Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Best of 2016: 7 Chairs That Rocked The Office!

It was an awesome year for industry leading office chair manufacturers like Eurotech Seating, iDesk, and Global. These reputable brands made finding comfort and improving productivity easier than ever. Today we'll take a look back at 7 of the hottest chairs 2016 had to offer. Prepare to be impressed!

1.) iOO by Eurotech

Eurotech iOO Chair

The iOO chair was one of our absolute favorites. This high tech ergonomic office chair is perfect for all day tasking, computing, and executive applications. The iOO boasts an unrivaled array of adjustable features that make finding posture perfect positions a breeze.

2.) CUR101 Curva by iDesk

iDesk Curva Chair

The iDesk office seating collection from Cherryman Industries took 2016 by storm. Top of the line leather executive chairs like the CUR101 impressed in every way. This high back executive swivel chair even works great in upscale boardroom settings. The Curva is luxurious, comfortable, sleek, and nothing short of trend setting!

3.) Solar by Global

Global Solar Chair

Shoppers tend to grow tired of the same old chair styles. Perhaps no brand understands this more than Global Total Office. Their all new Solar all mesh office chair collection for conference room and tasking applications was like a breath of fresh air in 2016. Available in a variety of attractive color options, the 8457 model Solar chair can be effectively used in both modern and traditional environments. This incredibly user friendly chair looks simple, because it is. That being said, it's still incredibly supportive!

4.) Stratus by OFM

OFM Stratus Chair

While other brands are looking for ways to imitate the latest trends, OFM is busy setting them in motion. Take one look at their all new Stratus 24 hour big and tall task chair and you'll quickly see what we mean. With it's this gray fabric seat, modern mesh design, polished chrome accents, and adjustable arms, what's not to love about this heavy duty office chair?

5.) OTG2913 by Offices To Go

OTG2913 Office Chair

It may not have a fancy name, but it does have fancy features! The OTG2913 office chair by Offices To Go as a big winner in 2016 and will continue to rock interiors in years to come. This contoured high back managers chair is available in attractive leather color options. The OTG2913 comes standard with adjustable arms and a multi functional mechanism that any user will love.

6.) Living Chair by Mayline

Mayline Living Chair

Why spend time adjusting tension knobs and pulling mechanism levers to get comfortable when your chair can do it for you! The LV34GG model Mayline Living chair as taken the "smart chair" movement to a whole new level. This auto-responding chair minimizes the ergonomic learning curve to have it's users operating a peak performance levels in no time.

7.) Hendrix by Woodstock Marketing

Hendrix Chair by Woodstock Marketing

Jimi's birthday was just over a week ago. There's no way we could of completed an article on 2016's coolest chairs without highlighting the one named after the greatest guitarist of all time. The Hendrix chair boasts an exceptional blend of mid century modern, retro, and contemporary characteristics that made it a favorite for executive office and professional boardroom remodeling projects. All of it's 5 quick shipping leather upholstery options are cool, but the gray is certainly our favorite! You simply can't go wrong with this virtuoso inspired office chair.

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