Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Modern Conference Tables at Affordable Prices

We have the pleasure of speaking with several people per day in regards to modern conference furniture. That being said it all starts with the table. Most people go into planning there conference room expecting to spend thousands up thousands of dollars in new furniture. Especially when they are trying to achieve that modern look, that has become so popular in recent years.

Even the best modern tables for conference room use can actually save you money. How you might ask? Well going with a metal legged conference table should actually be less expensive that going with a veneer or in some cases laminate. Going with a laminate table surface instead of true hard wood can save you hundreds alone! Not to mention save your back if you ever decide to move the table.

Manufacturers like Global Total Office products several lines of modern conference tables and even modular conference tables that help to make conference rooms multi-dimensional. Take the Bungee Table collection by Global for example. These tables come in sets of 6 to 10 smaller tables that combine to make around 5 different room configurations. They are on wheels to provide mobility and are very affordable! They also have a modern look that is really appealing to the eye.

Additional lines like Adaptabilities and Newland series conference tables like the one pictured are also great resources to explore. The Newland table shown is actually only $1264.99 with free shipping! You'll notice the modern feel of the table really warms up a space while making the room actually appear larger when compared to a traditional styled wood conference table. Place some affordable modern office chairs at the table and your all set!

In the long run, conference furniture is an investment for your business or institution. It should be purchased with the mindset of lasting at least 10 years. Whether it's traditional conference furniture or modern shopping around and doing a little research is definitely worth it's weight in gold. Personally we find that customers enjoy comparing products and styles to see what will fit their individual needs most accurately. We pride ourselves on being able to provide ample solutions to avoid being one dimensional. Please feel free to contact with any office furniture or conference furniture related questions.

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