is the way to go. Popular options can be found online for less than $100.00.

Office Succulent Arrangement6.) Succulents

Ditch the faux plants! This year, succulents are in. They can survive with limited light and require very little watering. A couple of succulent arrangements on your desk, accenting cabinets, and shelves will really make your space pop.

Metal Wall Art7.) Metal Wall Art

Last but not least, consider integrating any kind of metal wall art in 2018. You can order cool pieces online, or visit shops in your area. The flea market, local swap meet, and thrift store are known to have great finds. Metal wall art will give your office interior a modern-industrial look without breaking the bank.

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