Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top Modern Executive Furniture Manufacturers

When it comes to modern furniture, knowing the top lines and manufacturers can really save you time and money. This popular type of furniture is typically considered to be overly expensive, especially when you start throwing around the word executive. However, some of the top modern executive office furniture collections on the market are surprisingly affordable if you know where and how to shop.

A long time provider of modern casegoods and business furniture solutions, Global Total Office really knows their stuff. This industry respected brand believes in their products whole heatedly and for good reason, they rock! Global Total Office offers a variety of key furniture lines to meet the needs of the modern executive. Zira furniture and Princeton furniture are their latest additions and provide modular capabilities, a versatile look, and huge array of laminate finish choices to meet the needs of any space. Interior designers and executive alike will delight in this contemporary furniture manufacturer. Along with modern executive furniture, Global provides a huge selection of chairs, modern office tables, and filing products to outfit your entire business with class and affordable luxury.

Enough good things can never be said about Mayline furniture. This top all around furniture brand boasts some of the most outstanding collections of casegoods furniture on the market. Lines line Napoli, Brighton, and the new e5 open desking collection provide executive solutions with modern executive written all over them. Mayline doesn't just manufacturer products to look good. They continuously push the limits of modern ergonomics in order to provide the highest levels of office efficiency. To say the least, you can never go wrong with Mayline products.

Cherryman Industries offers some of the most well made furniture known to man. This popular brand has made their name on quick shipping executive furniture solutions that won't break your budget. Cherryman's hottest line, the Verde collection hit the market about 2 years ago. Since then, it's been hard for any dealer to keep this collection in stock. White glass accented legs, overhead storage units, and modesty panels add to the contemporary style. A choice of espresso and latte finishes pull together any space, and users will be forced to answer "where did you get that furniture" on a daily basis. Needless to say, furniture providers love this line.

Last but not least, OFM, Inc. is another affordable desking manufacturer that is often overlooked as they are so well known for their curved reception desk solutions and ergonomic office chairs. However, OFM, Inc. offers excellent office desks from lines like the Milano and Venice collections that are a huge hit with business executives. These modern collections feature everything needed to create a space to be proud of. As far as the price goes, of the manufacturers listed above OFM furniture is probably the most affordable. Their products are an excellent value and typically ship within 48 hours. This full service manufacturer is also environmentally conscious and truly cares about the needs of their customers. Any dealer or designer will be proud to recommend this brand with confidence.

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