Thursday, May 16, 2013

How To Arrange Your Reception Furniture Effectively

Making a good first impression is essential for any business. As the reception area is commonly the first space seen by guests of your company, it's essential to have your furniture arranged in a professional manner. This article highlights simple and easy ways to coordinate, arrange, and layout your professional reception furniture and seating. Enjoy!

Place Your Reception Desk

Modern Reception Furniture ConfigurationThe reception desk should be used as a main focal point of any guest area.  Any well designed business entry space will provide visitors with a clear method of first contact, and the reception station provides just that. The preferred method of placement for larger reception areas is at a central point in order to provide a welcoming appearance from any angle. Smaller reception areas typically utilize back wall placement to maximize the amount of usable square footage for seating. This is also acceptable. Areas designed with side entries will want to utilize an L shaped reception desk configuration along the opposite wall to provide an open feel. Top reception desk layouts from manufacturers like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries provide solutions for areas of any size. Keep in mind, most large and small reception desks are somewhat heavy. Measure your space properly to ensure a proper fit and minimize movement efforts. Essentially, the first place you put your desk is where it should stay.

Layout Your Seating

Modern Reception FurnitureWhen planning your reception furniture makeover project, it's best to pull out a note pad to make a few practice sketches. Plot out your area in a variety of different ways to see what feels most effective. Remember to identify important factors like the number of guests you hope to accommodate, power access, and child entertainment.

Popular reception seating layouts include the wrap around look, which consists of guest seating configured around the border of your space accented by a center table. The back to back look essentially combines the general theme of the a wrap around layout with chairs placed back to back through the center for additional seating. No matter your choice, it's always smart to draw out a few ideas no matter how poor your drawing skills may be! Professional design services are also available from most reputable office furniture providers.

Once you've chosen chairs for the reception area and a layout configuration, you'll need to determine what style of chair works best for your business. A variety of wood reception chairs are available for traditionally styled spaces. Modern businesses will prefer contemporary solutions like modular beam seating from brands like OFM Office Furniture for their space. A modular product is always a wise investment. Mobilized chairs, gang seating, and stacking office chairs make for easy to clean spaces that can rearrange in minutes.

Arrange Your Accent Furniture

Contemporary Coffee TableShopping for new reception tables and matching accent furniture can be fun! This simple step really allows office employees the chance to let their interior design skills shine. Popular items for accenting your reception, lounge, or waiting room furniture include magazine displays, lighting, and versatile end tables from a variety of top brands. As a side tip, if you choose wood reception tables, makes sure they are cohesive with the reception station finish you've chosen. One form of accent furniture can also double as yet another focal point. The coffee table, if arranged in the center of a seating layout can showcase business style and get the style compliments flowing! Using any of the office coffee tables provided from brands like Lesro Industries are a great way to achieve just that.

When accenting your reception space ask yourself a few simple questions. Does this item improve the look of my business? Does it improve efficiency and effectiveness? Will it improve our guests visit? If you answer yes, the product is probably worth purchasing. If the answer is no, it's more than likely a luxury item that can be left out to save your budget. In the long run arranging accenting office reception tables should be a fun step that allows your professional ingenuity to shine. Strive for a welcoming space that offers a great first impression. The rest will fall in line!

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