Thursday, April 20, 2017

Elevate Your Interiors With Mayline Sit To Stand Products

Mayline Sit To Stand Products
When it comes to office ergonomics, Mayline knows their stuff! This industry leader has made it their mission to promote healthy operating. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll be showcasing Mayline's top of the line sit to stand desks and tables that provide unrivaled versatility and appeal. Prepare to be impressed.

Sit To Stand Ergonomic DeskJust this year, Mayline has designed and released all new sit to stand bridges that work with the desks from their Medina and Sterling collections. These push button connecting returns make for incognito ergonomic desks that maximize appeal. Any designer will tell you, Sterling and Medina are amongst the most popular office furniture lines on the market in 2017. With these new height adjustable bridges, they're even more elite.

Sit To Stand Computer DeskThe sit to stand revolution has made its way to the home office. Mayline's 8432SO model is a must consider at just $288.99. This height adjustable computer desk offers infinite shelf adjusting capabilities between 14 and 48 inches. You don't even need tools to make changes! In addition, the 8432SO boasts a mobilized base that makes for easy repositioning as needed.

With the height adjustable sit to stand workstations from the Mayline VariTask collection you can turn your corner cubicle into an ergonomically correct environments. They make it quick and easy to switch between sitting and standing positions to reduce fatigue and improve blood flow.

Mayline TechWorks TablesThe tables from the Mayline TechWorks collection are perfect for schools and work shops. These height adjustable tables are easy to use and supremely effective. TechWorks tables like the 703 model are available in cool color options that won't break the bank.

Mayline ML TablesWe absolutely love the ergonomic Mayline tables from the ML collection. They make it easy to create single and multi user work environments that ensure peak performance levels. ML tables can also be enhanced with adjustable monitor arms that maximize desk space. They're amongst the most high end height adjustable solutions on the market in 2017.

Mayline RGE Sit To Stand TablesLast but certainly not least, allow us to present to you the elite sit to stand components from the Mayline RGE collection. Talk about versatility! RGE tables can be used to create open concept office interiors that promote collaboration and team interaction while simultaneously boosting ergonomic capabilities. RGE tables are available in a variety of sizes that can also be used effectively in professional training areas and classrooms. If you're looking to keep your employees moving, RGE has you covered. This line is truly in a league of its own. With a blend of modern appeal and supreme craftsmanship, they'll have your team ready to tackle the demands of the toughest work days.

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