Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luxury Wood Office Furniture and Seating Solutions

When people think of furniture for the modern age, they hardly ever picture an old school wooden desk. In fact, wood furniture is something that probably doesn't even cross the minds of most individuals. The materials of the modern age are chrome, metal, and glass aren't they? There's no place for wood furniture right? Wrong! Wood furniture is a much better fit for the modern age than most people think. In the world of business, making an office feel personable is a delicate and crucial job, which is what makes the wood furniture of today so perfect. Wood veneers provide a sense of homey comfort and hospitality, and when paired with modern metal or glass accents, it fits he modern too. By combining the materials of the past with those of the future, wood office desks have become the perfect choice for the now!

Office Desks

OFM Marque Plexi Reception Station

Looking for a desk that is not just good-looking, but sturdy too? Well, look no farther than the realm of wood office desk configurations to give your workplace exactly what you need. Choosing furniture with a wood veneer not only gives you the option of choosing from a plethora of colorful finishes such as maple, cherry, mocha, or even a beautiful tiger mahogany, but it also provides you with furniture that is as hardy as the trees they're made from. Not only will your reception desk be impressively eye-catching, but you can rest assured they'll support whatever you need them to for years to come!

Office Chairs

Boss Leather and Wood Executive Chair

For chairs that have comfort, impressiveness, mobility, and adjustabliliy, no category solves more of problems than that of executive office chairs, and as far as luxury goes, nothing beats a wood executive chair for comfort and stylishness! These chairs are available in a host of designs that will fit beautifully into any decor, and the wood accents add just the right touch of old school elegance. The upholstery can be leather, fabric, or even mesh, but all are devastatingly comfortable and often ergonomic so their users can make their chair as perfect for them as they want. If you are looking for a classy way to amp up your office, a wood executive chair is never a bad choice!  

Computer Desks

Ergonomic Concepts Adjustable Workstation

For fabulously modern computer desk layouts, don't be afraid to choose one with a wood veneer finish. Today's wood computer desks are the epitome of style. They often combine the chic grace of glass with the sleekness of chrome and the elegance of a wooden finish to create a unique look that really hits on all sixes! These desks are available in a variety of sizes and designs to fit their users needs. Whether you need something high tech, some extra storage space, or just something that will support a computer and a mug full of pens, a computer desk is always a brilliant decision, and one with a wood finish blend that functionality with a swanky touch!

Guest Chairs

Wood guest chair and table set

People like to feel comfortable wherever they are, and in environments such as doctors' or dentists' offices where things can seem unfamiliar and even a little frightening, keeping your guests comfortable is a must. Choosing stylish guest chairs with wood accents help provide a sense of security by giving visitors the impression that the workplace has been around a while and really cares about what their guests feel like. These comfy chairs make are often provide beam seating solutions and are great additions to any office or waiting room furniture set because they provide a personal space for guests that fits into the rest of the room. If your lounge or waiting room has been lacking that personal touch, adding some wood guest chairs is a great way to make the visitors to your business feel right at home.

Office Tables

Mayline Aberdeen Conference Table

Office tables are a must for many workplaces because they are so versatile. Adding a new wood office table to your workplace is a wonderful decision because the the wood veneer on all the different table types adds a sense of uniformity to the whole workplace when dispersed throughout. There are wooden tables available for virtually every kind of business situation imaginable, including coffee tables, some great boardroom tables, and even ergonomic training tables that can roll around or fold away for easy storage! With a wood veneer, your conference furniture will be both sturdy and impressive and coupled with all these other great solutions, your whole workplace will be well on its way to success!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Top Home Office Furniture Trends of 2013

The world of home office furniture is constantly evolving. More than ever, we're seeing products and ideas from professional work atmospheres incorporated into home office environments. The top home office furniture trends of 2013 are sure to improve your day to day efficiency while simultaneously keeping your space up to day with cutting edge good looks!

Glass Computer DeskThe first trend that's sweeping home offices throughout the country is the use of glass furnishings. From popular glass computer desks to overhead hutch doors, glass can be used as the focal point or perfect accent to any space. New Calico Designs desks are the perfect way to get on board with this trend without breaking your budget! Models like the 56001 provide a perfect blend of modern and traditional styles that work great for smaller office applications. Those in search of a more executive look will love the Cherryman Industries Amber Casegoods line. This collection boasts a simple look that's perfectly accented with glass door overheads and modular construction. Available in several popular finishes, Cherryman Amber Furniture is great for any executive home office.

Metal Corner DeskAnother material trending in the world of modern home office furniture is metal. The industrial look is incredibly popular and provides commercial appeal that's sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments. New metal office desk solutions like the 66366R by OFM provide long lasting good looks and durability that ensure value. These corner office desks for sale have long been top options for businesses but are now being purchased regularly for homes. A variety of sizes are available to meet your square footage requirements and a choice of 3 finishes allows individual decor preferences to shine. As with all OFM desks, the Mesa collection is incredibly versatile in terms of style, budget, and design capabilities. The standard desk storage pedestals offer excellent organizational benefits with the L shaped design makes finding a place to put your new desk a breeze.

Napoli Furniture ConfigurationIn 2013, most are looking to incorporate a luxury look with their home desking space. Using executive office furniture for sale from brands like Mayline makes finding the perfect configuration a simple and easy process. With 10 top selling casegoods furniture lines available, you'll be at no shortage of options to create the workspace of your dreams. The use of cohesive furniture collections prevents a mix and match approach that allows any consumer the ability to be their own interior designer. Lines like the Napoli casegoods collection boast a modern look that combines glass, wood, and metal for a totally unique home office experience. Simple choose a pre configured Napoli furniture set to meet your layout needs, then add a chair and the ergonomic office accessories your need to work efficiently throughout the work day.

Sorrento Series Office FurnitureThe use of modular office furniture has long been a trend of professional businesses. The benefits of the top modular lines are now being incorporated into the best selling home office furniture collections of 2013 to allow users the ability to reconfigure and add-on components easily. The Sorrento line of Mayline Furniture for Sale allows those in search of a traditional look to make use of modular benefits that also ensures room for future business growth. Commonly, home businesses eventually look to expand. The hard part is that expansion means you'll typically need more furniture and the budget will most likely be  limited. Luckily, modular lines like Sorrento Casegoods will allow you to minimize costs by simply adding additional pieces to meet your current needs. You can start with a single desk, add a credenza, and then an overhead hutch over time to create a professional configuration that didn't burn the budget when first starting out. The result is a luxurious executive configuration that shows class and elegance to all business guests while showcasing your business prowess.

Ergonomic Monitor ArmThe use of ergonomics in the workplace has increased dramatically over the last 5 years. In today's world, if you can't boast about the ergonomic features of your office products you're living in the stone age! Nearly every furniture line and chair of this century is manufactured with ergo qualities in mind. The top ergonomic products for work include very budget friendly products that will surely improve your effectiveness throughout those long days. Most have used articulating monitor arms and keyboard trays at work and simply can operate at home at the same rate. More commonly than ever, consumers are purchasing quality ergonomic items for use in the home office to provide their families with the same benefits they enjoy at work. This trend is one that improve much more than just style! Using an ergonomic desk configuration will improve your versatility while the top ergonomic chairs for sale will improve posture and relieve back pain with a quickness. Going ergo is not just a trend, it's a lifestyle!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Top Selling Office Desk Styles

The world of office desks has never been more exciting. Innovative new products from top brands are revolutionizing the way we work. The top selling desk styles of 2013 provide excellent workplace benefits sure to increase your day-to-day efficiency while keeping your office on the cutting edge.

Corner Office Desks

Mayline Mira Series Corner Desk

One of the most common types of desks are those for the corner office. The top corner office desks save space by fitting conveniently into the corners of a room, so the room nearly always appears bigger. Additionally, by staying close to walls near electric outlets they are very easy to power without having unsightly wires and cables trailing across the floor. Desks designed face walls or windows such as the Mayline Mira Series Corner Desk often leave a lot of open space to allow plenty of room for any office chairs you might want.

Modern Office Desks

Mayline Napoli Series Office Desk

For a workplace that prides itself on a sense of sleek modern design and functionality, nothing says it more than a modern office desk. Today's modern office desks typically feature glass or metal accents to keep things up to date. They provide ample storage space often in the form of a stylish office cabinet, drawer or shelf, as well as plenty of desk space to work on. Most modern desks like the Mayline Napoli Series Desk seen above feature sharp angles and gorgeous chrome accents that speak volumes about the modern age and so will leave a lasting impression in any workplace!

Modular Workstations

Mayline Brighton Series Modular Desk

In the realm of efficiency, nothing beats a modular workstation. This nifty new desk style brings together all the parts of a single office into one and often combines multiple desks so that one unit can be used by many individuals. These desks actually save space so a workroom isn't crowded with a bunch of separate desks or office utilities such as bookcases or cabinets. Instead, by integrating desk space with these office necessities, everything is at arm's reach. Easy and very efficient to power, they always provide plentiful storage and instantly clean up a crowded space with style. So if you're looking for an easy way to do any of these tasks, or even all of them, modular office workstations are always a brilliant start!


OFM Rize Workstation Set

Cubicles have always been great space savers, but unfortunately, they have a bad reputation of being somewhat unsightly. Not anymore! Todays modern high wall privacy cubicles still retain all the characteristics we know and love them for: versatility, easy to power, space efficient, individualized workspace, and able to add or remove units.  Just like the old days, they have the option to be assembled against walls, all together, in lines, islands, or in patterns, but now they've had a complete and total makeover and are perfect as training room furniture or in a traditional workroom! Cubicles have been totally redesigned to reflect the characteristics of most modern decor. Many of them feature wood or metal desks, stylish separators, and even color options! They provide ample desk space as well as small individual cabinets or shelves for storage so nothing is left to be desired!

Executive Office Desks

Mayline Series Executive Office Desk

Perhaps the most versatile of all desk styles is the executive desk. These popular desks can fit anywhere because they come in all sorts of designs and shapes. Modern executive desks have more categories than most game shows and are available with numerous options. You can choose from bow front desks for an elegant touch, straight front desks, traditional styles, U-shaped desks, or ones with a uniquely modern design. They can be  manufactured with a host of materials and are available wood, metal, or glass, sometimes even all three, and with even more options for finishes. Whether you want one that is small, tall, big, wide, or curvy, there are always stylish executive desks out there with exactly what you need!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

5 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Office Space for Your Business

Creating an efficient and effective workspace is a must for any business professional. Luckily, a highly productive workspace can be easily achieved if you utilize the 5 simple tips in this article. Following these simple workspace principles will have you working comfortable and faster than ever before.

Tip 1: Set A Budget

New Office Furniture

The first step to any office interior design project should start by setting a budget. Understanding the cost of new furniture, seating, and installation will help prepare you for any workspace makeover. To create a realistic budget, first measure your space to determine the amount of furniture you'll need. Once completed, do some preliminary shopping online to find popular furniture for office in question. When assessing your needs, remember to include the desk, chair, and necessary accessories for your space.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Office Chair

Mayline Commute Chair

All to often shoppers are in a hurry to outfit their space and don't realize the true benefits available in several of the top ergonomic office chairs for sale in 2013. Finding the perfect chair means you'll need to invest the necessary time to test and review the industries best models. Meeting with a healthcare professional or seating provider can be incredibly helpful for suggestions and tips on just what chair to use. Favorites include the Ride series office chair by Global, Mayline Commute Chair and the all new Avenger Big and Tall Chair by OFM for larger individuals.

Tip 3: Use Modular Furniture

Modular Furniture

The benefits of modular office furniture are simply incredible! Any business professional hopes to grow their company effectively and profitably. Using a modular workstation configuration for office spaces is the perfect way to start. The top modular office desks for sale in 2013 allow for simple reconfiguration to meet the needs of any growing business. Lines like the Zira casegoods furniture collection offer an extensive array of components that help prevent total area makeovers when your personnel needs increase. Collections like Zira allow companies to easily add on to existing furniture and re utilize workstations in inventive ways. This can save you a bundle and should be recommended by any industry professional. If you're on a mission to create the perfect office, modular products are a must!

Tip 4: Properly Accessorize

Ergonomic Office

Adding ergonomic office accessories to your desk and workstation will greatly improve your day to day efficiency. Top products like ergonomic monitor arms and articulating keyboard trays are incredibly versatile and user friendly. These affordable products should be sourced from reputable brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions that specialize in business productivity. The accessories of any office should be treated just as importantly as the desk and chair. The little details tend to make the biggest difference! In most cases, the ergonomic office products you add will be used more than any other item in your space. As a side tip to remember, if you're already purchasing ergonomic furniture for office applications, make sure to see what items are included first.

Tip 5: Don't Be Afraid of Installation

OFM Furniture

All too often consumers are quite intimidated by simple office installations. While office cubicle layouts and larger furniture is a different story, new office chairs and smaller items require minimal efforts and provide an excellent avenue for budget maximization. Believe it or not, manufacturers like OFM Furniture specialize in the provision of office reception desk configurations, tables, and workstations that require absolutely no tools for assembly! In your quest to create the perfect office, knowing how to assemble your products will definitely come in handy. In addition, saving money is always a plus and can be reapplied the other important business essentials.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Top Ergonomic Office Chairs By Eurotech Seating

If you are searching for the ultimate in comfort for your workplace, adding new ergonomic furniture is a great way to start. This type of furniture allows for extreme adjustability and personalization so that you can make any item you may need for your office as unique as you are. While all ergonomic products make wonderful tools, nothing has made such strides in design as the common office chair, and in the field of ergonomic office chairs, nothing beats Eurotech Seating! Here, we will highlight some of the top chairs that Eurotech offers so that you can make your office your own.

Apollo Mesh Back Computer Chair

The first chair we bring to you is a chair the very picture of beauty. The Eurotech Seating Apollo Mesh back computer chair was named after a famous god probably because it lives up to such high standards. The reason ergonomic mesh chairs have become so popular is due to their breathability which allows air flow to reach the sitter and cool them, so they can remain comfortable. Not only does the Apollo mesh back include this cooling feature, but it also boasts a contoured waterfall seat as well as adjusting applications for control. This remarkable chair is a fantastic addition to any office furniture configuration without a doubt.

Indy Series Accented Office Chair

For a chair thats a little more cushy, check out the Indy Series Accented Office Chair for your office. In this chair, the mesh fabric provides coolness as well as plush comfort. Complete with a polished aluminum base, this chair combines luxury with class, making it a titan among popular office chairs in the workplace. As with all Ergonomic Seating solutions worth their salt, it also features tilt-lock suspension controls for maximum user versatility.

Verona Series Luxury Office Chair

For the ultimate in stylish executive chairs, you cant beat the Verona Series Luxury Office Chair in style or lavishness. With this chair, when we say "luxury" we definitely mean it. Not only does the Verona chair cover all the basics that make ergonomic chairs so great, featuring tilt-locks and tension control, but it also boasts a beautifully elegant finish. As one of the best leather office seating solutions on the market, this chair's upholstery clothes not just the seat and back, but also padded roll armrests and caps as well! For any office that wants elegant beauty without sacrificing comfort, this chair is an absolute must!

Tribeca Modern Fabric Office Chair

The simple beauty of the Tribeca modern fabric chair designates it a place among the highest ranks in fabric executive chairs on the market today! The elegant curves of this chair would look wonderful in any collection of conference room furniture or even home office furniture without a doubt. The waterfall seat curves comfortably against the body, and the tilt controls leave nothing to be desired in the realm of relaxation. The users of this gorgeous little chair can sit all day long without missing a thing offered by the bulkier chairs typical of the executive office. It is the very definition of serene simplicity.

Wau Series High Back Mesh Chair

And finally, we leave you with one of the most popular mesh back chairs around. Its no surprize that the Wau Series High Back Mesh Chair leaves all of its users in awe. Available in two stunning color combos, the Wau chair leaves a lasting impression on almost anyone that comes across it. Its mesh fabric allows air flow for cooling so the user always feels refreshed. Additionally, the chair is a revolutionary example of task chair for a modern office, with more controls and adjusting features than almost any other. This is a chair for the individual, and each chair is just as unique! Great for any office, the Wau will have you saying "wow" for sure!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cutting Edge Conference Tables

The latest innovations in the world of modern furniture are incredibly exciting. The conference room is the perfect place to see some of the industries hottest new products in action. The cutting edge conference tables of 2013 are sure to improve your meeting productivity while keeping your space in style and up to date!

Alba Conference TableGlobal Total Office is a popular provider of professional office furniture for sale worldwide. Their industry leading desk collections and top ergonomic office chairs provide the workplace benefits needed to work at the highest levels of efficiency. In 2013, their Alba line of contemporary boardroom tables has been yet another huge hit in their extensive repertoire of awesome furniture collections. These versatile tables are available in a variety of customizable surface shapes, bases, and sizes to meet the demands of any meeting area. Top Alba conference table models are available in a wide offering of stylish laminate options to match traditional or modern decor.

Verde Conference TableLooking to make a statement with the conference room furniture for your business? You'll love the Cherryman Verde Collection for your space! These super modern conference tables for sale feature white leg inserts and boat shaped tops. Both the espresso and cherry finishes look fantastic in contemporary spaces and will earn you a plethora of compliments on your design ingenuity. This full service line also includes matching round top meeting table models with silver legs designed specifically for smaller spaces. These cutting edge solutions have been at the pinnacle of popularity in 2013.
OFM Conference Table

Always on the forefront of innovation, OFM tables are the ideal choice for modular work environments. The 55118 model OFM conference table with metal base showcases an industrial look that's been hugely popular with commercial businesses. This unique product is available in 3 awesome finish combinations including a black on graphite pairing that really pops! This table offers a quick connect system that requires no tools for assembly. Talk about simple! The 55118 boasts a unique 3 piece top, durable edge banding, and heavy duty steel frame for long lasting quality. Priced at only $648.99, this product is truly an excellent value that's not to be overlooked by those shopping for new conference tables for sale in 2013. These modern office tables pair very nicely with any of the top OFM chairs for sale in 2013. Our personal favorite is the OFM 651 AirFlo Chair allows consumers and designers to add a touch of color to any boardroom.

TransAction Conference TableKeeping your conference and boardroom on the cutting edge in 2013 means adding power to your space! With the TransAction Table by Mayline, it's never been easier! These high tech conference tables can be outfitted with an extensive selection of stock power components for technology intensive applications. Available in a variety of sizes, shoppers will enjoy racetrack, rectangular, and racetrack conference tables for sale from this line to meet their specific taste. Metal bases are standard and compliment the already modern look. Those looking to keep it simple will also enjoy the ability to go with non powered models. Smart, stylish, and incredibly versatile, TransAction is the definitely the most high end solution out there for modern businesses. As with all Mayline conference tables for sale, the TransAction collection is made for the demands of any heavy duty work space. The quality construction and durability is simply unmatched.

Improving the effectiveness of your meetings is simple when using the Bungee line of modular conference tables for sale by Global Total Office. These revolutionary tables are available in pre configured sets to meet the space requirements of your boardroom area. The Bungee collection will help any business maximize their square footage potential by combining the conference and training room together. Talk about value! A Bungee Table Set offers you two furnishing solutions for the price of one. Available in extensive frame and surface finish options, both fixed leg and mobile versions are available. These products represent cutting edge office furniture at it's finest.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black Office Chairs Are Always In Style!

Wether you prefer fabric or leather, black chairs are always in style! Black upholstery provides a neutral canvas that's easily matched to traditional and modern furniture for the home and business. The top black office chairs highlighted in this article provide excellent ergonomic benefits at prices any budget will appreciate.

B767-BK Boss ChairWhen it comes to discount office chairs for sale in 2013, Boss has raised the bar to a whole new level. Top Boss Office Seating solutions like the B767-BK provide all day support and extensive adjustment capabilities. This stylish seating solution looks great in any modern work environment and offers a 27" polished chrome base that really pops!  The B767-BK Boss Chair also features a multi function seat mechanism with seat slider, gas lift seat height adjustment, tilt tension control, and hooded casters for ease of mobility. If ergonomic functionality is important to you, this model is definitely worth a serious look! Priced at only $235.99, this typically stocked product is ready for immediate shipment. A great feature for those in need of a new chair quickly. In terms of value, the B767-BK is truly top notch. This chair is sure to earn your space a host of positive compliments and positive praise.

Eurotech Fuzion ChairIt's time to make a statement in your office! And what better way to do it then with a Eurotech Seating Fuzion Series Ergonomic Office Chair for your space. If modern style and user friendly features are  important to you, then prepare to be impressed. This versatile seating solution combines cutting edge ergonomic attributes and a high tech design that ensure you spend the day comfortable and in style. The added comfort of a headrest provides additional support that's definitely appreciated by taller individuals. The mesh back keeps you cool while working while the adjustable arms can move to match your work style. Esthetics, form, and function combine to form this line of luxury office chairs for sale in 2013.

Black Leather Conference ChairPerhaps no black office chair has been more popular than the 11730B model from Offices To Go. This European Inspired product is highlighted by a ribbed back design that's taken the seating industry by storm. The 11730B is the perfect choice for home executive spaces and to highlight any contemporary conference room furniture configuration for your business. The slim design looks great and saves space. A classy design profile is complimented by polished accents and user friendly ergonomic features sure to improve your workplace efficiency. This modern black leather conference chair is a truly impressive product that's sure to stand the test of time in terms of style and quality.
ORO Big and Tall Executive Chair

Always on the forefront of office innovation, OFM office chairs are a huge favorite amongst interior designers and industry professionals alike. The new ORO chair is the latest release from this high quality brand. This black leather big and tall chair is incredibly unique with it's swiveling tablet arm. The 400 lb. weight capacity makes this line of Big and Tall office seating a more than ready solution to the needs of larger individuals. The soft and supple leather is carefully stitched and tufted for plush comfort. The 29" 5 star base provides excellent stability and easy of mobility. As an added bonus the ORO's are all Greenguard Certified and meet ANSI/BIMFA standards.

Metrus Chair

The Global Total Office Metrus chair is available in an extensive selection of leather and fabric options in addition to black. This high end ergonomic chair is designed to provide the highest levels of comfort possible for any professional work environment. These black leather office chairs feature a polished frame that adds to the luxury look. Designed by Zooey Chu these stylish seating solutions feature a contoured seat that provides exceptional support. These modern leather executive chairs are made to order but well worth the wait! The customizable features, choice of arms, and ergonomic design make this a top choice of upper management and CEO's. In addition to the Metrus, Global provides stylish models from lines like the Concorde, Triumph, and Karizma series that definitely deserve honorable mention!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Versatile Ergonomic Furniture Solutions for the Home and Business

Ergonomic furniture is designed to improve workplace versatility. Cutting edge ergo desks, workstations, and tables will surely enhance your spaces decor while simultaneously providing increased efficiency. The top ergonomic items reviewed in this article are budget friendly and perfect for the home and business.
Height Adjustable Work Bench

First up, the height adjustable work bench from the Mayline Techworks collection. This unique ergonomic table features a butchers block top and industrial look that's been a huge hit in 2013. Use the 703B in the workshop, office, or warehouse and add ample ergonomic benefits sure to improve your work day. This heavy duty product is built for the rigorous demands of high intensive work environments but maintains the good looks needed to impress visitors. Priced at $981.99, this table is a must for any commercial business.
Mayline VariTask Table Desk

Looking for high tech ergonomic furniture for sale for the home and business? The Mayline furniture brand is where you'll want to start your search! This industry leading company prides themselves on providing affordable and versatile solutions for every room of a business. The innovative VariTask table from Mayline provides a wide range of adjustment capabilities for the executive office and training room. These stations can be purchased in a variety of styles including ergonomic corner desks for smaller offices looking to save space. Hand crank adjustable versions are also available at a lower cost without sacrificing too many of the important benefits the VariTask line has to offer.

Next up, the WOW station from ESI. This ergonomic computer desk on wheels provides a valuable tool for any business. The WOW station is also used commonly in healthcare environments by doctors and nurses. This unique desk provides a generous workspace while saving space when not in use. The heavy duty design and customizable features make this the perfect mobile computing solution for the workplace. Priced at $740.99, the ergonomic benefits received from this versatile product will pay for itself in no time.

Height Adjustable TableWith a name like Ergonomic Concepts, it's no surprise what this industry leading brands speciality is! From high end ergonomic computer chairs to high tech furniture solutions, this specialized manufacturer is sure to inspire your office makeover project. The 3624-L2 model height adjustable table was a no brainer for today's article. Available in 6 sizes and 8 stylish finishes, the 3624-L2 features 2 low profile electric columns that provide a 24" to 50" range of height adjustment capability. At a rate of 1.75" per second this table gets you up and down without wasting time. The 314 lb. surface capacity rating is perfect for those heavy duty jobs.

Standing Computer DeskLast but certainly not least is the sit or standing computer desk from the Eastwinds desking collection. Anyone shopping for ergonomic workstations for sale will tell you that the best products provide a wide range of options. The best ergonomic desk models on the market give users the ability to sit or stand while working to meet the needs of any individual task. This line of small computer desks for sale from Mayline does just that! Available in two unique finish combinations, this affordable station easily matches the decor of any home or business work environment. Priced at only $248.99, the SOHO desk is a great way to bring your office into the world of modern ergonomics. Fantastic attributes like adjustable shelves and locking casters make this one of the top selling office desks on the market today.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Great Affordable Home Craft Ideas for the Summer

Record high temperatures in states all across America? There's no mistaking it! We've reached the dreaded "dog days."With the kids out of school and with the summer half over, everyone is really beginning to feel the burn (terrible pun intended). The good news is that keeping cool and staying entertained in the weeks when AC bills skyrocket is definitely not as expensive as you think it is. Here are some great affordable crafts for you and the chickadees to do to stay cool and keep things fun!

Make Your Own Muffin Tin Popscicles!

This chilly treat is super easy and can be made in an infinite number of ways! The best part is that the kids take so much pride in making it that they won't turn their noses up at them even if they are (don't tell anyone) healthy. All it takes is your favorite juice or tea and a few household items, and you can hit the beaches as happy as a clam!

What you need:  Your favorite juice or tea, some sliced fruit (if you want it), popsicle sticks, aluminum foil, plastic or butter knife, a muffin tin, and free space in your freezer.

Note: This project can be done several different ways. If you have more than one favorite juice, you can make popsicles with more than one flavor or if you like fruit, you can add that in too! Here is how to do all three!

Classic Pop Steps (one flavor, no fruit):

1.) Take out your muffin tin and your favorite juice.

2.) Pour the juice into each tin almost all of the way up (Each tin = One popsicle). Its best to not fill the tins up all the way because the juice might spill when you go to put the tin in the freezer.

3.) Cover the whole tin with aluminum foil tightly.

4.) Use the knife to make a thin slit in the aluminum foil over the center of each muffin tin. It can't be any bigger than the width of your popsicle sticks.

5.) Insert a single popsicle stick into each slit that you made in the aluminum foil. Make sure they are standing up straight.

6.) Carefully place in the freezer for about 4 hours or until frozen.

7.) Remove from freezer. Popsicle sticks should be frozen in place. Remove pops by running a plastic/metal butter knife around the edge of the pop. If that doesn't work, place the entire muffin tin in a    shallow pan of warm water for about 20 seconds until the edges come loose. Enjoy!

Fruit Pop Steps:

1.) Cut up some your favorite fruit and place into the muffin tin, making sure that none of the fruit sticks out of the top of each tin.

2.) Pour your favorite juice into each tin. The juice should cover any exposed fruit.

3.) Follow steps 3 to 7 of the Classic Pop Steps above. Freezing time may take a bit longer since the fruit is solid. Enjoy!

Multi-Flavor Pop (Can be made many flavors):

1.) Follow all the steps of the Classic Pop, but remember that each layer of juice must be frozen separately. Freezing usually takes about two hours per layer depending on the amount of juice used.

2.) For each additional layer following the first layer, carefully remove the aluminum foil over the top of the popsicle sticks, then pour in the additional layer. If any popsicle sticks were dislodged, replace the aluminum foil first, then insert the sticks into their rightful slits in the foil.

3.) Fruit may be added during the middle layers. Just make sure the liquid always covers the fruit, and remember freezing time may take a bit longer.

4.) When all desired layers have been added and frozen, remove from freezer and follow step 7 of Classic Pop Steps. Enjoy!

Summer Bubble Bash!

Bubbles are spectacular for outdoor fun in the sun! Here is a special trick recipe that will help you and your munchkins make beyond-huge bubbles perfect for any birthday party, family carwash, or hot summer day! Its completely safe for people and pets, so get out the sprinklers, water balloons, the kiddie-pool, the neighbor's kids, and the dog 'cause this bubbly fiesta will definitely attract attention!

Big Bubble Recipe:
12 cups of water
5 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid
1 cup glycerin (you can usually find it at craft stores) or corn syrup
Note: For best results, let the mixture sit uncovered overnight.

Bubble Makers:
This part just takes some creative ingenuity. There are tons of things around the house that can be used as bubble blowers. Here are some great bubblers:

 Big Bubble Loop
 Most big bubble makers are created by attatching a big loop of string to the end of a thin wooden rod, dipping the string in the solution, and then using a second rod to open the loop of string now that its been doused with the solution. Just walk backwards to get the bubbles flowing.

 Water Bottle Bubbler
Cut off the bottom of a water bottle, dip the cut-off open end into the solution, and blow through the mouthpiece

Straw-String Bubbler
Cut a long piece of string and thread it through two drinking straws then tie the ends of the string together. Make bubbles by holding the straws vertically, one in each hand, so the straws and string make a square. Dip the square in the bubble solution and blow.


This craft is a schoolhouse favorite, and a great opportunity to use the hot summer rays to grow plants! Kids and parents alike both love this project because it manages to blend affordable, decorative, educational, and fun together in a jar! Here is a kid-friendly "open" terrarium that will look great in any home office or kitchen, and teach your kiddos about responsibility!

What You Need: A glass jar or cheap fish bowl, potting soil, gravel, charcoal, small plants (herbs such as basil or parsley are great since they are often used in the kitchen), water, and tiny plastic animals for extra fun!


1.) Fill the bottom of the jar or fishbowl with about an inch or so of gravel.

2.) Decide on an arrangement and remove your plants from their plastic pots.

3.) Gently break up the only the bottom of the ball of soil over the top of the terrarium to prevent messes and allow the plants to accept the potting soil more easily. Then, place them on top of the gravel (don't press the plants down into it as the gravel layer is important for water drainage.)

4.) Carefully fill the area surrounding the plants with potting soil until it meets the bottom of the plant. (Younger kids may need help with this part).

5.) Look at the tags that come with the plants for information on how much water they need and water them accordingly. Since the terrariums don't drain completely, the plants may not need as much water as the tag says. Let the plants' health control how much water you give it.

6.) Finally, let the kiddies add some cool plastic critters for the wild look, and voila! the terrarium is complete!

Pressed Flower Jars!

Remember all those beautiful leaves and flowers you collected and pressed with the kids last fall and found no use for? Want a way to remember all the beautiful summer flowers when the autumn returns?
Well, here is a craft for you! Sometimes, in the dog days of summer, nothing is better than sitting in the air conditioning reminiscing about the cooler months. This all-seasons craft perfect for decorating and will keep a little bit of each season with you all year round!

What you need: A jar or glass container, pressed flowers or leaves, mod podge, cheap paintbrush, water, and acrylic varnish.

How to press flowers:

1.) Get a big dictionary and some tissues or tissue paper.

2.) Flatten out the flowers you want to press. Its best not to use thick, frilly, or moist flowers because the dehydration process can be messy. Simple flowers and leaves are best.

3.) Place the flowers on in the book between two tissues or 2 sheets of tissue paper.

4.) Close the book, weight it with heavier books, and leave it alone for 2 to 4 weeks.

How to make a pressed flower jar:

1.) Decide on how you want your flowers arranged on the jar.

2.) Dip your paintbrush into the mod podge and paint it onto the jar. You may wish to water it down a bit before painting depending on how delicate your flowers are.

3.) Carefully arrange flowers on the jar. Be careful about tearing the leaves as they may be quite delicate.

4.) Gently paint another layer of mod podge over the flowers to help them form to the shape of the glass.

5.) When the mod podge dries, add a second coat.

6.) Add two coats of acrylic varnish over the top of the mod podge if you plan to use and wash the jar frequently. Mod podge is not water resistant and acrylic varnish is much more protective. When it dries, fill the jar with coffee beans, sugar, tea, or just leave it near a window to let the sunlight shine through your beautiful new creation!

Beaded Straps for Sunglasses

What says summer like cool new shades? Little kids are notorious for losing their things, especially sunglasses. With this killer craft, you and your kids can create beautiful beaded strands for your sunglasses so they never get lost again. Perfect for gifts, parties, upcoming vacation trips, or just chilling  by the pool, these clever little straps will make your summer shades shine!

What You Need: Beads, plastic string or sturdy fishline, two plastic eyeglass holders per sunglass pair (you can find them at craft or drug stores).

How to make them:

1.) Tie one end of the fishline to one of the eyeglass holders.

2.) String on the beads in any way you like!

3.) Tie off the other end of the string to the remaining eyeglass holder.

4.) Loop each side of your new sunglasses strap onto your sunglasses.

5.) Put them on look in the mirror and admire your beautiful self!

Summer is definitely no time to just sit around doing nothing, so parents, get up out of that office chair while you can! Teenagers get off the sofas, and kids, make use of your free time quick! Now is the time to hit the lounge chairs before they're back in the sheds! Summer is waiting for you and it won't wait for long. The dog days are here, but it doesn't mean you have to wait. Fun is everywhere! Sometimes you just have to make it yourself. We hope these easy trendy tricks will keep you cool and carefree while the hot rays are shining! Happy Summer!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New School Furniture for Updating Your Classroom

With the summer break fast coming to a close, most kids are already preparing to don their backpacks for the reopening of their schools, but is your school ready? Everyday, new technological advances and discoveries get added to the world repertoire of human information. Out of the ever changing realm of discovery, an age of digital education has dawned - its time to say goodbye to dilapidated desks and chairs and hello to the new age. This article will highlight the best ways for your students to feel comfortable learning the tricks of the technological era that will soon become theirs by helping you to find the best furniture and tech accessories so you can help mold minds!

Student Seating

Boss Economical Stack Chair
Humans have come a long way from brushing the dirt off of stone floors to learn by firelight from the village elder. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, chairs have been the standard for quality seating in almost all schools in this country, but that doesn't mean your chairs should be a hundred years old. In the new age, student seating has jumped leaps and bounds, with many high end student chairs even possessing ergonomic features. Chairs like the Boss Economical Stack Chair, while more traditional in function, are still incredibly advanced in design. With lumbar support, breathability, stack-ability, and molded seats, your students will be yearin' for learnin' in comfort!

Student Desks

Calico Designs Computer Desk
For many kids, wooden desks provide wonderful opportunities to practice artistic tendencies, penmanship, scientific experiments such as the adhesion qualities of gum to the underside of wooden surfaces, and perhaps worst of all - whittling. Fortunately, many furniture manufacturers have wised up to the fact that wooden desks make tempting artistic substrates and have developed new student desks that are much less inticing and far more suited to the technological age. Many desks today feature chrome, metal, or tempered safety glass tabletops, making them more resistant to wear. They often double as great modern computer desks for classrooms that provide them.

Computer Accessories

In an era of all things digital, schools all over the country have recognized the benefits of adding computers to their students' learning experience and are oftentimes required. Unfortunately, computers bring with them all kinds of baggage: keyboards, chords, and external hard drives are just the beginnings of a list thats as long as the Great Wall of China. The good news is that there are many new computer accessories designed to make your life easier. Devices like keyboard trays or CPU holders for external hard drives are easily installed so that accidents such as spilled beverages won't cost you a fortune. The addition of adjustable ergonomic computer monitor arms  and workstations are wonderful ways to clean up a computer room by giving everything its own space. So if you have any fears about the addition of computers, don't fret! Computer gadgets are here to save you!

Classroom Accessories

Great accessorizing in a classroom doesn't always have to cost you a fortune, Oftentimes, the littlest things can make a big difference! The addition of classroom accessories such as a hook rack for backpacks or a partition hanger can ready a classroom for the new school year in a jiffy providing designated places for the simple things. Adding Flatscreen TV mounts opens up a whole new window of learning opportunity by allowing teachers the option to educate their class with entertaining documentaries or other television programs! The digital age is all about thinking outside the box. With these great accessories, your students will have no trouble doing the same.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Top Selling Reception Furniture Solutions

Creating a stylish welcoming area for your business will leave a lasting impression on any guest. While a reception area makeover might seem to be a daunting task, a well designed space is easily achieved if you familiarize yourself with the hottest new furniture solutions. The top selling reception furniture highlighted in this review article is sure to have your business looking fantastic in a flash.

Reception Desks for Sale

A professional waiting area should focus around the welcome desk. In 2013, several top office furniture brands have released incredibly unique reception desks for sale that won't break your budget. Brands like OFM, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries offer quality that interior design teams and furniture professionals have come to love.

Marque Reception Station
The new curved reception desks from the Marque collection offer ample wow factor and tool free assembly any furniture purchasing novice will be thankful for!
Napoli Reception Station
Lines like the Napoli casegoods collection provide the perfect combination of luxury and modern aesthetics sure to create a well rounded environment to be proud of.
 Verde Reception Desk
The Cherryman Industries Verde Office Furniture line is another hot seller that offers full service workplace solutions from the waiting room to the boardroom.

Top Reception Seating for Sale

Once you've chosen the perfect welcome desk, it's time to get your guests comfortable! Top waiting room chairs include a variety of specific styles to meet your individual taste and decor needs. From modular beam seating to traditional lounge options, you'll be at no shortage of popular solutions for your reception space.
Beam Seating
Contemporary business will want to focus on cutting edge products like the OFM Net Series guest chair and beam configurations. These innovative products work great in both indoor and outdoor applications and are quite budget friendly. As an added bonus product review videos are also available that really showcase the quality of this line.
Tablet Lounge Chair

Looking to create a versatile space? You'll want to focus on utilizing top selling lounge chairs from lines like the Santa Cruz series from mayline. The Santa Cruz series Tablet Lounge Chair is easy to move with it's durable casters and is available in both black and almond leather upholstery options.

Zoma Side Chair

Those on a strict budget will appreciate modular guest chairs and gang seating solutions from brands like Global Industries. Products like the Zoma armless side chair provide a simplistic look that can be customized in an extensive selection of fabric choices. Creating a well designed space doesn't have to cost a fortune! Priced at $198.99 each, these quality chairs will improve your corporate decor efficiently.

Coffee Tables for Sale

The little details make the biggest difference when it comes to new reception furniture for your business. Adding accent products like modern coffee tables will showcase your ingenuity and individualism. Top collections like the Citi, Mystic, and Profile series from brands like Global, Lesro, and OFM have become incredibly popular in 2013. Wall art, lamps, and area rugs can also be utilized to complete your space.

Citi Coffee Table

The Citi Series Coffee Table by Global defines style in the workplace. This new product looks fantastic with it's glass top and choice of laminate base finish. Use this line of office tables for sale to match the associated lounge furniture to perfection and you'll have a space sure to earn daily compliments!
Mystic Coffee Table

The Mystic Coffee Table features a metal base and laminate top in your choice of 6 finishes. Priced at only $204.99, this product is truly an excellent value.
Contemporary Cocktail Table
The OFM Profile Table collection offers an innovative style that combines metal for an industrially inspired look. This contemporary cocktail table makes a perfect addition to modern lounge furniture configurations and guest waiting areas featuring the NET series furniture mentioned above.


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