Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Modular Business Furniture Solutions That Won't Break Your Budget

In today's post we will cover several of the hottest new modular furniture lines available for businesses of all sizes. Lines include the new Mayline e5 furniture collection, TransAction furniture, Zira workstations, and Princeton furniture by Global Total Office. Enjoy!

e5 Open Desking Furniture by MaylineFirst up, the Mayline e5 Furniture collection. This line of affordable open desking is perfect for businesses with modern style. Mayline e5 furniture is easy installed, configured, and specified. This unique line of furniture offers the ergonomic features to keep you working effectively and efficiently in the workplace. Users will enjoy a choice of three work surface shapes, six stylish laminate finishes, three powder coat paint finishes for steel parts, and a virtually unlimited selection of Momentum fabrics for pedestals and tack boards.

Mayline TransAction FurnitureSecond on our list, the Mayline TransAction furniture collection.  I know we tend to highlight quite a bit of Mayline furniture on our blog, but let's be honest... this stuff is incredible! The TransAction typicals offered by Mayline provide a simple approach to modular business furniture needs. TransAction is available in a wide variety of laminate finishes and offers one of the most comprehensive collections of technology intensive furniture available. In Mayline's words this collection is sleek outside and smart inside. We couldn't agree more. TransAction includes a variety of modern conference tables and storage products to match the modular workstations available. Overall, this is one fantastic furniture line!

The Global Zira furniture collection makes our list at number 3. If you haven't had the privilege to see this awesome furniture yet, do a quick Google search. It's quite impressive. Zira workstations provide an affordable solution to modular desking needs. Zira is constructed of high quality materials and is available in a seemingly unlimited variety of laminate and drawer pull options. Users will enjoy the ability to customize and design workstations to meet their individual needs. Pre-configured stations are also available and further add to the simplicity of this modern office furniture line.

Princeton Furniture by Global Total Office
Last but not least, Global Princeton furniture! Another affordable line of modular casegoods, Princeton features a unique contemporary style that's hard to miss. According to Global, the Princeton line is for a new generation that believes the office doesn't have to be 'the office'. It's more than just a new look, Princeton has a personality just like you. In the long run Princeton is about doing more with less budget! We love this line for the ability to build out from you, rather than an outer work wall. For example, Princeton will allow you to build an incredible workstation configuration in less than 50 square feet, what other furniture line can do that?

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