Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 Popular Office Office Makeover Themes For The Fall

There's no mistaking it. With gentle breezes in the air and Halloween decorations already stocking the shelves of stores all over the nation, Fall is just around the corner. Autumn always brings with it some fun activities, like leaf jumping, scented candle hunting, and caramel apples - all of which are great for the company Fall Festival. But if there's one thing an office worker enjoys most of all, it's fall decorations! In today's article, we'll be showcasing our favorite fall makeover themes for the office. Hope you find them inspiring!

Fall Festival

Fall festival is an excellent seasonal decor theme for an office environment. As a relatively harmless secular holiday, it's doubtful that anyone will find a few harmless vegetables offensive. In fact, if your boss is a smart cookie, you may even be able to convince him to actually hold a fall festival! All the kids and parents that come looking for fun will undoubtedly raise awareness about your business, helping to show that the well-being and enjoyment of clients comes first for you.

However, if you'd rather keep the event small, organize a potluck with a few games to keep things affordable. Trashbin basketball, racing on sturdy office task chairs, and other staple office activities will fit in just fine. Don't be afraid to get creative though! A ring toss, cubicle decorating contest, or an office scavenger hunt will help to make this year's office fall festival one to remember!


As one of nature's cycles, school teachers are always using the changing seasons to educate students on the ways of the biological world. Why not take a tip from them? An office where clients know all about the features and services your business offers gives everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential. Don't be afraid to use the fall season to educate visiting customers on your company's many benefits. A simple fall themed centerpiece in with the contemporary reception furniture can draw the eye towards company coffee tables, where you can set informational pamphlets and employee cards. Laminated fall leaves with tips, facts, and questions on them will help remind customers of things to ask. It keeps them informed, and in the spirit of the season!


As the poster-holiday of the fall season, nothing says "autumn" like Halloween! The best part about this office decor theme is that decorations are virtually endless. After clearing it with the boss and coworkers to make sure this holiday is work-safe, employees can go all-out with fun and easy Halloween decorations. Laminated fall leaves with magnets, candy bowls, seasonal vegetables, tiny paper ghosts, and fake vampire-teeth clips make super useful decor for this holiday. Have a contest with coworkers to see who can transform computer monitor arms into the scariest monsters. Finally, a simple Sharpie and a few small pumpkins will make beautiful jack-o-lanterns to scare away the monday blues. Get the whole office together on the big holiday itself to dress up and surprise all the visitors. Trick or treat!


Another fun fall holiday that nobody ever likes to pass up. Thanksgiving is a holiday to symbolize family, friends, and thankfulness for what we have, and it's got enough attachments associated with it to make decorating a snap. Dress up the office with grandiose centerpieces atop office reception furniture and conference tables to draw a customer's eye. Paper turkeys, cornucopias, feathers, fall leaves, flowers, and wreathes all make dazzling ways to shout Thanksgiving to visitors. For everyone else, a few cookies and crisp apples in the breakroom help keep us in the Thanksgiving spirit.

Keep It Simple

One thing that's true about autumn is that it's a diverse season. With all the falling leaves in different shapes, bright colors, and sizes, there are a hundred ways to decorate. Flamboyant pumpkins, ghostly ghouls, and feathered turkeys can get a little old, especially after the holiday has passed, which is one reason why some like to keep it simple. A few stray strands of hay, baby pumpkins, and magnetic fall leaves to double as office accessories are sometimes all we need to stay in the autumn attitude. Spice things up with scented candles to give the office that extra air of seasonal charm and you're golden!

Happy Holidays!

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