Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TransAction Conference Tables by Mayline Group

TransAction's great style and smart design is also perfect for today's multi-media conference rooms. In addition to a virtually unlimited selection of paint and laminate finishes, TransAction conference table models are available in a choice of Witchcraft and Biltmore Cherry high pressure laminates. When combined with the extensive offering of storage accessories from Mayline's realoffice casegoods collections, TransAction creates state-of-the art conference rooms. Smart, stylish and highly functional conference tables are available at extremely competitive prices here at OfficeAnything.com.

Pictured Table Specs:

Dimensions: 120" x 48" x 29.5"
Weight: 311 lbs.
Finish: Witchcraft or Biltmore Cherry High Pressure Laminate with Tech Silver T-Mold and Tech Silver Paint Finish
Shape: Boat Shaped (Shown), Racetrack, or Rectangular

* Three shapes of conference table surfaces: Standard boat shape, Racetrack, and Rectangular.

* Stylish heavy gauge steel base and leg panels. Removable rear access panel on legs for infeed cable. Available in Mayline Corporate colors as well as new Tech Silver paint finish with laminate or veneer leg inserts.

* Surfaces available in high pressure laminate with durable T-mold knife edge or Espresso and Bourbon Cherry veneer.

* All tables are 29.5" high.

* An adder support leg and additional power well is included with each 6' adder. * Each table is standard with an undersurface technology opening and trough to support the user's power, data and media requirements. The opening is covered by a "floating" acrylic cover that can be easily removed to access power and other telecom options from the surface of the table. One opening in 8' and 10' tables, two openings in a 12' table and an additional opening per 6' adder required.

* Steel trough runs the entire length of the surface between the legs of the table. Easily removed access panel doors allow entry into either side of the trough to mount racking, run cables or install power and data options.

* realoffice accessories available to coordinate with Witchcraft and Biltmore Cherry high pressure laminate complete your conference room requirements.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Luminary Office Furniture by Mayline Group

As a staple of the Mayline Group's furniture lines, the Luminary series office furniture has been around for years, and for good reasons. This line is quite affordable and practical for home and business use.

The Luminary office furniture by Mayline offers a variety of pieces including the ever popular writing desks that seem to be the top selling item to home offices these days. Other popular pieces from this collection include wall cabinets, pedestals, bookcases and more.

Versatility is the word that comes to mind when I see this series of office furniture. What other line is the perfect fit for home or business use that won't completely shatter the budget? As a furniture dealer and interior designer I have to say that using this line is quite easy. The product typically sells it's self. Once the customer takes one look there is no swaying them, nor would you want to. As a dealer it always makes the job easy when you can set up an entire room with one matching line. As with all Mayline office lines, Luminary is easy to match pieces to. Having a coordinating office that looks professionally put together is achievable for anyone with a series like Luminary. All of the furniture is available in two distinct finishes. Of the two, I am partial to the cherry. The rich tones in the wood really are brought to life and it seems to really warm the room. Hope you find this post helpful if you are in the market for new furniture. Best Regards!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Net Series Beam Seating By OFM

The Office Furniture by OFM has been a top choice of industry professionals and interior design teams alike. There new line, the NET series is no exception. With 8 styles to choose from and 7 available mesh colors these reception chairs are truly awesome. The first thing you'll notice upon inspection is the modern style. The round seat and back and bright colors really draw you in.

Installation is a snap on all models in the NET line. The OFM Net Series NB-4G 3 person beam chair model pictured went up in about 15 to 20 minutes. Another cool feature is the adjustment capability of the seats and table. If you want you can put the table in the middle, or on either side.

The construction of the NET series was handled in typical OFM fashion. One word comes to mind. Quality. The steel is rustproof and the steel mesh back is waterproof as well! This line of beam seating would be ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The fact that it is GREENGUARD Certified is also an added bonus.

For Those Interested, here are some specific product details.


* Carton Size: Contact for carton Sizes and Amount
* Carton Cube: 48" X 96" Pallet Size
* LTL Ship Weight: 119
* LTL Class: 250
* UPSable: NO
* Ships from NC: YES
* Ships from West Coast: NO


* Seat Size: 15.25"W x 22.75" D
* Back Size: 23.50" W x 15.50" H
* Seat Height: 17.50"
* Overall Height: 30"
* Overall Width: 109"
* Overall Depth: 24.75"

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cherryman Conference Table Review

The Cherryman Industries office furniture brand has been producing quality conference tables and conference furniture for years. This week I recently had the privilege of receiving and installing the Cherryman Ruby Collection Conference Table RU-252N at a local office in our home town.

First and foremost the table shipped in extremely secure with no damage. As anybody in the office furniture industry knows, freight companies sometimes cause damage to products. In this case, the conference table was packaged so securely that it could of been dropped twice and still been okay!

Secondly, the table was extremely easy to put together. I would most closely compare installation to a conference table from the Mayline Corsica series. And as you all know I'm a big fan of Mayline so comparing Cherryman tables for the conference room to my favorite manufacturer really says a lot.

The table went up in approximately 30 minutes, including un-cartoning and removal of tools and materials. Upon completing the table it was really hard not to notice the stunning cherry finish and curved leg design.

Overall, our customers were thrilled and I'm happy to report that I will be suggesting Cherryman Office furniture quite a bit in the future. Being a stocking dealer of such quality products it's such a plus. Companies like Cherryman that ship products securely, offer simple installation, and fast shipping, really are on top of the office furniture game.

For those interested here are the specs of the table:
Dimensions: 48"D x 144"W x 29"H
Weight: 319 lbs.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mayline Training Room Furniture Review

The Mayline Group has been a manufacturer of quality training room furniture for years now. That being said, I recently had the opportunity to install quite a few Talon training tables and TSH1 training chairs at an educational facility and decided to write a review on the products.

Overall, my experience with the Mayline training room furniture was excellent. All 40 tables arrived in perfect condition, and assembly only took around 15 minutes per table. This is quite good by industry standards. The tilt top feature on the tables was extremely easy to use and adjust, and the large carpet casters made for easy mobility around the room.

Furthermore, I found that the table tops and legs were very well made and durable. The end users at the facility commented on just home much the tables and chairs enhanced there space. Overall I felt they loved the set up and I did too!

As for the chairs, it's the same story. The chairs came in packs of two which really helped keep the cost down for the customers. Also, they shipped in assembled with the exception of the casters, which just need to be pushed into place. The chairs were very comfortable and the chrome frame really set the whole look off! One thing I feel must be commented on is the quality packing job the factory did! There was virtually no way any of the items could have been damaged, which is always a plus.

In the the end, the end user was thrilled and we were too. I will highly recommend Mayline training room furniture to anyone in the market with pride! Several other lines are available that you may find right for you. These lines include the meeting plus tables, T-mate tables, and the TSH2 training room chairs. Best of luck to all, thanks for stopping by and reading the review.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Monitor Arm

Whether you use a computer at home or work, one thing we can all agree on is that we would love to have a little more versatility when it comes to the screen. Another, is that we would love to have some additional desk space. No matter how much room you have, more is always better! That being said, in the post we will cover a few simple benefits of adding an ergonomic monitor arm to your desk or workspace.

First and foremost, an elite ergonomic monitor arm is a versatile work tool. People who don't have one, usually don't think to add one. However, for those (like myself) that have purchased one, can't live without it. At first I asked myself what were the benefits. Once I installed it, I quickly realized that my life had changed! The benefits of these arms go far beyond what's in the post, but I would like to share a few.

The first benefit is the versatility. Ergonomic Monitor arms can clamp mount or grommet mount anywhere on any worksurface. These units install in around 10 minutes and are really a breeze. Monitor arms like the one shown allow you to move your screen closer or further away from the front of your desk. This is a real plus for near or far-sighted people who hate moving there whole computer back and forth to work. Secondly, the screen and arm can be moved in virtually any direction. If you work in an office where you show customers or patients your computer screen this is a huge benefit. The arm allows your screen to be literally turned straight at your desk as well. This is a great feature for graphic designers or artists of any kind. Lastly the cost of a quality monitor arm from companies like ESI, systematix, or Symmetry is extremely low. A single monitor arm will cost around $150.00 and will last a life time. Two screen, three screen, and all the way up to 8 screen monitor arms are available. From gamers to businessmen, this ergonomic tool is worth its weight.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Office Furniture VS. Business Office Furniture

For those individuals who work from home, it is important to have a professional workspace not crowded with kids, personal phone calls, and general household clutter. That being said, we will discuss the simple needs for planning your home office effectively. We will cover simple needs regarding the style of office furniture that works most effectively at home in today's post furniture for home office areas vs. Business Office Furniture!

First, we must distinguish the difference between home office furniture and business office furniture. Home office furniture typically consists of everyday pieces like computer desks, computer chairs, and lateral or vertical file cabinets. Business furniture encompasses these pieces but in a larger, more efficient scale. Your typical business office will have a U-Desk configuration like the one shown in this post. Now, you may look at this picture and think that desk belongs in a home, and that's because it does. Confused? Don't be. The purpose of this post is to distinguish a happy medium between the two styles to effectively create a useful workspace at home!

When planning your space at home, the first thing to consider is how many people will be using it! Operating a business from home may require you to share your space for homework time, and general family computing. If this is the case, finding a workstation like the one pictured is ideal. Configurations like the one shown offer ample storage, and overhead hutch space. This is excellent because at the end of the day, you can simply file and store your work in a designated area. Commonly, individuals that work from home find themselves flustered due to lack of storage, and finding other housemates belongings all over the place. The problem, is usually not the housemates! You are most likely working at a typical home office computer desk that is too small and ineffective for your day to day tasks.

Finding the right products to enhance your home business productivity is simple. You basically just have to do some research. Find a company like Mayline that offers quality business furniture with a home office feel. This way, your home doesn't look like you should have cubicles in the living room! You will still get impressed looks from visitors without having to explain that "I run my business from home". So the answer to who wins in a battle of Home Office Furniture vs. Business Office Furniture?? The answer is the company that makes a product that bridges the gap between the two.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Tips for Designing a Conference Room

Designing a conference room can be a difficult task, whether you are trying to modify you existing design or build a whole new area. Deciding on new furniture for your conference space can be fun and actually quite simple. In this post we will cover some simple tips to make designing your new conference space a breeze.

The first two things that come to mind when purchasing any new furniture is; How much does it cost, and does it look good? When it comes to conference rooms it's no exception. Commonly I'm asked by consumers where to start when planning a conference area. My answer is always the same... the conference table.

It is important to focus the room around the center piece. In this case that is the conference table. When shopping for new tables for conference room use, the first thing that should be considered is the size. Ask yourself how many people you would like to sit, and measure your space accordingly. In reality, the most important thing is that your room is functional.

Once your space is measured and you have determined the necessary table size, it's on to the fun part. Shopping! There are several sites online that sell conference tables and matching furniture to meet your project needs. One of the easiest ways to go is to find a conference room package. Such packages will include a table, some wall cabinets, and maybe even a bookcase and lectern. Shopping this way is quite smart. It ensures that all your pieces are from the same manufacturer and the wood finish on your products all much. Keep in mind just because two items from different manufacturers are in a cherry finish, it doesn't mean they will match!

Once you have found a package you like, there are a few more options to consider. The most important being can I receive this myself, or will I need help with installation. Commonly, consumers are a bit intimidated by the thought of installing a whole room of conference furniture. However, this is actually one of the most easy. Conference tables are normally in three pieces. The top, and two legs. Installing an entire room should not take more than a day. Two people would be ideal and could definitely save you some money on installation.

Lastly, consider if your conference table will require power. One nice feature from Global and modern Mayline conference tables is the ability to run power discretely through the table top to allow for laptop, or projector plug-ins. Features like this will instantly turn your conference room into a dual purpose room. This is always a good thing!

Hopefully you have found this post helpful. I'm always happy to discuss design ideas, and provide suggestions on quality furniture manufacturers. Best Regards.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shopping For Modern Office Furniture On A Budget

Modern office furniture is far and away the the most popular style of furniture in the industry. Often, the latest trends in this realm will be high priced due to the advanced technology. Let's face it, anything new, exciting, and cutting edge tends to cost consumers more of there hard earned money. That being said, I wanted to take the time to highlight some respected manufacturers that offer modern office furniture at affordable prices.

Some of the office furniture industries leading manufacturers consist of Mayline, Safco, and Office Star. When it comes to modern styling, these manufacturers strive to set trends. Not to follow them. Products by these respected companies are affordable, and offer quality craftsmanship, along with beneficial ergonomic features that will help improve your day to day productivity in the workplace. Mayline for example, has added some modern office desks to there economically priced Eastwinds furniture series. The desk shown on this post is from that series, and is priced at $139.99. On this desk you will notice the curved, sleek leg design found on most high priced Desks for Modern Office. Truly, this desk is one of the greatest bargains for those shopping for a modern piece of office furniture for there home.

In closing, having a modern office desk in your home does not have to cost a small fortune. You can still have the wow factor of a cutting edge desk or chair for under $200. You just have to do a little research and find the right manufacturer for your individual style.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shopping for Studio Designs Drafting Furniture

Studio Designs is an up and coming drafting furniture line ideal for homes, students, and small business owners. Their products are well made and quite affordable. That being said I wanted to take the time to express some of the useful features consumers will find if purchasing products made by Studio Designs.

Far and away the most popular products by Studio Designs are from the Futura Craft Series of drafting products. So for this reason we will focus on them! The first thing you will notice is the tempered blue glass top. With a price tag well under $300 this is a huge bonus. Additionally you will notice features like a height adjustable top and an ample variety of storage compartments for holding art supplies. All together the Futura craft stations have 5 different storage areas. These areas are under the top, both sides of the table top, center drawer, and left or right side storage box. You will not find this much storage on many of the higher priced tables on the market.

Not to be overlooked is the stylish bow leg design that offers a modern feel and attractive light blue paint scheme. This look is why I feel the table is so popular. they truly are head turners and versatile craft stations as well.

That being said Studio Designs offers a host of other quality drafting products including a variety of comfortable and cost effective stools that will help to improve your day to day productivity. Studio Designs stools are priced around the $200 mark and in my opinion, this is a bargain! Our company has offered Studio Designs products for around two years now and we have had literally 0 problems in terms of shipping, product damage, or customer service. Studio Designs really goes above and beyond in terms of shipping products quickly, and ensuring that all of there customers are satisfied with there drafting products. Slowly but surely they are making an excellent statement in the drafting industry and should not be over looked by those in the market for a new drafting table or craft station.


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