Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7 Hilarious Halloween Pranks To Try at the Office

Halloween is just around the corner, and you know what that means... tricks and treats. For all the yummy office snack articles we've written in the past though , this one is all about the tricks! If you're the head of the Halloween party committee at your workplace, these work-friendly pranks are the best of the best for getting your coworkers into the spooky spirit. Enjoy!

Special Delivery

This classic trick is perfect for the office that's constantly getting deliveries. For those of you who want to prank without spending a fortune, this trick is the perfect thing. Simply plant a big cardboard box in your favorite coworker's office and pretend like it's a gift from another company. When they open it up, give the gift of a surprise you in a ghoulish Halloween mask! Believe us when we say they should see it coming... but they won't.

The Intern

Anyone have a scary scarecrow or skeleton decorating their front yard this year? Good. You'll definitely need one for this creepy office prank! Just haul your scarecrow out of the front yard and dress him up in an old work uniform. If he looks too friendly, creep him out with a cheap Halloween mask from the nearest party store. Have a friend help you carry your new employee to the the desk of another favorite coworker before the workday begins. Plop him down in one of the affordable fabric task chairs behind their desk, making sure none of his straw scratches anything. For that final touch, give him a visitors badge with a name, close the door, and wait. Your coworker will never expect it!

The Boss Wants To See You

Remember those birds from the Windex commercials? This looks something like that! This prank is perfect for any doorway that is highly trafficked in the office (for example, the boss's office,  the break room, conference room, or just wherever you keep the printer). With a few extra hands for help, pick a doorway and get some clear packing tape or saran wrap. With the door open, pull the tape or saran wrap taught then tape it to the edge of the door frame at head level. Make sure the door doesn't stick to it when closed. Finally, sit back and wait for a coworker to get a face full plastic!

They Can Run, But You Can Still Hide!

Hiding is perhaps the oldest, most affordable prank in the book, and with a Halloween costume, you're definitely guaranteed to get a few screams out of your coworkers this year. Get the bosses permission before you come to work in a costume, especially if it's not Halloween yet, and let the fun begin. There are all sorts of places to hide in the office - squeeze behind large executive desks, wall cabinets, bookcases for storage, shelving, doorways - anywhere you and your costume can fit! As soon as someone walks by, jump out with a big noise! 

* Bonus: If you're in a full-on scary costume, sometimes you can hide in plain sight. Just sit down in an unexpected place and do something nonchalant until someone walks by. It will be a surprise they're never expecting!

Creepy Crawly Cubicles

Got cubicles and modular workstations in your office? Then this prank is the one for you! Simply purchase a few creepy crawlies from a Halloween store and hide them in somebody's cubicle. Inside drawers, on top of retractable keyboard platforms, and underneath desks make excellent hiding places for bugs. For the grand finale, attach a big plastic tarantula to a piece of fishing line. When your cubicle neighbors aren't on the phone, covertly lean over the top of your cubicle and dangle the spider into theirs, right in front of their faces. Don't forget to jiggle the string for an extra creepy crawly effect!

Ogres Are Like Onions

This one is for whoever is making the caramel apples for the Halloween office party on friday. While you're going about making your deliciously sweet caramel apples, go ahead and prepare a few onions for dipping too. Cut off the pointy ends to resemble more of an apple shape, stick with a skewer, and roll them around in that sweet caramel sauce! Take your surprise to the office party, and watch your tricky treat make it's debut! Hey, everyone needs their fiber. 

It Came From the Break Room...

Finally, a chance to put all those office computer accessories and printing machines to good use! For this article, we've saved the best for last, and though this prank has been circulating around the internet a lot recently, we'd have to say it's definitely perfect for the office break room! To do this prank, go ahead and take photos of your head looking dead eyed and zombie-like. Take one from the front and one from each side. In a photo editing software, merge all the photos together with your frontal shot in the center and your profile pics on the sides. 

Next, take your edited photo to a local copy store or print it yourself and laminate it at work. Finally, fill a large jar with green water (green achieved with food coloring), roll up your photo, and drop it in the jar! Your final product is the most suspicious thing anyone has ever left in the break room refrigerator - "Mike's: Do Not Eat!"

We hope you've enjoyed these harmless Halloween pranks to freak out your coworkers. Remember, while most of these pranks are work-friendly, the office is still a professional environment. Be sure to get the bosses approval if you think you have questions about any of these. Have fun, and stay safe!

Happy Halloween!

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