Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Space Planning 101: Preparing for Growth

When taking on an office makeover project, you should always prepare for future growth. As you'll no doubt want to be successful in the workplace, preparing for future growth ensures you have the components you'll need, when you need them most. In today's article we'll share helpful tips, advice, and product suggestions to help you create a stunning office interior that's built for today with an emphasis on tomorrow!

Any successful office makeover project starts with effective space planning. Before you rush out and purchase loads of new furniture, take the time to measure out your area. Take the perimeter dimensions of your space with a tape measurer and be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your office furniture fits. Draw your dimensions out on paper and make a few copies. Try your hand at drawing in a few potential layout ideas. Be alert as to where your future desk configuration will work best. Have an idea of where your file cabinets and additional room accents will be situated. Doing so will ensure you know what you've got to work with both now and in the future.

There's lots of awesome furniture collections available on the market in 2015, but modular
lines are the way to go! Going with a full service modular furniture collection will allow you to add components in the future as you need them. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer best selling modular lines like Medina, Sterling, Zira, and Princeton that provide shoppers with limitless interior capabilities.

Working with a small space? No problem! If you choose furniture from a modular collection, you'll be rewarded with lots of great ways to maximize your square footage. Lots of desk sizes, shapes, credenzas, and work surface extensions are available to help you create a modular workstation that's designed to meet your specific needs both now and in the future.

Preparing for future growth doesn't mean you should overcrowd your current work environment. Who knows, the growth you may experience within an organization may require you to move to a whole new office. That's where modular furniture comes in. You'll be able to simply and effectively add the storage components and desk extensions needed to compliment your new space. You'll also be saving a bundle when compared to purchasing all new furniture.

Analyze the amount of open storage space you currently have. Are file drawers heavily compacted? Are bookcases overflowing with literature and presentation materials? If so, you'll need to provide yourself with more storage space in your new furniture configuration. Instead of an open knee space credenza that sits behind your desk, consider the addition of a lateral file cabinet in the same location. You'll instantly have at least two more drawers for document storage, and a work surface that can be used for the same applications a credenza top would be.

Desk pedestals will also come in quite handy! These days most of them are mobilized. This means, you can move them around to maximize your operational space. Desk pedestals can be situated effectively underneath work surfaces or along the perimeter walls of your office. Skip the potted plant and compliment your space with a desk pedestal more storage! Sure you'll want your current space to feature the aesthetic accents needed to create visual appeal, but operational functionality comes first. You can always place pictures and plants on top of storage cabinets to achieve the best of both worlds.

If you're limited on floor space, take to your office walls! When purchasing a new desk configuration, be sure to select one that includes an overhead storage hutch. These organizing tools will mount directly to your wall or sit atop a credenza. Many businesses professional who work in tight areas will purchase multiple wall storage cabinets to free up floor space. Hutches can be mounted directly over the top of one another if needed to provide you with the max amount of storage space possible.

Preparing for future growth is just plain smart. To execute properly, you'll need a viable plan of attack. Analyze how fast you go through file space each month to better understand when you'll need more. Consider rearranging your current office desk layout to free up both floor and wall space that could be used to accommodate more storage. If your desk is beginning to look and feel overcrowded, look into modular extensions and cool ergonomic products like adjustable monitor arms that are specifically designed to free up additional working space. In the long run, your future growth and success will be determined by how effectively you plan!

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