Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Refining The Work Floor: Open Concept Workstations

The days of using high wall panel furniture systems that create obstructed sight lines are rapidly coming to an end. Businesses are turning to modular workstations designed to encourage collaboration and an open concept feel that's sure to impress. Today in our new 'Refining The Work Floor' series we'll showcase the hottest open concept collections on the market.

Easy Office

Bush Easy Office 2 Person Cubicle

First up is the Bush Easy Office collection. This line of modular cubicles can be used to create single and multi user workstations without a headache. If you're struggling to find high quality furniture that's easy to assemble and doesn't cost a small fortune, the Bush Easy Office cubicles for sale in 2018 are definitely worth a look.


OFM Rize 4 Person Cluster Desk

Up next are the open concept cubicles for sale from the OFM Rize collection. They've been on the market for awhile now, but remain a top choice of interior design teams and industry professionals. These modular workstations actually require no tools for assembly. Rize stations are sold individually, or in groupings to meet the needs of any project.


Amber open concept workstations

Popular desk collections like Amber from Cherryman Industries have been revamped to include the modular components needed to create open concept workstations on the work floor. This cost effective line offers high end appeal and unrivaled value. Amber offers 6 quick shipping finish options that pair with attractive handle pulls that will have your commercial interiors looking better than ever.

Superior Laminate

Another budget friendly line of open concept workstations to consider for your work floor is Superior Laminate from Offices To Go. This extensive collection of modular components makes it easy and affordable to kick old school panel furniture to the curb. Superior Laminate desks are available in 4 finish options. You can also purchase individual Superior Laminate desk configurations for your private interiors.


Global Zira open concept workstation for 4 people

We can't say enough good things about the Zira office furniture collection from Global. This full service line offers reception stations, power ready conference tables, and thousands of modular components that can be used to get creative with your work floor furniture layout. Zira isn't your ordinary furniture line. It's far more versatile. With Zira, the sky is the limit. This collection makes it easy to think outside the box and create cutting edge interiors with an open concept feel that has no rival.

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