Thursday, January 31, 2013

Modern Reception Furniture Solutions for Your Business

Creating a stylish reception space is incredibly important for modern businesses. Part of creating the perfect space involves knowing the hottest new products. This article highlights several of the industries best reception furniture solutions sure to enhance your space with the contemporary look your in search of!

Modern Reception Chair

When designing a visitors area most consumers start with the seating. That being said there are a host of new reception seating solutions available from brands like Offices To Go. For those unfamiliar with this awesome brand, their products are manufactured by Global Total Office and offer the same industry leading quality. The best part, all of their furniture and seating is stocked in a variety of color options to meet the time constraints and decor needs of any office space. Products like the new 1210 stacking guest chair offer the modern look and comfort simply unmatched by other chairs in the same price range. At $67.99 each, these chairs create a contemporary feel, offer a comfortable sit, and provide durability for a long life. Available with bulk pricing and free shipping these modern reception chairs are truly an excellent value!

When it comes to modern reception seating, OFM, Inc. is always an excellent choice. Their host of products from the new NET series are making waves throughout the furniture and seating community and garnering a host of positive feedback from consumers. Products like the new Net Series Beam Seating solution are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. The durable steel mesh design is offered in 7 stand out colors and models like the NB-3G even include a frosted glass table for added user versatility.

Glass Reception Table
In addition to the Net series reception beam seating a variety of cool new reception tables are also available to match. The OFM frosted glass reception table NGT-2 is an incredible sit stand solution that works great in contemporary environments as well as bistros. The 1/2" thick glass surface and powder coated steel frame ensure long time good looks. Priced at only $185.99 this Net series office table is a real bargain. As an added bonus, this product is GREENGUARD Certified and helps to reduce our overall carbon footprint while improving indoor air quality. Finding a deal is great, but if you can help the environment at the same time its fantastic!

Brighton Reception Desk
No modern reception space can be complete without a modern reception station! Any industry professional worth their salt will tell you nobody offers more contemporary reception desks than Mayline. With a slew of popular casegoods collections it would be too hard to highlight all of the top Mayline reception desks. For the sake of today's article we will have to make due with one. The good news is it's a real winner! The Brighton BT27LCR reception desk by Mayline is available in 2 attractive finishes and includes free shipping. A nice bonus considering the insanely low price of $502.99! This modern reception desk includes a suspended file pedestal for storage and added value. Overall, the Brighton casegoods line is perfect for the needs of any growing business. The variety of matching U Shaped Executive Desks, wall cabinets, and modern boardroom tables ensure a classy look in any area. Brighton is a collection that's sure to be around for years. This top seller allows shoppers to create and add on to their existing space easily and within budget.

Modern Coat Tree

So we all know reception areas consist of seating, tables, and a front desk. However, there are often several small details commonly overlooked during the design process. Popular offices accessories should always be accounted for in the budget process. The good news is, several of the hottest reception area accessories are quite affordable. Products like the Global Total Office coat tree will improve your space for only $179.99. This super cool coat rack is available in 3 colors and will match modern or traditionally styled areas perfectly. Additionally, products like literature racks are also great enhancement products sure to improve to overall appeal of your visitors area and should definitely be considered.

Modern Ergonomic Task Chair

While keeping guests comfortable and impressed are top concerns. It's equally important to remember the needs of your employees. Keeping your front desk associate comfortable and working efficiently starts with quality ergonomic seating. Often, this will be an area where savings are easily achieved. Modern office chairs from brands like Boss are definitely worth a look! Chairs like the new B6286 ergonomic task chair provide a host of user friendly features and a consumer friendly price of only $149.99. These mesh back office chairs not only look great, they preform great too!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creating An Affordable Executive Office

An executive workspace worthy of compliments and designed for efficiency can be quite budget friendly. With the collections highlighted in this article, you will be empowered with the product knowledge and shopping tips necessary to create the perfect work environment for your individual needs.

Cherryman Executive Furniture

This first executive furniture collection that came up when planning this article is a long time industry favorite. The Cherryman Industries Emerald furniture collection includes a variety of desk configurations with traditional style, perfect for the needs of any business owner. This line is ideal for both home and business use. Of particular interest are the stylish table desks and pre configured typical packages for easy purchasing. These simple to spec solutions allow shoppers to buy everything needed for their executive space in one transaction. Brands like Cherryman have realized the difficulty of mix and match furniture purchases and eliminated this process all together. This time saving solution of in stock products, is definitely worth a look by those in the market for high end executive products in a hurry.

Princeton Furniture

Compliments are never at a shortage when Princeton furniture is present. This modular casegoods furniture collection includes a variety of customizable desking solutions geared towards the needs of the modern professional. If contemporary style is your hearts desire, Princeton is the line for you! Frosted glass overheads, industrially influenced lines, and sharp edges provide a commercial appeal favored by most. The best part, this swanky collection is extremely versatile. Available in a variety of laminate finishes, this collection is capable of matching the decor needs of any space. Regardless of your space limitations, Princeton products have a size and configuration for you. Shoppers will enjoy the chance to piece together a custom package or to choose from typical solutions that offer an out of the box approach and simplistic appeal. No matter your choice, Princeton will look stunning and won't break your budget.

When creating an executive office it's important to remember your office chair! Having a beautiful workspace is important, but comfort is of equal value! Chair collections from brands like Offices To Go offer a variety of models geared towards enhancing work environment and increasing your efficiency. All this while complementing your current furniture and decor. Popular leather executive chairs like the 11617B offer affordability and style at a price any budget can appreciate. If you're in search of a more high end solution, try a manufacturer like Via Seating. Products like the Neva series chair provide a modern look and upscale ergonomic attributes sure to garner a host of compliments while keeping you more than comfortable! Regardless of the chair you choose, provide yourself with the best chance to save on your purchase. Finding discount office chairs via sales and specials is always a great place to start. Browse around for coupons and inquire about free shipping whenever possible.

Choosing a full service manufacturer for your furniture needs is always an excellent way to save time and money. Brands like Mayline and several others offer a full service approach to buying anything for your office. From filing products to industry leading ergonomic office chairs, full service companies allow shoppers to purchase everything needed for their business quickly and easily. Another nice benefit of utilizing a full service manufacturer is the ease of delivery. Often, purchasing products from a variety of vendors and manufacturers requires multiple shipments of products. This can be a headache when coordinating the receipt of items. On one day your chair might be arriving in the morning and the the next your desks are arriving in the afternoon. This can present avoidable problems that should be considered and planed for accordingly. The best furniture and seating brands will do their best to help you coordinate shipments, but it will definitely require a little setup on your end.

As an additional shopping tip, by working with your vendor of choice you can inquire about bulk discounts. Often, when utilizing products from a single manufacturer, you increase your opportunity for additional savings. In addition to Mayline, other full service office furnishing providers include widely sold brands like OFM, Inc. furniture and Global Total Office. Despite your preference of modern or traditionally styled office desks, these brands offer a solution for nearly any space and taste.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ergonomic Furniture Deals You Can't Afford To Miss

When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, it's all about utilizing products that will make YOU more efficient. That being said a wide selection of new ergonomic furniture solutions are on sale this month at prices you can't afford to pass up. Enjoy!

Product 1: ESI Apollo Station

Apollo Series Wall Mounted Ergonomic Workstation

Wall mounted ergonomic stations have become incredibly popular over the past few years. Manufacturers like ESI have paved the way for this revolutionary style of product. Ergo workstations provide a space saving and cost effective solution to desking needs in the workplace. Units like the Apollo 6-PR PAC Station utilize an innovative shuttle lift system designed to provide instant "touchdown" adjustment and provide comfort to users. The system also incorporates integrated stops for safety. Priced at $964.99, this unit is ideal for high use work areas and healthcare environments.

Product 2: Mayline VariTask Table

Mayline VariTask Table
When it comes to ergonomic desk configurations, Mayline VariTask tables are definitely a worthy solution. This height adjustable office desk is on sale now for only $1387.99. The 650W model VariTask table is perfect for corner applications and is available in two attractive finishes. Perfect for both home and business use, the 650W features a durable electronic drive system, broad travel range, and adjustable keyboard surface for added user versatility. The thermally fused laminate work surface is manufactured to Mayline's high quality standards and ensure a lifetime of good looks.

Product 3: Ergonomic Concepts Table

Height Adjustable Office Table
A big part of office ergonomics is keeping things simple. This mentality is fully understood and put to work by brands like Ergonomic Concepts. This industry leading ergonomic furniture provider offers a wide range of products geared towards making life in the office go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Products like this height adjustable office table are available in 6 sizes and a huge selection of surface finishes to meet the individual decor needs of any space. The 24-50 inch adjustable capability is one of the largest spans available on the market. The 350 lb. weight capacity and low profile electric columns add to the quality and simplistic appeal. Needless to say, industry professionals are always quick to recommend Ergonomic Concepts Furniture like the 3624-L2.

Product 4: OFM Split Level Stand

OFM Split Level Stand
The OFM LCS-100 split level stand offers versatility and benefits to any space it accompanies. At a price of $99.99 this product should be a permanent fixture at every business. In the conference room this unit acts as a projector stand that adjusts easily to meet the needs of any presenter. In small offices it serves as a laptop desk with side mousing platform. Healthcare environments commonly rely on this awesome product as an overbed table. The list goes on and on! Available in 4 color combinations, the LCS-100 features locking casters and a limitless array of adjustment capabilities. This simple office product is a real winner in every sense of the word!

Product 5: Systematix Monitor Arm

Systematix Monitor Arm

Industry professionals are big fans of ergonomic monitor arms. That being said, not all models are created equal. The Systematix 7915 is the superior choice when it comes to flexibility. With this versatile monitor mount, sit and stand capabilities are just the beginning. When your screen is not in use, it's easily moves to the back of your workspace, completely out of the way. Both clamp mount and grommet mount systems are available to meet the needs of all modular workstations and are included at no additional charge. Priced at $165.99, this deal is hard to pass up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Modern Reception Tables That Will Enhance Your Space

Creating a stylish visitor area is an essential part of any professional business. Providing a good first impression often includes a welcoming space that's pleasing to the eye. With the use of quality reception tables, any space can be transformed into an area worth bragging about. This article highlights several modern and traditional reception table solutions sure to do just that!

OFM Profile TableTable 1: Profile Series End Table

OFM, Inc. is known for quality workplace furnishings. Over the last few years they have really stepped up their offering of reception products with items like curved reception desk solutions from the Marque collection, as well as beam seating for guests. Another area line deserves some credit is the new Profile series. The OFM Profile table collection includes models like this 2014 unit that boast modern style and contemporary flair! The 2014 table is available in a choice of 3 finishes and features chrome plated legs for a really neat look. Utilizing this awesome office table is a great way to enhance your reception profile, pun intended!

Table 2: Wind Series Coffee Table

Wind Linear Coffee TableWhen Global Total Office set out to enhance their Wind lounge furniture set they achieved far more. With the new Wind linear coffee table they not only enhanced one lounge furniture collection, but every one this table sits next to. In all truth, these modern reception tables really are stunning! Available in a huge selection of finishes, models like the 3880 wind coffee table are a sure fire way to put life into any visitor area. A choice of black, tungsten, charcoal, and chrome leg finishes allow users to customize the look of this stylish table to meet the individual needs of their space. Priced at $507.99, this table is an absolute value and is a favorite amongst interior designers. Look for this unit to be a huge hit in 2013.

Table 3: Mira Series Coffee Table

Mira Coffee TableWhen it comes to gorgeous wood veneer finishes, Mayline office furnishings are at the top of the list. This reputable manufacturer promotes a wide variety of top casegoods furniture lines that are built to last and truly impress. One of these collections, the Mira furniture line is amongst the absolute best. Mira includes a variety of wood office desk configurations and traditional tables sure to impress with their all around appeal. For that reason, the Mira Coffee Table was an easy selection for this article. Available in 2 stocked finishes, this affordable table is a sure fire way to create a homey feel in your visitor space. The simplistic lines offer a distinguished look that screams class and elegance. If it's a traditional look your in search of, look no further take a look in the Mira!

Table 4: Jade Series Occasional Table

Jade Series Occasional TableCherryman Industries popular Jade line is always a great choice for any office environment. Jade series casegoods include a variety of top products that really impress even beyond the wood occasional table highlighted in this post! Take for example the exquisite executive desk sets and even the modern reception desks. A true testimony to office craftsmanship. It's easy to see the benefits of the J131 table. The thick top and wood legs provide a sturdy look that boasts well in traditionally styled environments. The simple style makes it a great accent to a space without overpowering other office lounge area seating but still makes an impression on guests. Overall, Jade table solutions are real winner.

Table 5: Net Series Reception Table

Net Series Glass Reception Table
Let's be honest. There was absolutely zero chance of making it through this article without highlighting this absolutely stunning modern glass reception table. The NGT-1 table is rapidly becoming the top used table in contemporary visitor areas. The round frosted glass top and powder coated steel base are features not commonly seen in tables priced at $265.99. In fact, after doing some research, no tables matching these credentials came back available for even close to this price. In a nut shell, this table rocks! The NGT-1 is typically in stock and ships within 48 hours. A nice attribute for those in need of new reception furniture in a hurry. Consider the Net series table if your in the market. You will definitely be impressed!

Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Cool Drafting Tables for Your Home or Business

Drafting tables have become very popular over the past few years. Accenting your home and business with a stylish art style table is a great way to enhance your space. Utilizing some of the hottest new drafting tables available, this article highlights 5 new models sure to impress. These budget friendly drafting tables are real winners!

Table 1: Avanta Drafting Table

Avanta Drafting Table

Modern style is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the Avanta drafting table. This modern glass art table is a great way to provide a contemporary look at a price any budget can appreciate. At $257.99 this table is truly an excellent value. Some of the features of the 10060 include an adjustable top, pencil ledge, and tempered blue safety glass. Overall, the Avanta table is and will continue to be a hit throughout 2013.

Table 2: Ranger Drafting Table

Ranger Drafting Table

The next table up is the Ranger drafting table by Mayline. The commercial style of this industrial drafting table appeals to professionals. Even better, the price tag appeals to everyone! At only $538.99 this affordable steel post table solution is a great choice for beginners as well. The only downside of the Ranger table is that it's typically not stocked. The good news is it's worth the wait! Typically, these awesome tables are made to order and feature thermally fused birch laminate surface construction for added durability. This is one product that's definitely built to last.

Table 3: Flash Furniture Drafting Table

Adjustable Drafting Table

Table 3 is a great choice for beginners and students. This affordable art table is priced to sell at $105.99 and includes free shipping as well as a host of features. This small adjustable drafting table boasts a melamine surface, side storage trays, and a black high gloss finish. Don't let the price tag fool you, this quick shipping table is one fantastic piece of modern drafting furniture that won't let you down. It also makes a fantastic gift for the aspiring artist in your life!

Table 4: Portable Drafting Table

Portable Drafting Table

Table 4 is just plain cool. This well designed portable drafting table is perfect for the traveling architect or artist. Priced at $185.99 it's easy to see the value this popular table has to offer. As with all Studio Designs glass office tables, the 13220 features a tempered glass surface for added strength. The heavy gauge steel construction, quick installation, and 6 adjustment points are just a few of the added benefits the 13220 has to offer. This unique model can also be utilized as a light table for even more versatility. What a bargain!

Table 5: Futur Matic Drafting Tables

Drafting Table

Last but not least, the Futur Matic Drafting Table. While most of the selections chosen for this article were for both beginners and professionals, the 8693B table is definitely designed for professionals alone. When it comes to high end drafting tables, Mayline knows best. As with all Mayline office tables, this unit is built extremely well and with the users needs in mind. The adjustment capabilities, electronic lift system, and thermally fused surface are just a few of the key features this commercial table has to offer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Luxury Leather Office Chairs Under $500

Having a luxury office chair in your office is easy if you know where to look! Some of the hottest styles on the market today are available for well below $500. That being said, today's article will highlight several of the top luxury seating solutions for home and business use. All within a $500 budget. Enjoy!

Chair 1: UL330M

Ultimo Chair

The Mayline UL330M Ultimo Chair defines luxury. This fashionable office chair is the perfect way to kick of this article as the price is well below our budget at only $390.99. The ergonomic features this awesome swivel chair offers are simply unmatched. The thickly padded contoured leather seat and back, adjustable height and width controls, padded leather armrests, deluxe knee tilt control, pronounced lumbar support, and 2-to-1 synchro tilt control are just a few of the awesome features offered with the UL330M.

Chair 2: 560-L

Leather Office Chair

Keeping with our theme of luxury office chairs under $500, the OFM 560-L chair is up next. Well renowned for their affordable office furniture solutions, OFM, Inc. still offers some of the industries best chairs. The 560-L is perfect for use in executive office environments utilizing wood finishes. Available in 2 color combinations, this chair screams elegance! The pillow headrest, knee tilt control, and instant seat height adjustment are just of few of the benefits this awesome product has to offer. At $455.99, this chair is truly an excellent buy.

Chair 3: 2850-3

Aspen Chair

Global Total Office products are greatly respected throughout the furniture and seating community. Their modular office tables are incredibly innovative and inspiring. Their work with green and sustainable products is incredibly admirable, and their modular workstations are some of the absolute best around. However, industry professionals will agree, this brand makes their biggest impression with their modern office chairs. Pieces like this 2850-3 Aspen chair come in just under our budget at $499.99. However, this is budget well spent! The Aspen chair is a sure way to stay comfortable and efficient all day long. This stylish business chair is an excellent way to impress visitors and will garner a ton of interest. Compliments are never at a shortage when the Aspen executive chair is present in a workspace. The ergonomic features and overall appeal of this product has revolutionized the seating industry.

Chair 4: 2791LM-4

Another popular seating solution from Global Total Office, the 2791LM-4 offers luxury at a price anyone can appreciate. The Mirage leather office chair from Global boasts modern style and contemporary flair for days on end. This high end office chair features an attractive chrome frame and choice of 13 leather options. Priced at $498.99 this chair is a real value. Ergo features and benefits are at no shortage with the Mirage!

Chair 5: B9461

Luxury Desk Chair

A luxury leather office chair for only $210.99. How is that possible? Even we are unsure. Boss must have gone crazy when pricing this Aaria series chair, or they just love giving excellent seating at discount prices. The B9461 is a favorite amongst interior designers as it's budget friendly style promotes excellence in the workplace without the high price tag. Using a luxury swivel chair like this leaves plenty of money for other furniture needs like stylish reception furniture or even those modern guest chairs you've had your eye on. A deal like this is easy to appreciate, and that's why everyone should love the B9461 chair by Boss!

Monday, January 14, 2013

January Office Furniture Deals For You

We all love a good deal and these awesome products provide just that! From the hottest new Mayline conference tables to modern lounge furniture sets, we have your every office furniture need covered. Enjoy!

Deal 1: Napoli Conference Table

Conference Table

For the everyday low price of $1333.99 this stylish modern conference table can enhance your boardroom. The NC10 Napoli table by Mayline features elegant lines with exceptional durability. Available in 3 attractive finishes, this hardwood veneer table works well in any contemporary work environment.

Deal 2: Heated Leather Office Chair
Heated Office Chair

Tired of those cold mornings in the office? This awesome new heated office chair by Boss is the perfect solution. The R-MALIBU-BK chair features a variety of versatile ergonomic features including the heating mechanism place within the lumbar support. How cool is that! In addition, this fully functional computer chair boasts a chrome plated base, pneumatic seat height adjustment capabilities, and a knee tilt mechanism allowing you to customize your comfort! All this for only $390.99. Now that's a deal!

Deal 3: Marque Reception Station
Curved Reception Desk
The Marque line of OFM reception stations has been a top seller for the last two years. That being said, this top reception furniture solution is now on sale for $1131.99, the absolute best price online! The 55310 reception desk is perfect for smaller spaces looking to create a modern atmosphere. The curved design, clear transaction counter, silver frame, and wire cutouts are just a few of the fantastic features this affordable unit has to offer.

Deal 4: Prairie Lounge Furniture Set

Lounge Furniture Set

The Global Total Office Prairie series lounge furniture set is an excellent choice for both traditional and modern visitor areas. This two piece set is available in a seemingly limitless selection of upholstery options including 10 leather options. The Prairie collection features gently barrel shaped arms and wood that complete a truly beautiful appearance. Priced at $1529.99 this set is an excellent value. Matching reception tables are also available to complete the look!

Deal 5: OTG Desking Configuration
Discount Executive Desk
When it comes to affordable executive desking Offices To Go is always an excellent choice. This industry leading brand is commonly known for their premier office chairs but also offers a variety of beautiful casegoods furniture. Sets like this U Shaped desk configuration are a perfect example of their craftsmanship. The SL8 unit is available in three popular finishes and typically ships within 48 hours. An excellent benefit for those in need of executive office furniture in a flash! This popular set can be yours for the everyday low price of $1190.99 and also includes free nationwide shipping.

In addition to January's top furniture and seating solutions, a variety of coupons have been made available for even more savings. Enjoy the codes below and happy shopping!

Coupon 1: FP3600

Save $25 Off Any Order of $499 or More + Free Shipping!

Coupon 2: FP3900

Save $50  Off Any Order of $999 or More + Free Shipping!

Coupon 3: FP4000

Save $100 Off Any Order of $1999 or More + Free Shipping!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cool New Modern Conference Tables for 2013

Several industry leading office furniture manufacturers have released a variety of new conference tables to accent and highlight your boardroom. That being said, this article will share several of these hot new tables to meet the individual needs of your modern space.

Table 1: Alba Conference Table

Conference Table

Modern style has taken over boardrooms throughout the country. Tables from the Alba collection are sure to provide you with a space to be proud of. This awesome collection boasts industrially styled metal legs and a choice of surface shape. Designing a conference room is easy with alba!

Table 2: Modern Boat Shaped Conference Table

Modern Conference Table

The next table up is the unique boat shaped model from Global. The simple design and boat shaped surface make this laminate boardroom table a top choice amongst interior designers and consumers alike. Available in a huge selection of attractive finishes, this new table is sure to be a big winner in 2013.

Table 3: Zira Conference Table

Zira Conference Table

If you've fallen in love with Zira executive office desks, then you will share the same affection for their line of discount conference tables. Zira modern office tables feature a modern style and contemporary flair that's easy to appreciate. This simple yet elegant laminate solution to your furnishing needs is gaining industry credibility for it's quality craftsmanship and gorgeous finish selections.

Table 4: Modular Conference Table

Modular Conference Table

What's better than one table? How about a whole set! Modular conference tables are incredibly popular in todays office environment. They allow spaces to transform to meet a variety of needs. As we all know, space is at a premium. Tables like this ConnecTABLES configuration are an excellent way to modernize your multi functional work area with awesome style. These budget friendly conference room furnishings are a hot commodity and will continue to be so throughout 2013.

Table 5: Correlation Conference Table

Correlation Conference Table

It's hard to top the modern style of the Correlation collection. This line of new boardroom tables for sale includes popular models geared towards creating an efficient work environment. The Correlation table is available in a variety of finishes and is made to order. While this table won't ship out in 24 hours, it's well worth the wait. Creating a professional space with office tables of this caliber will ensure a pleasant visit for your guests and employees alike, and for that reason Correlation is a real winner!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

5 Top Executive Furniture Solutions for 2013

New for 2013 is an excellent selection of top quality executive furniture solutions from several industry leaders. Modern style seems to be the main trend, but in the midst of this new office furniture wave, new traditionally styled casegoods are also available. Enjoy these stylish desking solutions for your home and business.

Configuration 1: C1F1 Princeton Desk Set

Global Princeton Furniture

Global Total Office has made huge waves in the modular casegoods furniture game this past year. New for 2013 is a variety of desk sets from the modern Princeton series. This collection of high quality laminate furniture is perfect for businesses looking for a way to transition into the contemporary look without going overboard. Princeton series furniture is the perfect combination of modern efficiency and traditional quality. Sets like the C1F1 desk package offer everything needed to create an effective executive work atmosphere to be proud of.

Configuration 2: Verde VL-749N Desk Package

White Glass Executive Desk

If there's one trend sweeping the nation, it's the use of white in the workplace. This white accented desk set from Cherryman Industries is the perfect way to join the movement! The VL-749N is from the incredibly popular Verde line of modular office products. Verde offers a variety of white glass accented office desks and even professional conference tables to meet the needs of any contemporary workspace. This particular set includes a stylish modern table desk which is incredibly popular in both home and business applications. All in all, this set should be a big time hit in 2013.

Configuration 3: Stella SK2 Typical

Stella Executive Furniture

In an article about executive furniture it's hard not to highlight the raining champ of this realm. Mayline furniture has long been a favorite of interior designers, furniture reps, and consumers alike. That being said, this Stella series typical is a real winner. The SK2 set boasts a luxurious toffee finish that is truly unique. The rich wood grain and quality craftsmanship can be seen from a distance. In addition to desking, the Stella line offers beautiful rectangular reception desks that are sure to enhance any visitor space.

Configuration 4: e5 Office Desk Set

e5 Desking

If you haven't had a chance to see the new e5 desking collection, please do yourself a favor and visit a showroom featuring this line. Mayline e5 products will undoubtedly become one of the hottest collections of modern furniture ever created. This easy to spec solution is simple to install, power, reconfigure, and best of all, afford! Mayline e5 furniture can be used to furnish everything from private offices, open plan spaces, and benching applications - all while promoting productivity and collaboration. The line is comprised of three basic elements: work surfaces, office storage products, and power/data solutions.

Configuration 5:  ST17ESP Sorrento Typical

Sorrento Casegoods

Last but not least, the ST17ESP Sorrento Typical. When quality and office furniture are mentioned in the same conversation, the Sorrento casegoods collection is bound to come up. The ST17ESP typical is a perfect example of craftsmanship and luxury in the workplace. Traditional executive desk sets like this one boasts a high quality espresso finish that's hard to miss. This particular set offers everything needed to create and design a professional office configuration to be proud off. Sorrento is an absolute winner in 2013 for it's traditional style and overall good looks!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Stunning Training Room Environments Built for Efficiency

The training room is an important part of any business. While most educational facilities utilize training room products, businesses are just jumping on board with this trend. No offense to conference room furniture, but the modular characteristics of training room products have helped them take over the number one spot in terms of office popularity. This article highlights several beautiful training areas sure to inspire your business while providing tips and product suggestions for your space along the way.

Space 1: Multi-Purpose

Modular Training Room FurnitureWe all know that space is at a premium. This adage is especially true when it comes to business space. less and less we are finding that corporations are combining the needs of the conference room and training room together. Global Total Office has created a line of fully functional modern office tables designed to meet this specif need. The Modular Bungee table set highlighted in this multi purpose space allow the area to be transformed from conference to training in minutes. The mobility of this product makes for easy storage and even easier room cleaning! Along with the Bungee products, this space features a stylish presentation board, excellent for visual learners, creating graphs, and note taking. The attractive wall cabinet doubles as a beverage station and also keeps important materials secure when not in use. Overall this room is a real winner, affordable to create, and incredibly modern!

Space 2: Modern Style

Sync Training Room FurnitureWhen it comes to modern training room furniture, nobody does it better than Mayline. This popular office furniture manufacturer has offered the largest selection of products built specifically for training needs for years. Lines like Sync series used in this modern space are an example of their unbelievable craftsmanship. In addition to the Sync table solutions used, this space features beautiful tile floors that don't distract from the furniture. Natural lighting and attractive wall art complete the look. The lectern present at the front of the room is another essential product to any meeting space. Units like this popular model allow speakers and presenters to stand comfortably while holding important notes. This room is yet another example of perfection in the workplace.

Space 3: Flip N Go

Training Room FurnitureWith so many awesome products to choose from it's no wonder why yet another collection of Mayline casegoods has made this group of rooms. The Flip N Go space is named after the tables that accompany it. This room is built and used several times a day. Depending on the group of individuals utilizing it, these awesome new office tables can move to create nearly any shape desired. In addition the the mobile training tables, this area features a versatile multi-media cart perfect for holding your projector. The artwork in this area really stands out and catches the eye. Natural light and overhead lighting really brighten up the space which is nice in those not so entertaining meetings we all feel like sleeping through. Staying awake won't be hard in this space! The modern look and functionality of the furniture make it more than efficient.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Professionally Designed Waiting Room Areas to Inspire Your Space

The waiting room or visitor area is the first place seen by most anyone visiting your place of business. First impressions are formed from this areas decor, style, and level of professionalism. Creating a stylish waiting room starts with an idea or inspiration. To provide that spark, this article will highlight several beautifully designed spaces sure to get your creative juices flowing!

Space 1: The Serpentine

Modular Lounge Furniture

Braden lounge furniture by Global Total Office highlights this space. The modular lounge seating set offers a serpentine shape that's sure to impress. Sets like the one highlighted here are perfect when space is at a premium. Braden's modular design and simplicity make it an easy to spec solution for almost any visitor area. The seemingly limitless array of Global upholstery solutions make interior designers dreams come true. This space is also accented with with a matching square coffee table and gorgeous tile floors. The marbled walls and blue fabric compliment each other nicely, while the whole area boasts a welcoming feel.

Space 2: Elegance On A Budget

Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture

The Mayline Santa Cruz collection of lounge furniture in leather is hard to beat. This affordable line includes a variety of sofas with leather upholstery, matching ottomans, and stylish seating sure to impress event he harshest of critics. In fact, all of the seating and items used in this room can be purchased as a set to ease the shopping process! Available in a choice of Almond or Black leather, Santa Cruz lounge furniture sets key on one of the hottest industry trends, light upholstery. Using white, cream, and almond colored materials show class and elegance without taking away from grandeur or the area it accompanies. Along with the seating, this unique visitors area includes full panel windows and contemporary wood wall paneling for an enhance modern appeal. The tile floors and retro side lamp pull this space together for an all around professional look.

Space 3: The Highrise

OFM Reception Furniture

When it comes to waiting room furniture, OFM,Inc. offers one of the largest selections of quality products found industry wide. This fantastic modern office furniture manufacturer has built an excellent reputation based on customer service and awesome products that ship quickly. This space is a true testament to that fact. The highrise features a curved reception desk from the industry leading Marque reception station collection along with an abundance of sled based visitors chairs. As you can see, this area is all about the welcoming desk. The floors, natural lighting, tables, and seating are all geared towards bringing out the wow factor or the reception desk. The curved designed and plexi glass transaction panels truly make for an impressive space.


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