Monday, December 31, 2012

The Office Furniture Year in Review

Office Furniture 2012

2012 is almost a memory. Looking back, this year has been filled with tons of hot trends and several from the office furniture and seating world. This article will highlight several of 2012's top selling products and a look at the future of the industry.

Mayline Valore Chair

The year's top selling product had to be the Mayline Valore chair. While this hot product made it's debut in 2011, this was it's first full year on the market. Boy did it make an impact! Models like the TSH3 chair offer the simplicity and versatility desired by most professional work environments. This awesome mesh chair is available in 3 color combinations and features a plethora of useful ergonomic features. The TSH3 works great in conference, training, classroom, and desking applications of all kinds. Truly a Jack of all trades seating solution, Valore is sure to make even more waves in the upcoming year along with the new Commute chair by Mayline.

Open Desking

2012 was another huge year for easy to spec casegoods furniture. Lines like the Cherryman Verde series were incredibly popular. This modern collection of high quality laminate furniture was a big hit with contemporary businesses. Verde is affordable and incredibly stylish! Another hot casegoods furniture collection was the Mayline e5 series. This line made it's debut towards the holiday season. None the less, it made a huge splash at NeoCon, that transferred into immediate success. This collection highlights one of the latest trends in furniture which consists of open desking solutions as opposed to traditional office cubicles. Truly a one of a kind line, e5 has just begun to make it's impression on the industry.

Dual Screen Monitor Mount

Ergonomic accessories have long been a staple of office environments throughout the country. When it came to 2012 the top ergo product was definitely the dual screen monitor arm. Units like the EDGE2 model from ESI offered users limitless computer monitor mobility. Units like this were, are, and will continue to be hot ticket items for the foreseeable future. For those not hip to this trend, get on board! Monitor mounts increase usable desk space and will definitely increase your day to day efficiency. Other top ergonomic products include a variety of  specialized seating and adjustable keyboard trays for home and business. At this point, ergonomics can no longer be considered a trend. This industry buzzword has become the standard for businesses throughout the world. Expect more hot products to hit the market in 2013 that will keep you comfortable and working at the highest level of productivity possible.

G20 Chair

looking ahead to 2013 it's easy to see a few trends in the making. Modern office furniture is always a hit and with new products like the OFM Avenger chair and lines like the new Lesro Mystic series, the upcoming year is going to be quite exciting. New industry staples like the ones mentioned above will be accompanied by a variety of new products sure to get your office buzzing. A favorite amongst industry professionals and interior designers alike is the new G20 chair by Global Total Office. Along with several new models, Global has really outdone themselves. The G20 was already making waves in 2012, but should be amongst the top selling models in the new year. Giving away all the secrets would be no fun. That being said, you'll just have to make due with these hot products and wait patiently for the release of upcoming articles and product reviews from The Office Furniture Blog. Thanks so much for your support throughout the year. Have a safe and happy holiday! See you all in 13'.

Monday, December 24, 2012

10 Christmas Eve Furniture Deals You Don't Want to Miss

Let us be the first to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas. It's been a wonderful year here and we'd like to pass on some last minute savings. That being said, enjoy these 10 awesome Christmas Eve furniture and seating deals.

Deal 1: Modern Leather Guest Chair
Price: $71.99

Modern Leather Guest Chair

Deal 2: Mayline Valore Chair
Price: $252.99

Mayline Valore Chair

Deal 3: Leather Executive Chair
Price: $215.99

Leather Executive Chair

Deal 4: Empire Computer Desk
Price: $86.99

Small Computer Desk
Deal 5: Ergonomic Monitor Arm
Price: $153.99

Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Deal 6: Brighton Executive Desk
Price: $774.99
Brighton Executive Desk
Deal 7: Table Desk
Price: $614.99

Table Desk

Deal 8: Rectangular Conference Table
Price: $355.99

Rectangular Conference Table

Deal 9: Aberdeen Conference Table
Price: $396.99

Aberdeen Conference Table

Deal 10: Modern Reception Desk
Price: $674.99
Verde Reception Desk

Still need more savings? How about free shipping on every item at Additionally the coupons below will further increase your savings on larger purchases.

Coupon Code: FP3400
Savings: $25 Off $499.99

Coupon Code: FP3900
Savings: $50 Off $999.99

Coupon Code: FP4000
Savings: $100 Off $1999.99

Thanks So Much and Have an Awesome Christmas!

The Furniture Blog Team

Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Professionally Designed Conference Rooms to Inspire Your Space

The war room. The boardroom. The meeting area. The conference room. A staple of any modern business conference spaces are essential to to meetings, presentations, and social functions in the workplace. Designing a luxury space to be proud of takes a bit of inspiration. This article highlights several professionally designed conference spaces to get you started. Enjoy!

Room 1: Simple but Modern

Discount Conference Furniture

The first room on our list features quality furniture from the Mayline Brighton casegoods collection. This affordable modern furniture collection is available in two attractive colors including mocha and cherry. Utilizing furniture from a single collection avoids the mix and match approach, thus providing a well thought out and cohesive work atmosphere. The overhead lighting fixture and soft teal wall color accent the gray carpet perfectly. This space definitely deserves an A+.

Room 2: All About the Wood

Modern Conference Room Furniture

For those in search of a trendy look, room 2 is a perfect place to start for you. Utilizing wood accents in your space is an excellent way to pull your space together. The simple white leather office chair solutions don't distract from the simple rectangular conference table. Minimal wall art and a soft green color compliment the dark laminate floors and table well. Incorporating natural light brings an earthy element to the space and shows the time and ingenuity taken with the workplace.

Room 3: Contemporary Flair
Contemporary Conference Room Furniture

This professional designed meeting space screams contemporary style. The first eye catching feature of the space has got to be the beautiful AirFlo chairs by OFM, Inc. These modern ergonomic chairs are available in 3 additional colors to match any decor. Additionally, it's hard to miss the cool wall art and matching wall color. This unison creates a cohesive and welcoming environment that promotes efficiency. The modular conference table shown is also a nice feature. While most spaces are all about the table, it's nice that this solution doesn't dominate the space. The 55118 model OFM table is available in three popular finishes and features industrially style metal legs for added flair.

Room 4: Traditional Luxury

Wood Boardroom Furniture

While modern office furniture has become increasingly popular over the past few years, the traditional style of wood conference furniture is here to stay. Rooms like this one offer a homey feel that welcomes all visitors with easy. The top feature of this space is the beautifully finished Sorrento conference table. The rich birds eye maple panels and inlays boast elegance and luxury. The leather Mayline chairs accompanying the table look extremely comfortable and ready for long periods of sitting. This space is well designed and all about business! The addition of a wood bookcase and matching presentation board make for perfect additions while the soft wall color and plats provide a calming feel that does not distract from the beautiful furniture.

Space 5: The Multi-Use Space

Bungee Tables

Space is always at a premium. Dedicating one room to a single function is no longer a possibility for most businesses. For this reason, manufacturers like Global Total Office have created a line of modular office tables to meet the needs of any corporation. Products like the 13' Bungee table set in this room offer the ability for users to reconfigure their space in minutes. Bungee table solutions are available in a huge selection of laminate finishes and with a wide variety of matching storage furniture. A modern lectern and presentation board add to the functionality of this space, while rich hardwood floors and window accents pull the room together. What could be better than a professionally designed space ready for educational, meeting, and training purposes in a flash!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Practice Office Acts of Kindness Through the Holidays

Throughout the holiday season it's important to remember our loved ones. Often, we forget about the people we see everyday at work in an attempt to focus as much attention as possible on family. That being said it's always nice to remember some simple office acts of kindness throughout the holiday season to show love and support to coworkers. After all, we spend 40 hours a week fellow employees. Most corporations promote a team atmosphere and what better way to encourage these beliefs than by showing a little extra effort and support to those around you.

Have you ever had someone go above and beyond for you? If so, you know it's a fantastic feeling. Around Christmas time, we get wrapped up in things like presents when the real focus should be on love and kindness. Simple acts like taking out the trash at work can go a long way. Doing things without the thought of recognition is priceless and always offers a rewarding feeling. Grabbing an extra latte at the local coffee shop for a desk mate, restocking there printer with paper, or watering that half dead plant in there cubicle might not get you an award, but it will sure help morale and team spirit.

It's truly the little things that count. Simply asking members of your team if they need help might surprise you. Being stressed around the holidays is always tough. Sharing the workload, going above and beyond, and simply offering a helping hand at work shows that you care. It's always a good idea to get to know even the biggest introverts on your work force. They say, most of the best friendships you will ever generate form in school and at work. For that reason, getting to know the people on your team and going out of your way to take an interest in their lives might just help you to form a lifelong friendship to be proud of. Strike up a conversation, topics like lunch spot suggestions, news stories, ergonomic office products, and TV shows are a great way to gain info and perspective on coworkers likes and dislikes. Who knows, you might have more in common than you thought!

Does your business throw a holiday party? If so you will probably be pushing the desks together to play typical games and engage in gift giving. Regardless of whose name you draw to shop for, do a little research. For the love of your job, don't just rush out and by the first candy cane tie you come across. Does your coworker love dogs? Is he or she a sports fan? A few simple questions and a nice conversation can get you the info needed to rock there world when it comes time to share in the office gift giving experience.

So the holiday season is dying down. Everyone is back in there office cubicles and hard at it. Families have headed back home. To be honest, a slight bit of depression can set in if you let it. It's hard to watch your loved ones go and know it could be months before you have the opportunity to see them again. Rest assured, you're  not the only one thats feeling that way. The good news is that your back with your work family who you will be able to relate to and spend time with all year round. Hopefully you have taken the time to show some random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season and built a better friendship with those around you. Bring in some doughnuts or a homemade dip to share after the Holidays have passed. Ask coworkers how there family time went and take an interest. Before you know it these tasks will be like second nature.

In closing, love and respect should be given to those around you without effort and regardless of what holiday is around the corner. Too often we are preoccupied with the next big project and miss the joy of everyday things. Regardless of if you write for an office furniture blog, teach, or run a fortune 500 company, caring goes a long way. The biggest act of kindness you can always share is your time and support of those around you.

Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Stunning Executive Chairs Priced Under $250

We all care about our professional appearance in the workplace. Unfortunately, we don't all enjoy luxurious budgets. Staying within a reasonable price range for office furniture and seating is always essential. For that reason, it's always nice to know where to find the best deals and value for your hard earned money. Enjoy this list of 5 awesome executive office chairs priced under $300 and just in time for the holidays.

Ergonomic Executive Chair

When it comes to affordable seating solutions, Flash Furniture sets the standard. There offering of high quality business chairs is simply unmatched when it comes to price. Chairs like this black and white leather swivel chair model are perfect for contemporary work environments. The $104.99 price tag makes it an excellent choice for our post and for those who love ergonomic efficiency. Features like adjustable arms and pneumatic seat adjustability are just the beginning of what this excellent chair offers.

Discount Executive Chair

The next chair on our list of 5 is this B7101 chair by Boss Office Products. The B7101 chair is available in a durable black leather upholstery and features a stylish headrest for added support. The modern style is easy to identify with accents like the silver frame and unique seat and back design. Overall, this chair is a fantastic value at only $170.99.

Traditional Executive Chair

In today's market, modern office chairs are incredibly popular. However, the needs of the traditionally minded are still important. Often consumers prefer the warm look of a classic executive chair solution like this Martha Washington chair. The burgundy leather upholstery and wood accents make this chair a top choice for spaces where old world charm is desired. Priced at $181.99, value is the first word that comes to mind!

Modern Executive Chair

Next up, the OFM, Inc. 651 model AirFlow executive computer chair. This unique seating solution is the perfect blend of modern style and functionality. Available in 4 cool colors, the 651 chair is the perfect way to enhance your decor on a budget. Priced at $185.99 it's hard to believe this awesome chair boasts features like adjustable arms, lumbar support, and a 3" padded seat. When it's comes to value and quality, OFM furniture and seating is always a brand worth considering!

White Leather Executive Chair

Last but not least, the B9431 white leather executive chair. Throughout the past year, one seating trend has become incredibly apparent. That trend is the use of white in the workplace. More often than not, consumers are utilizing white leather office chair models in the workplace to accent contemporary office furniture. The use of white seating can be pricey if you don't know where to look. The B9431 chair is only $223.99 with free nationwide delivery. Features like the chrome finished 27"base, padded loop arms, and stylish design make this beautiful chair a favorite amongst executives and interior designers alike.

Utilizing quality seating in the workplace is quite important. That being said, so is value. With this list of 5 executive chairs priced under $250 you will be ahead of the curve when it comes to combining both! The ergonomic office chairs included in this post are sure to keep you efficient and productive at work while the leather office chairs are sure to keep you in style. The best part, most of these solutions offer the perfect combination of both!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mayline Santa Cruz Furniture Review

In an effort to provide the best all around office furniture solutions on the market, Mayline has recently added the new Santa Cruz collection to their repertoire of stunning products. Santa Cruz lounge furniture includes a variety of leather sofas, lounge chairs, and lounge furniture for business use.

Available in two attractive leather colors, Santa Cruz solutions combine the perfect blend of modern style with traditional quality. A huge hit of late are the tablet lounge chair models. These versatile chairs work wonderfully in healthcare environments.

Santa Cruz sofa solutions work well in both home and business environments. The comfort and price of these great new products is simply unmatched. Santa Cruz is a top choice of designers and consumers alike. This hit collection of lounge seating draws you in. Compliments are never far away with Santa Cruz is present!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Solutions for the Executive Workspace

Working in a luxury office environment doesn't have to cost a small fortune. Several executive office furniture collections are available to meet the needs of any budget. These collections offer quality craftsmanship, a variety of finish options, and style to match any decor of choice.

Collection 1: Cherryman Ruby Furniture

Cherryman Ruby Desks

Cherryman Industries furniture is always an excellent choice for executive office applications. This quality furniture manufacturer offers an incredible selection of quick shipping products built to impress while standing the test of time. The Ruby furniture collection includes a variety of executive office desk sets, conference tables, and reception stations in rich cherry finish. Ruby casegoods boast wood veneer construction and a glossy look that screams elegance.

Collection 2: Mayline Sorrento Furniture

Luxury Office Furniture

While this line is a bit higher priced than the rest of the collections on this list, Sorrento furniture is probably the most luxurious. This high end line of Mayline casegoods is sure to impress in any office environment. Sorrento is available in a choice of two tone finish options including the ever popular birds eye maple combination with fantastic inlay work. Enjoy a variety of matching boardroom tables, high end reception desks, and more from this collection and decorate your office with professionalism and a look of cohesion. Designers love using Sorrento in traditional office environments including law firms and executive banking applications.

Collection 3: Global Princeton Furniture

Global Princeton Furniture

When it comes to modern style, Global Princeton furniture defines the look! This popular line of modern casegoods is completely customizable to the needs of any office space. Princeton includes a huge selection of modular office desks, storage cabinets, and more to create one of a kind solutions for executives. Available in a huge assortment of laminate finishes, Princeton offers the versatility desired by contemporary minded business professionals.

Collection 4: Cherryman Amber Furniture

Cherryman Amber Desks

Quite frankly, this line of furniture is an absolutely incredible value. On top of that, Cherryman Amber furniture is beautiful! This line of professional case-goods combines modern style with traditional craftsmanship. Amber includes a variety of office tables and reception furniture solutions along with modular workstations. Workstations are available in the top 3 office furniture finishes, cherry, maple, and mahogany. They feature optional glass hutch doors for an added contemporary feel, while not going overboard with crazy modern style. This collection is an all around favorite for the simplicity and easy to spec capabilities.

Collection 5: Mayline Stella Furniture

Clearance Office Furniture
The best word to describe Stella series furniture is unique. The engaging toffee finish of this line make it stand out from the crown. Outfitting your office with Stella products is sure to gain you instant credibility with visitors with any taste. Stella includes veneer reception stations, and professional wood conference tables to complete your interior design needs. Stella boasts clean lines, modern touches, and elegance alike.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

5 Bargain Priced Reception Desks with Style

Shopping for new reception furniture can definitely get pricey. That being said we've taken the time to highlight several bargain priced reception desks with modern and traditional style. From curved reception desk solutions to basic rectangular models, we have your needs and budget in mind. Enjoy!

Desk 1: Brighton Reception Desk

Brighton Reception Desk

Mayline furniture is always a hit with consumers looking for excellent furniture on a budget. This high quality unit is available in two laminate finishes, cherry and mocha. The BT27 small reception desk features a rectangular shape with contemporary style. The all laminate construction offers the durability you'd expect from this top office furniture manufacturer.

Desk 2: Verde Reception Desk

Verde Reception Desk

This modern station is the perfect solution for upscale office environments. It's easy to picture the VL-816 in a luxury corporate highrise! With a price of only $674.99 this desk is truly a bargain. The Latte and Espresso finishes are both stunning, and the modern style is hard to miss.

Desk 3: Marque Reception Desk

Marque Reception Desk

OFM, Inc. has long been a favorite furniture provider by industry professionals. This reliable manufacturer typically offers their entire line of products in stock and ready for quick shipment. The 55290 curved reception desk boasts contemporary style from every angle. This modern piece of reception furniture offers tool free assembly, a choice of 3 colors, and a stylish silver frame.

Desk 4: Ventnor Reception Desk

Small Reception Station

Looking for a new wood veneer reception desk priced well under $1000.00? The Offices To Go Ventnor station is the solution for you! This affordable choice is available in rich cordovan and toffee finishes. The simple design make it a perfect fit for any space while the $750.99 price tag is just an added bonus.

Desk 5: Boss Reception Desk

Boss Reception Desk

Another excellent value at only $799.99! All surfaces are laminated with thermal fused melamine in Chery or Mahogany finish. Full and 3/4 pedestals are available for added storage. Boss laminate furniture is fully adaptable to meet today's needs in configuration and personal requirements. All Boss manufactured free standing laminate reception furniture is equipped with leveling glides. 

Hopefully you have enjoyed all of the discount reception furniture solutions highlighted, and found new inspiration for your business space. Keep in mind, several of the manufacturers products listed above come from reception and office furniture collections that offer matching items to outfit your workspace. Nothing looks better than a cohesive office with a unified theme throughout.


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