Monday, September 8, 2014

Office Chair Face Off: Accord Vs. Karizma

In today's post we'll be showcasing 2 of the most popular office chairs available from Global Total Office in a head to head face off. We'll look at the cutting edge style characteristics, price, features, and applications each can be used for effectively to determine which chair is best. Enjoy!


Global Total Office Karizma ChairGlobal Accord ChairBoth the Accord and Karizma series chairs from Global Total Office offer unique style characteristics that set them apart from the competition. The Accord offers a clean and contemporary look highlighted by a ribbed back design and polished frame features. The Karizma boasts a more upscale look with it's high back frame and elegant details. Both models are available in a variety of fabric and leather upholstery options to compliment workplace decor. We give the slight edge in this category to the Accord as the ribbed back look has been incredibly popular in 2014. However, both of these office chairs are sure to earn any space an abundance of compliments!


Karizma ChairAccord ChairThe Global Total Office Accord chair is available starting at $438.99 with the most high end model going for $619.99. The Karizma series chair line starts at $535.99 and ranges up to $651.99 making it a bit more pricey. No matter the model you select and features chosen, both are an excellent value and fall into the luxury seating category designed for professional business applications. Both models include Global's limited lifetime warranty that adds to the value of both models. This warranty protects against basic manufacturers defects to ensure a lifetime of quality sitting!


Karizma Chair ArmsLeather Accord ChairGlobal Total Office is well known and respected for their high quality ergonomic chair features. All of their high quality office chairs are available with the adjustable attributes needed to work comfortably throughout the work day. Both the Accord and Karizma are available with a choice of syncro tilt and multi tilter mechanisms. The only down fall of these two popular seating collections is the lack of adjustable arms that can really come in handy. The curved high back design of the Karizma chair gives it a slight edge in this category as we feel it's a bit more comfortable and user friendly. Both models can be outfitted with features that include seat height, back angle, and depth adjustments for added versatility.


The ability to use your office chair for a variety of applications is very important. Both the Accord and Karizma work equally well in executive office and home work environments. The polished arm and base accents make these seating solutions an excellent fit for conference room settings as well. The edge in terms of usable applications goes to the Accord as there are simply more models and styles available to choose from that allows for more flexibility.


In the long run, both of these chairs are fantastic. You really can't go wrong with either! The Accord and Karizma alike come standard with excellent ergonomic features that are sure to keep any user operating efficiently. That being said, the overall versatility and style of the Accord makes it the winner of today's office chair face off. While both chairs are sure to make your office a more functional and well rounded space, the Accord takes the prize by a narrow margin.

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