Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Future of Modern Office Furniture

 Modern Office FurnitureThe world of office furniture has never been more exciting. Innovative new products are being manufactured on a daily basis to meet the demands of modern businesses. From office chairs to desks, trends are more apparent than ever giving us a glimpse into the future of professional furnishings.

Like with kitchens, the industrial style is rapidly taking over when it comes to office furniture. This popular look involves the use of metal and other materials sure to provide long lasting quality and commercial appeal. When it comes to desking, the future of furniture can be easily seen in lines like the e5 furniture collection by Mayline. This collection of affordable workplace furnishings offers a customizable approach to the demands of any space. With thousands of matching components available, the trending industrial style can be created in spaces of any size!

Contemporary Office Furniture

In the future, there will be no shortage of glass in the workplace! Utilizing products like desks and glass conference table solutions provides a neutral canvas sure to match any decor. Glass gives the illusion of a larger work environment and further enhances the commercial look mentioned above. Look for a wide variety of frosted glass reception tables to make there way onto the market as well! Lines like the OFM Net Series table collection will give you a clear cut idea as to where to world of contemporary waiting room furniture is headed.

Industry professionals know that modularity and mobility work hand in hand to create some of the most effective work environments on the planets. In the future, casters will be present on just about every form of furniture available. The ability to quickly reconfigure work spaces to meet specific needs is vital. The future is all about versatility! Modular furniture collections like the Junction Tables line from Global Total Office will provide valuable insight into just how create your office can be. Stylish and unique office tables like these can be easily moved to provide ease of cleaning and space saving attributes high in demand by any business!

Innovative Office Furniture and Chairs

Space is probably at a premium in your office. For that reason, maximizing your office square footage is absolutely essential. Rest assured, products are already in the works to help you create multi purpose spaces designed to meet more than just one office need. Take conference room furnishings for example. No longer are wood conference tables the only way to outfit your space! Creative configurations like the popular Bungee Tables sets can be quickly adjusted to form functional training room furniture layouts for learning purposes.

Powered offices provide speed and efficiency that can't won't be forgotten in the future. Currently, powered conference tables and desk configurations are being created to allow for phone, data, and other devices to be connected right into the main worksurface. You'll be seeing far less table to projectors during meetings and far more laptops. Creating an interactive work space is without a doubt one of the main design and selling points of any office makeover. Having a space that works with and for you is now more possible than ever!

Open desking will undoubtedly become one of the hot items towards the end of 2013 and beyond. Standard office cubicle configurations will still be used but far less often. These blocky configurations create a closed off look while and innovative open desking clusters boast an open feel that promotes a team environment. Both styles will offer modular characteristics leaving room for business growth. One benefit of both is the ability to built up. Space will be more limited and the need for office storage products will grow exponentially. Taking your configuration to the ceiling will maximize office potential while generating the necessary organization space you need.

Professional Office Furniture
The future of modern office furniture can be easily seen in professional office chairs and their ergonomic benefits. It's no secret that ergo friendliness rules the work world. In the future, the same remains true! Creating the most luxurious office chairs with comfort improving features has become a modern arms race for seating manufacturers. New OFM office chairs like the Avenger model are designed to provide a modern yet comfortable look for individuals up to 500 lbs. The incredibly popular Ergohuman Chair is truly one of the most innovative mesh back seating solutions on the market. The good news is, you'll be at no shortage of options for your office seating in the future!

Look for the use of unique upholstery now and in the near future. Two tone seating offers a unique look while white office chairs provide a classy yet clean look to any modern office. Products like the Annie series red leather office chair make a statement that's sure to be noticed and appreciated by any business guest. Chrome, tungsten, and polished aluminum seating frames will also be used to provide durability and incredibly cool style.

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