Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cherryman Industries Reception Desks for Sale in 2013

Cherryman Industries is one of the top office furniture manufacturers of 2013. This reputable brand prides themselves on providing high quality products that are sure to enhance your corporate decor. Their wide selection of furniture includes excellent reception desks for business use that all considering a workplace makeover should consider. Today's article reviews the top stations from all 5 of Cherryman's top collections. Enjoy!

Cherryman Amber Series

The Cherryman Amber Series is one of the most affordable collections of casegoods furniture on the market today. Amber includes professional desks that work well in both home and business environments. In addition to desking, this popular line boasts discount reception desks for sale that will surely earn your office waiting area a ton of positive compliments. The AM-347N Cherryman Amber Reception Desk is available in 4 stocked laminate finishes including the new black cherry option that's simply stunning! Priced at $889.99, the AM-347N is an excellent value when compared to other L shaped units with the same features and standard storage options.

Cherryman Emerald SeriesWhile Amber is the most budget friendly line, the Cherryman Emerald Series is the most luxurious! This high class collection of desks and wood conference tables offers a traditional look that's designed to impress even the harshest critics. Both the cognac cherry and mahogany wood veneer finishes boast a successful look that will provide the furniture in your reception area with a distinguished look. The Cherryman Emerald reception station EM-412N is available with both left or right hand return capabilities. The EM-412N also comes standard with 2 desk pedestals for your office organizational needs.

Cherryman Jade SeriesNow that we've covered the most affordable and luxurious lines of Cherryman Office Furniture, it's time to look at the perfect blend of both! The Cherryman Industries Jade Collection offers the ideal combination of modern style and traditional elegance at a price point any purchasing department will be glad to see. This line of wood veneer office furniture includes beautiful modern executive desks that combine wood, metal, and glass accents along with modern reception desks that allow any office to be highlighted by a single furniture line. The JA-124N Cherryman Jade Reception Desk features an ample worksurface along with storage options to keep your receptionist nice and neat. An option glass transaction counter adds a nice touch that will set this unit apart! Both cherry and mahogany finish options are available in stock... a nice feature for those in need of new office furniture to meet a project deadline!

Cherryman Ruby SeriesThose shopping for new furniture for the waiting room online will surely come across the Cherryman Ruby Series of professional casegoods. This line of furniture and small reception desks is an excellent way to outfit guest areas while simultaneously impressing valued clientele. The RU-223N Ruby Series Reception Station features an L shaped design an gorgeous cherry finish the line derives it's name from. This in stock product also includes storage and modern appeal that any business will appreciate.

Cherryman Verde SeriesLast but certainly not least we reach the the Cherryman Verde Series of modern office solutions. Leave no doubt, Verde is designed for those looking to take their office lobby furniture over the top with incredible style! Those shopping for new furniture for office waiting room use will find themselves on the cutting edge with the contemporary reception desks for sale from this line. Models like the Verde VL-816 reception desk are available in your choice of espresso or latte finishes. The simple rectangular shape offers a commercial appeal to compliment the industrially inspired look that's been incredibly popular in 2013. Priced at $674.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better product for your office area. Verde stations are ready to be the focal point of your office while still offering the professional qualities need to conduct business at the highest level possible.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Modern Conference Tables with Metal Legs

An emerging trend is on the horizon and the world of conference room furniture will never be the same. The industrial look has made it's presence felt in 2013 with the use of modern conference tables with metal legs. This industrial fad allows designers and consumers alike the ability to outfit their meeting areas with cutting edge good looks that also helps to keep the project makeover cost down! That being said, today's article highlights the industries best modern conference tables with these innovative design qualities.

Lesro Mystic FurnitureWhile Lesro Industries reception furniture is widely regarded as an industry favorite, their line of Mystic Conference Table solutions have been the talk of the town in 2013. The Lesro Mystic Series features a choice of 6 finishes to match your meeting area decor to perfection. A variety of sizes and shapes are available from this exclusive collection including the Elliptical Conference Table that's been Mystic's top seller. In addition, this Lesro Furniture line also includes small tables for the conference room that are on wheels for those areas where square footage is tight. Looking to take your space to the next level? No problem! This awesome line also provides you with the ability to easily power you table to create multi media gathering areas. Now that's versatility!

Alba Conference TableNo manufacturer offers a more extensive selection of modern office furniture for sale that Global Total Office. This worldwide brand prides themselves on cutting edge products that define style in the workplace. Global's wide variety of products includes comfortable executive chairs and some of the absolute best office lounge furniture for sale on the market today. In addition, this well renowned brand manufacturers some really cool conference tables sure to take your space to the next level. The Alba Series Conference Table collection is by far their best seller and for good reason. It's just plain awesome! Choose from a variety of surface shapes and leg styles to meet your individual taste and decor along with over 10 stunning finishes. This line of office tables starts out at around $350 for smaller models and includes tables up to 35' for larger boardroom applications.

OFM Office Furniture
The OFM office furniture brand has been one of the most widely improved in 2013. This award winning corporation has no doubt introduced the widest selection of new products sure to give your office that extra edge you're in search of to take your space over the top. The top OFM conference table models like the all new GT3977 are selling like hot cakes. Using a glass top in your space provides a neutral canvas sure to match any existing layout. Glass gives the illusion of a larger space and is great for helping any business maximize their look! The GT3977 features 5/8" thick top and everyday low price of $1021.99. Now that's a bargain.

Mayline Conference TablesWhen it comes to the best boardroom tables of 2013, Mayline might just take the prize with the all new TransAction series. This popular line of Mayline Conference Tables for Sale feature a smart design that make it the perfect option for multi-media conference room furniture configurations. In addition to a virtually unlimited selection of paint and laminate finishes, TransAction conference table models are available in a choice of Witchcraft and Biltmore Cherry high pressure laminates. When combined with the extensive offering of storage accessories from top Mayline office furniture collections, TransAction tables create state-of-the art conference rooms. These incredibly smart, stylish and highly functional line of conference tables with metal legs are available at extremely competitive prices here at

Cherryman Conference Tables
Last but certainly not least, those with limited square footage with love the Cherryman Verde Series product offering for their meeting space. This collection of round conference tables is available in 2 coffee inspired finishes that really pop. While the Cherryman Industries Furniture brand is widely known for their more traditional wood office furniture solutions, Verde takes a hard turn to the world of modern products! The metal legs on the VL-868 Verde Table and simplistic design will surely earn your space a host of positive compliments. Use the VL-868 with any of the matching modern conference and boardroom furniture for sale from this collection to complete the look to perfection. Rest assured, this product line is an interior designers dream!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comfortable Modern Office Chairs by Woodstock Seating

A relative newcomer to the world of professional office seating, Woodstock Marketing is becoming an instant favorite of interior designers and consumers alike. This reputable brand offers a variety of comfortable modern office chairs inspired by rock icons. If you haven't had the chance to check out any of the new Woodstock chairs, you're in for a treat! This article highlights all of their top models. Enjoy!

Hendrix Leather Office ChairLooking to spice up your executive office furniture configuration with a retro modern touch? The new Hendrix leather office chair by Woodstock is just the way to do it. Available in both high back and mid back variations, the Hendrix offers excellent ergonomic features and benefits that are sure to keep you working at the highest levels of productivity possible. The polished frame and choice of 3 in stock leather upholstery options make the Hendrix an idea choice for those looking to outfit their space with new seating in a hurry!

Annie Series Leather Office ChairThe conference room is one area where you'll want your professional seating to stand out. Choose the right modern conference chairs to match your meeting area decor showcases your businesses ingenuity and helps to keep your valued clientele comfortable during important presentations. That being said, the all new Annie leather office chair by Woodstock marketing is the perfect way to match both modern and traditional decor needs. The unique stitching pattern and chrome frame highlight all of the models from this popular collection. Shoppers will enjoy a choice of black, brown, white, and red leather color options to meet their individual needs and decor.

Baez Mesh Back Office ChairAny business owner will tell you that adding versatile products that work for a variety of applications is a great way to save money. New ergonomic computer chairs like the super cool Baez Mid Back Office Chair from Woodstock do just that! This line of sleek mesh back office chairs for sale provides an abundance of corporate appeal that's sure to earn your space of choice a host of positive compliments. The Baez works great for computing, tasking, executive office use, or as the perfect accent to any modern conference room furniture configuration. Rest assured, you'll be hard pressed to find a more well rounded line of professional office chairs at even twice the price!

Sweetwater Series Office ChairNext up, we arrive at the super cool Sweetwater series red mesh office chair for your home and business seating needs. One stylish way to add flair to any office space is through the use of unique colored chairs. The Sweetwater offers just that! Choose from 4 cool color combinations including the red mesh on white that has been a huge hit in 2013. Priced at $269.00, this line offers the affordability to outfit any space on a budget. The versatility of the Sweetwater also makes it a great choice for contemporary meeting areas and professional boardrooms.

Joplin Series High Back Office ChairLast but certainly not least, any professional work environment will benefit from an awesome line of high back executive chairs like the Joplin series from Woodstock Marketing. While a mid back variation is available, the high back Joplin chair is definitely a top choice for upper management seating needs. The ribbed back design highlighted by the Joplin is one of the industries hottest seating trends. Consumers and designers alike will enjoy a choice of black, brown, and white leather Joplin models in stock for quick shipment. Needless to say, this line of luxury office chairs is definitely Woodstock's top selling line! At only $299.00, it's truly an excellent value that should not be overlooked by anyone considering modern executive chairs for their home or business.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stylish Furniture Collections for Modern Waiting Room Use

The guest waiting area of any business is where first impressions are formed. Creating a stylish space that showcases your business ingenuity will speak volumes for your workplace. In 2013, a slew of modern waiting room furnishings have been brought to market from the industries hottest brands. This new review article highlights our favorites. Enjoy!

Mayline Santa Cruz CollectionFrom executive office furniture to home computer desks, Mayline does it all! This year they've created several new product lines including stylish leather lounge furniture sets from the popular Santa Cruz Collection. Available in both black and almond leather upholstery options, the Santa Cruz Lounge Furniture series includes storage ottomans, sofas, and matching leather lounge chairs that work perfectly in waiting room environments. Items from this Mayline furniture collection can be purchased individually or in custom sets to meet your specific needs and space requirements.

OFM UNO FurnitureNext up, the incredible new UNO line of modern lounge chairs for sale by OFM. If it's wow factor you're in search of for your guest waiting area, this is the collection for you! UNO combines a two tone look with modern design elements for a totally one of a kind style. The anti microbial upholstery works great for healthcare seating applications. A variety of wedge shaped pieces are also available from this series that work great as transitional accents. This line of OFM office chairs can be used to create a limitless array of innovative seating configurations to match your workplace decor. OFM recommends their Profile series reception tables to accent the modern look to perfection!

Wind Linear Series Furniture
Finding modern furniture for waiting room use was once a difficult task. Luckily, brands like Global Total Office have come to our rescue with collections like the Wind Lounge Furniture series of leather and fabric seating. The success of this line has prompted Global to expand the collection with the new Linear series for large areas where modular seating is a must. The popular new Wind Linear Series Side Table and accent furniture has been an instant hit with consumers. The retro modern style combined with a distinct industrial look has proven to be a real winner in the workplace.

Flash Furniture 801 SeriesLooking for modern waiting room furniture on a budget? Flash Furniture is the brand for you! This discount office furniture provider offers over 10 super cool collections that will have your guest waiting area looking fantastic in no time. One of their newest lines, the 801 series includes a variety of contemporary lounge furniture solutions with leather upholstery and metal accents. The commercial look of the Flash Furniture 801 line and consumer friendly price point is sure to earn you compliments in terms of your budgeting and style.

OFM NET Series Beam SeatingLast but certainly not least, our latest article on modern furniture for lobby, lounge, and waiting room areas would not be complete without highlighting the NET series beam seating collection from OFM. While we already highlighted one of this reputable brands new product lines, the NET series has definitely taken the prize of industry favorite! The metal mesh construction makes the NET collection ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. With 6 cool variations available in 7 in stock colors, this line is ready to meet your reception seating needs in a hurry. A variety of matching waiting room tables are available to match these modern beam seating solutions to perfection. Rest assured, NET is a line you should definitely consider for your office makeover project!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Essential Products For The Modern Office

Designing a modern office can be fun an exciting. Unfortunately, if you don't know where to look and what products to use it can be a real bummer! Luckily, this article highlights the essential products you'll need to create the modern workspace of your dreams. From desks to accessories, we've covered it all. Enjoy!

Cherryman Verde SeriesAny modern office is focused around the main desk configuration. As this will be your main purchase, it's where the majority of your budget should be directed to. The good news is, shopping for modern desk configurations online has never been easier. Brands like OFM, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries offer some of the coolest modern executive desks money can buy. No matter the size of your space and budget, these awesome brands will have your executive space looking tip top in no time. Models like the Cherryman VL-749N desk set boast the cutting edge good looks you'll need to start your office makeover project off on the right foot. Those looking for a blend of old and new will love the Mayline Napoli series and products like the NT4 Napoli desk with choice of 3 in stock finishes. Another bonus of Napoli line of Mayline furniture is that it features a wide variety of accenting products that allow you to utilize one cohesive line throughout your entire business.

Eurotech Seating Bodyflex ChairOnce you shopped a variety of modern desks for your home or business and settled on the perfect set, it's time to go ergo! Adding ergonomic office chairs for sale from brands like Flash Furniture, Eurotech, and RFM Preferred Seating will will provide an instant boost to your efficiency and overall effectiveness. Once of the coolest computer chairs on the market today, the Eurotech Bodyflex Chair is a great choice for those looking to save a buck. Priced at only $322.99, it's truly an excellent value. Looking for a more high end solution? No problem! The RFM Verte Chair is one of the most user friendly office seating for comfort on the market today. If you're truly looking to take your modern space to the next level, Verte will certainly do the trick!

Venice Series Cabinet by OFMKeeping your office organized will certainly keep you more productive throughout your work day. In 2013, a variety of modern storage cabinets are available for executive and home office environments. Products like the Venice series contemporary wall cabinet by OFM will definitely do the trick for any modern space. Those looking to maximize their filing potential will enjoy products like the metal lateral file cabinets from the Mayline CSII collection are great for adding an industrial element to your work area. The commercial look has been incredibly popular this year, and units like the C843H file cabinet definitely bode well for that highly desired look!

Dual Screen Monitor Mount Once you've handled the modern office furniture and seating for your space, it's time to add some wow factor! Top selling ergonomic office accessories like dual screen monitor mount solutions from ESI will definitely add that extra element that takes your space over the top. Affordable articulating monitor arms can be purchased from reputable brands like ESI through a variety of online dealers. Priced starting around $150 for single screen monitor arm models, you'll definitely get your money worth out of this excellent office investment.

Ergonomic Desk Lamp
Last but certainly not least, any modern office should be equipped with a cool desk lamp and accenting office lighting that compliments your look. Products like the ESI Solstice Desk Lamp also provide a USB charging station. Priced at $197.99, this item makes a perfect gift idea that any high tech person will surely love. In addition to the Solstice, products like the Symmetry Poise Desk Lamp also provide valued office lighting solutions that will improve your decor and versatility. This adjustable unit can be moved and rotated to fit any specific task. Use this in conjunction with your ergonomic furniture and you'll be on your way to the perfect modern office!

In the long run, adding products like desks with ergonomic benefits, chairs, and storage products from brands like those mentioned above will help you get your office started on the right foot. Meeting with industry professionals and reading helpful office furniture review articles like this should provide the insight you need to get your makeover tackled successfully.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top 5 Studio Items for Every Artist and Drafting Expert

Whether you work with the paints or the protractors, every artist, architect, engineer, and draftsperson needs a place just for them where they can get things done, and for many, that place is a studio. Exactly where that studio can be or how far you travel to get to it often varies widely among artists depending on what each one chooses to do, but even if you go great lengths to plant a building or find the perfect place to paint, it doesn't mean studio equipment should be equally as hard to find. On the contrary, if you're thinking of adding or updating a studio of some kind in your home or office, we have exactly what you need to get started right here!

Drafting Tables

Studio Designs Futura LS Work CenterEvery artist needs a good surface to work on. Sometimes its a sidewalk or the side of a building, or even on old fashioned office desk configurations or tables, but that approach doesn't work for everyone. Many artists, especially architects and engineers need a smooth, stable, often adjustable surface for them to get the job done right. For them, nothing is better than professional drafting tables and craft stations for their studio. These high tech tables are fabulous for all artists as they can be angled up or down so as to not distort the image they are working on. Additionally, this great feature also alleviates back pain, lifting artists back into their comfortable task chairs instead of forcing them to lean over a desk. Some tables even come with sliding drawers to hold drafting accessories and side shelves that can support books or computer screens. If you're an architect that works with multiple schematics and needs to view how everything will fit together, quality light tables like the Mayline Ranger Steel Drafting Table and tables with glass surfaces that can be lighted underneath allow you to see through many overlapping images at once.

Mobile Carts

Safco Wood Mobile Roll File CartAnyone who knows an artist or has ever even taken a class in art knows how insanely expensive art supplies can be, and that supplies can get everywhere. Fortunately though, there are devices that can hold all these supplies, where ever you want them to, and they don't cost nearly as much all those paints and boxes of expensive artist markers. Sometimes contemporary office tables can't support everything. For everything else, welcome to the world of mobile carts: the artist's greatest assistant! If you're in need of a place where you can keep all your artsy stuff at arm's reach, that can also be rolled into a closet when not in use, mobile carts are the things for you. These babies come with built-in pockets, shelves, and even cup holders for your much needed coffee - I mean, paint water cups - and various sizes mean they can potentially hold just about everything you need. For draftspersons, affordable utility carts like the Mayline Eastwinds High Wire Cart can be everything from file trucks to printer stands, while roll file carts (great for both artists and draftspeople) can hold rolled-up sketches, schematics, and blueprints neatly in one place. Any of these great devices will be happy to go the distance, not just for you, but for the sake of keeping your studio clean and organized!


OFM Heavy Duty 4 Shelf Storage UnitWhether you use if for holding paint boxes, art books, sculptures, drafting equipment, hard hats, or even old artwork, there's no question about it: artists need a lot of storage space. The problem with needing a lot of storage space though is that sometimes, we don't always have enough space for storage space. If your studio is tight on square footage and you find yourself stacking things in corners, choosing shelving is a choice you'll never regret. Setting up shelving solutions along walls and in closets is a fabulous way to maximize the storage capacity of a room without actually having to knock out a wall to expand it. Additionally, if you'd rather not get up out of breathable mesh back chairs  to go grab things from your shelves, there are plenty of mobile shelving configurations that can be rolled around a room, sort of like a big utility cart! Good shelving can come in the form of sturdy welded wire constructions or in the form of stylish wall cabinets or even executive style bookcases, but either one will get the job done with ease!

Cabinets and Additional Storage

OFM Milano Executive CredenzaBelieve it or not, most art teachers don't recommend tossing finished art pieces even if the artist doesn't like them. Keeping old work is important for many reasons, from curing a lack of inspiration to backing up copies of blueprints if you're an architect or engineer. Still, finding a place to keep all this artwork where it wont get frayed or destroyed can be a difficult task, but you don't have to toss your masterpieces for the sake of keeping a clean studio anymore. Say hello to the plan file and flat file cabinets, one of the best furniture options a creative person can make! Plan file and flat files are wonderful ways to keep artwork flattened out and safe from the world outside, while roll files keep pieces safely rolled up until their next use. Either of these can be stored against walls or in large closets and usually come with multiple drawers and often additional shelves for storage. For the rest of your studio supplies, stylish storage cabinets and lateral file cabinets are much easier on the eyes. Available both wood and metal storage cabinets can neatly store everything from boxes, to paints, utensils, accessories, and anything else you might need space for.

Stools and Chairs

RFM High Back Drafting ChairOne thing no artist or draftsperson should ever overlook is the importance of a good chair. Just like office workers, artists and draftspeople typically spend a great deal of time leaning over desks and tables to get bring their masterpieces to life. Unfortunately, this can bring on a lot of health problems as leaning over desks can cause a great deal of back pain. That's why we've saved the best for last! We know craftspeople often get up out of their chairs to move around their work as they complete it, which is what makes drafting stools such a great option for them. Adjustable stools without backs and especially those with backs are great for artists because they are maneuverable, supportive, and durable, and popular modern stools are available in tons of materials, from vinyl, urethane, and leather stools to fabric stools and even mesh! However, artists that are more stationary tend to need a little more support while they work, which is why we recommend other options. Chairs, particularly ergonomic office chairs, are well known throughout the office furniture world for their incredible comfort and versatility, making them wonderful options for artists with back pain.

Awesome New Office Chairs of 2013

The world of ergonomic office seating has never been more exciting. Brands like Eurotech, OFM, and Global have raised the bar to a whole new level. This year has brought with it awesome new office chairs like the Chakra, ORO, and Arti solutions with cutting edge ergonomic features sure to raise your workplace efficiency. Enjoy the reviews in this article on 2013's best chairs for your office!

Eurotech Seating Chakra ChairFirst up, the all new Eurotech Chakra Chair in your choice of 5 cool color combinations. Talk about versatility! The open zoomorphic structure is light and airy yet extremely comfortable. This innovative modern office chair focuses on the body's power centers for superior comfort. By specifically cushioning the chakras, and leaving the rest of the body free of tension, Eurotech has created and extremely comfortable seating solution. The Chakra ergonomic chair speaks directly to our animated connection to the inanimate world. Priced at only $343.99, you'll be hard pressed to find a better chair at even twice the price.

OFM ORO Series Office ChairSecond on this list of 2013's best office chairs for sale is the all new ORO series office chair by OFM. With three models available, the ORO collection is ready to meet the needs of any executive operator. The adjustable tablet arm design improves functionality and makes for an interesting choice for conference room seating needs. The OFM ORO100 Chair boasts a 350 LB. weight capacity and ergonomic features like a gas lift seat, adjustable body bolsters, and headrest. Priced at $461.37, this line of big and tall executive seating offers excellent comfort and support for those long days at the office.

Arti Series Office ChairWhen it comes to ergonomic office chairs for sale in 2013, the Arti is top notch! This all new product from Global Total Office defines comfort in the workplace! The Arti office chair can be purchased in both mesh and polypropylene back options to meet your specific taste. The 6670-2 Arti Series modern ergonomic chair with an articulating back offers a unique horizontal slat back design and upholstered seat in your choice of fabric. The 6671-2 Arti series chair features an articulating back that mimics the human spine. For a price of $602.99 you'll be treated to standard features like internal steel cables and highly graded steel springs, which play a vital role in ensuring maximum strength and flexibility. If it's user friendly modern computer chairs you're in search of, look no further than the Arti in 2013!

Eurotech Hawk ChairThe Hawk series office chair is the ideal choice for home and business tasking needs. Another hot model from Eurotech Seating, this awesome chair is available in 5 cool mesh and seat color combinations that will surely spice up your office decor. The modest price tag of $172.99 is sure to help maximize any budget without sacrificing the valuable style and features you'll want for a productive work day. The Hawk's stand out design makes it the perfect accompaniment to modern conference room furniture configurations or office training environments. Standard features include tilt lock, syncro tilt, waterfall seat edge, and a weight activated chair mechanism. Needless to say, the Hawk line of modern mesh back chairs for sale in 2013 is a real winner!

Eurotech Bodyflex ChairLast but certainly not least, no article on new office chairs for sale would be complete without highlighting the Bodyflex series office chairs in your choice of 5 in stock color combinations. Priced starting at only $313.99, these super cool task chairs offer cutting edge design elements that will earn your business positive compliments on a daily basis. The Bodyflex provides a smooth and effortless sit any operator will be happy to enjoy regularly. In addition, this collection even includes matching modern side chairs for a cohesive look. A slew of features including Tilt Tension Control, Center Tilt, Tilt Lock, Seat Height Adjustment, and Waterfall Seat are all standard. Now that's impressive!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Discount Office Furniture Specials for September 2013

Shopping for new office furniture and seating for your business this September? You've picked the perfect month! September has brought with it several of the hottest deals, specials, and coupons this year. From ergonomic office chairs to cutting edge desks, this article highlights 10 can't miss sale items you don't want to miss.

1.) Hawk Series Orange Mesh Office Chair - $172.99 + FREE Shipping!

Hawk Office Chair

2.) Eurotech Seating Marlin Task Chair - $136.99 + FREE Shipping!

Eurotech Seating Marlin Chair

3.) OFM Net Series Beam Seating - Call for Unbelievable Savings!
OFM Net Series Beam Seating
4.) Lesro Mystic Series Furniture - Free Shipping + non-advertisted Deals by Calling!

Lesro Mystic Series Furniture

5.) Mayline Lateral File Cabinet C841H - FREE Shipping + Awesome Bulk Discounts!
Mayline Lateral File Cabinet

6.) Cherryman Amber Collection Furniture - Call Today for Lowest Pricing Ever!
Cherryman Amber Collection Furniture
7.) Cherryman Verde Collection Furniture - Call Today for Lowest Pricing Ever!

Cherryman Verde Collection Furniture

8.) Mayline Napoli Series Conference Table - Get 5% Off with Coupon Code: NAPOLI

Napoli Conference Table

9.) Mayline AT4LCR Aberdeen Typical - Get 5% Off with Coupon Code: ABERDEEN

Aberdeen Desk Set

10.) Mayline Luminary Series Reception Station - Get 5% Office with Coupon Code: LUMINARY

Luminary Reception Desk

Still looking for more? No problem! Enjoy these awesome office furniture coupons for additional savings you just can't beat. As always, if you're thinking of purchasing multiple items don't forget to inquire about bulk pricing!

Coupon 1: FP3600 - $25 off $499.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 2: FP3900 - $50 off $999.99 + FREE Shipping    

Coupon 3: FP4000 - $100 off $1999.99 + FREE Shipping  

Coupon 4: FP5500 - $150 off $2999.99 + FREE Shipping

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Office Furniture On Sale In September

Can you believe it's already September? This year has truly flown by. That being said, this time of year is the absolute best when it comes to saving big on high quality office furniture for the home and business. Enjoy this article highlighting the the top new office and workplace furnishings on sale this month at prices you just can't beat.

Cherryman Verde Furniture On SaleSeptember is definitely a great month to makeover your executive office. Brands like Cherryman Industries furniture offer an extensive selection of high end casegoods lines that are sure to impress in any work environment. Often, consumers are more than willing to pay the everyday low prices lines like the Verde Furniture Series are advertised at online. This month however, if you call your dealer of choice you'll be sure to save a bundle off those internet prices! All of the Verde office desk packages are available with special discounts direct from this leading brand. If you're in search of modern office furniture online, the Verde executive desk suites on sale this month are a must see.

Marque Reception Desks

When it comes to modern reception desks for sale in 2013, nobody manufacturer has topped OFM! Their Marque reception station line includes 5 sizes and 3 in stock finishes to match any corporate decor. The best part, these stylish welcome desks require no tools for assembly. Consumers and interior designers alike will enjoy a choice of models with or without plexi glass transaction screens starting at $993.99 for the single unit configuration. September is definitely the month to buy and OFM reception desk online for your business. Call your dealer today and take advantage of the entire Marque series on sale while supplies last.

Mayline Conference Tables On SaleIf you've ever purchased new furniture before, you've no doubt come across the Mayline brand. As one of the industries most reputable providers of the best conference tables money can by, you'll be at no shortage of solutions to choose from. No matter your meeting area dimensions or budget, Mayline conference tables are available to meet your needs. In September, popular lines like Luminary, Napoli, Corsica, Sorrento, and Aberdeen can be purchased at 5% off advertised online pricing. These Mayline conference table lines are being offered at exceptionally low prices that shoppers won't want to miss!

Ergo Elite ChairDon't think we forgot about the professional office seating needs of your business! Brands like Eurotech Seating are offering some of the most innovative and cutting edge ergonomic office chairs available today. There's no doubt that the Ergo Elite Chair will make it's way to the top of the sales charts this September. With user friendly features in abundance, this line of mesh back chairs is all about comfort. Both high back and mid back Ergo Elite chair models are available starting at $669.00. While that's definitely a great price for one of the hottest and best computer chairs to be created in years, a little bird tells us that calling your online office chair provider direct will definitely provide you some additional savings! If your like the benefits of modern ergonomic and want to earn your work space a ton of positive compliments, this is definitely the chair for you. You'll want to hurry though, these models are both going fast!

Citi Lounge Furniture by Global

Businesses are always looking to make a lasting first impression on their valued clientele. Crafting and designing a professional waiting room furniture configuration for your welcoming space is just the right way to do so! Awesome new lounge furniture sets are available with bulk pricing already applied from brands like Global Total Office that will get your makeover project completed on time and under budget. While this brands products are typically made to order, popular collections like the Citi Lounge furniture series are now stocked in black leather with tungsten legs. No longer are shoppers forced to wait 3 to 5 weeks to get the hottest lounge, waiting room, and reception furniture for sale online for their business needs!


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