Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Conference Room Corner: 6 Must Haves For YOUR Meeting Area

Today on conference room corner, we're highlighting the 6 essential elements of professional meeting areas. From a power ready conference table to handy add-ons like a lectern, we'll help you take your space to the next level. The design tips, product suggestions, and conference room makeover advice provided here will help your business improve collaboration and strategic planning while skyrocketing corporate appeal.

1.) Power Ready Table

High Tech Powered Conference Table

It's all about powered conference room tables in 2016. If you're debating on which table to choose for your space, we've got you covered. This year, you can't go wrong with powered tables from brands like Global Total Office and Mayline. The Global Zira table collection is our favorite. With input options like USB and HDMI, you can quickly streamline important meetings. In addition, budgeting shoppers will want to check out power ready conference tables from Mayline collections like Brighton, Aberdeen, and Medina. The tables from these lines provide exceptional value and power modules for just $235.00.

2.) Comfortable Seating

Woodstock Hendrix High Back Conference Chair In Gray Leather

To host successful meetings, your guests need to be comfortable! Selecting supportive conference room seating for your project will ensure visitors are able to stay attentive during extended collaboration sessions. Popular conference chairs from brands like Woodstock Marketing will help keep your interior up to date with the latest trends without sacrificing comfort. Take a seat in their Hendrix chair to see what we mean. With memory foam cushions upholstered in genuine leather, guests will enjoy supple support they can rely on. In addition, chairs like the Europa from Eurotech Seating are also excellent options that will help your business maximize seating potential around the table.

3.) Wall Cabinet

Conference Room Wall Storage Cabinet

While you won't need a ton of storage space in your conference room, you will need some! We recommend an attractive wall cabinet to match your table. While keeping your important presentation materials and stationary neatly organized, you'll be boosting the overall look of your interior. All of the table collections mentioned above offer matching wall cabinets to simplify your search.

4.) Flat Screen

Modern Conference Room

This one is definitely a must have! A wall mounted flat screen TV will give your space a high tech vibe. More importantly, you'll be able to watch informative presentations and product demo videos without wheeling in that squeaky multi media cart that's way passed it's time. A flat screen TV on an articulating mount will provide your space with unrivaled functionality and an added touch of versatility. With the Holiday season right around the corner, you can pick up an awesome flat screen from one of the big box stores without breaking the bank.

5.) Presentation Board

Conference Room Presentation Board

A conference room presentation board won't cost your business a fortune, it won't take up any floor space, it will add to the overall vibe of your space, and it will also come in super handy during strategy sessions with your team. What more could you ask for? This is one of those products you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

6.) Lectern

Conference Room Lectern

Last but certainly not least, you'll want to add a lectern to your meeting area furniture configuration. The lectern serves as a guest speaking podium that comes in handy during presentations. It will help you interior feel more professional while helping visitors feel more at home. If you're worried about space, select a mobile lectern that can be housed along the perimeter of your meeting area when not in use.

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