Monday, February 5, 2018

5 New Ways To Modernize Your Boardroom In 2018

How is your boardroom looking these days? Better yet, how is it working for your and your employees? If your space is feeling a bit dated and in need of a little love, you're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 5 cool new ways to modernize your meeting area in 2018 to improve corporate appeal, versatility, and productivity.

1.) Perch Stools

Boardroom Sit To Stand Perching Stool

If you're tired of those old school executive style boardroom chairs, you're not alone. Thankfully, industry leading brands like OFM are ready to answer the call in 2018. This year, ergonomically correct perch stools are going to be modernizing boardrooms across the country. They reduce fatigue, encourage muscle movement, and don't cost a fortune.

2.) Standing Height Tables

Height Adjustable Boardroom Table

Modernizing your boardroom with a sit to stand table will reduce fatigue and encourage good posture throughout extended meetings. Brands like Safco are rocking the boardroom with the Confluence height adjustable boardroom tables from their Focal series. These hand crank tables raise and lower quickly. No electrical outlets are required to get these up and working in your boardroom.

3.) Power Modules

Universal Boardroom Power Module

It's a good idea to budget in a couple of universal power modules. With surface level USB and AC inputs you can quickly charge devices and host interactive presentations. Popular options like the FlexCharge9 from ESI are a must consider. At just $175.00 this operational tool is an absolute bargain buy that shouldn't be overlooking when remodeling your boardroom in 2018.

4.) Magnetic Boards

Magnetic White Board On Wheels

That folding whiteboard cabinet on your wall is in need of replacement. We know it has come in handy, but better options are now available to improve and modernize your boardroom. This year you can't go wrong investing in a mobile white board with a magnetic surface that can be used in multiple areas as needed. Magnetic white boards on wheels provide exceptional versatility that can be enjoyed in the boardroom, training room, and even on the work floor when good ideas are being bounced around.

5.) Flat Screens

Boardroom Flat Screen

Last but not least, nothing says "modern" like a big flat screen in the boardroom. Wether you're watching CNN during your lunch break or showcasing an engaging power point presentation, the boardroom flat screen is a must add in 2018. These days "smart TV's" are the way to go. They can be linked to laptops quickly via wifi and make it easy for presenters to do their thing! We recommend mounting your flat screen on the wall for a clean look, but you can also use the factory base and sit it on top of a conference room storage cabinet when it first arrives.

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