Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Optimizing The Office: Modern Desks, Mid Century Chairs, and More!

Today on Optimizing The Office we're highlighting trend setting furniture and seating solutions from brands like Global, Modway, and Mayline that will impress your valued guests while simultaneously boosting comfort and productivity. These innovative products are changing the way we work for the better. Prepare to be impressed!

Zira Open Concept Desking

The ultra cool modern office desks and interchangeable components from the Global Zira collection are incredibly versatile. They offer the modular benefits needed to create both single and multi user workstations that promote an open concept feel. This year, it's all about collaboration in the workplace. With Zira you an achieve top notch team interaction and then some. This best selling collection is absolutely perfect for any business looking to optimize their office!

Modway Impression DeskModway Impression Desk

Tired of the same old desk styles? Modway has you covered. Their all new Impression series fiberglass office desk is a sight for sore eyes. In cool color options like bright green, yellow, white, and orange, the EEI-2320 Impression series modern office desk from Modway is absolutely perfect for any executive looking to create a cutting edge interior. With its 76" contoured operating surface and integrated storage compartments, the Impression desk is surprisingly practical for everyday use.

Woodstock Joplin Ribbed Back ChairWoodstock Joplin Chair

The mid century modern office chair trend is in full swing. If you're looking to optimize your office interiors in 2017, chairs like the Joplin from Woodstock Marketing are definitely worth a look. This high back ribbed conference chair with a mid century modern vibe boasts the sleek design characteristics needed to maximize table space without sacrificing comfort.

OFM 5100 Desktop RiserOFM 5100 Desktop Riser

It's all about stand up operating in 2017. As workers begin to grasp the severity of extended sits and how they can cause major health problems, the need for sit to stand desktop risers like the 5100 model from OFM is at an all time high. This unit is one of many on the market today. That being said it's our personal favorite. It's professional grade, cost effective, and attaches easily to just about any operating surface in under 10 minutes.

Mayline TransAction Conference Table

Mayline TransAction Powered Conference Furniture
The high tech conference room furniture from the Mayline TransAction collection is a cut above the rest. With heavy duty metal bases and scratch resistant laminate operating surfaces, the tables from this line are really built to last. The best part is, TransAction tables are available with factory installed power modules that will help streamline your meeting activities. With USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and other advanced data ports your group presentations and strategizing sessions will be more effective than ever.

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